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In a recent blog post from the management franchise, Aspray’s 2021 was recapped and the company turned its mind to the future - and to its customers.


Though it was delayed by COVID, Aspray celebrated 2021 in January with just as much excitement. In the words of this blog, “After eagerly awaiting our new January date, we still donned our party outfits, ate our turkey dinner, and celebrated the year with our Aspray family. Incorporating team building and industry training, as well as a dinner, dance and awards ceremony, the Aspray national conference gave us the chance to honour those in our network who have really excelled over the past 12 months.”

The property repair and claims management franchise was keen, in this blog, to reassure customers that it remained 100% focused and 100% committed. Aspray said, “Despite outside forces, one thing has remained at the heart of our company ethos – the policyholder. Stress. Worry. Apprehension. These are a few of the emotions our customers are often feeling when we first meet them, having discovered damage to their homes, business premises or investment properties.”

Aspray continued, “Some have suffered tremendous losses and don’t know where to start to get their property back to the way it was before. Aspray representatives are often more than just a loss assessor, they are a shoulder to lean on, an industry insider to ask questions to and a support system to help get you back on your feet.” It’s no surprise that a franchise so dedicated to its customers was awarded ‘Outstanding Services to the Policyholder’ at the British Claims Awards 2021. As Aspray explained, “this prestigious award recognises those companies who have gone above and beyond basic expectations in the delivery of services to the policyholder”.


Now, Aspray is looking to the future. And you could be a part of that future, helping the brand to continue its expansion across the UK. You could become an Aspray franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £15,000, with franchise fees of £28,000 and a total investment cost of £43,000. Find out more about starting your franchising journey with Aspray via the franchise’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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