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Aspray has published a guide to help those affected by this year’s flooding. 

Hundreds of homes and businesses across the UK were affected by flooding this month, as water levels rose dangerously high and caused significant damage. Aspray, which specialises in property repairs and insurance claims management, has penned a useful guide for people forced to vacate buildings. 

The management franchise, which helps customers gain fair settlements from their insurers and restore their properties to their former glory, suggests people check everyone is safe as a first step. 

Make sure the other occupants are out of danger, including any pets, and evacuate the building if the water levels are still rising. As you leave, switch off your electricity and water supply. 

Whenever you’re able to safely re-enter the property, Aspray suggests you survey the damage. If it’s dark, take a waterproof torch with you, and always wear gloves, as water can be contaminated by sewage or dangerous chemicals - even if it appears to be clean. 

Having photos of the damage will help you in your communications with your insurance company, so don’t forget to take as many pictures as possible. It’s easy to forget this step if you’re feeling shocked, overwhelmed and frustrated, but it will help you later on. 

While you take your photos, look out for evidence of structural damage, such as cracks and holes in the walls and any warping. 

Aspray also provided some advice about the restoration process. According to the franchise, mould can set in very quickly, but you can mitigate against the damage by opening up all the doors and windows and removing sodden items. 

If your property is the only one in the area to be affected, you should contact local utility companies. And if you rent it, remember to get in touch with your landlord. Finally, you don’t want to leave yourself open to any more damage, so make sure you secure any broken doors, windows or sections of roof with boards and tarp. 

You can read the full guide at

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