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The property repair and claims management company is always looking for ways to simplify things for its customers, and this guidance, shared to the Aspray blog, was designed to do exactly that.

In the words of the management franchise, “Every home in Scotland will be required to install more robust protection against fires starting 1st February 2022. The new laws require homes to have interlinked heat and fire alarms. Officials hope the regulations will protect people from residential fires and help avoid future accidents and tragedies like the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire.” From February, Aspray revealed, Scottish homes should contain:

  • One smoke alarm in the living room or the most-used room in the residence
  • One smoke alarm in every hallway or landing area
  • One heat alarm in the kitchen

For those in Scotland, this information is crucially important. Also very crucial is the fact that smoke and heat alarms must all be interlinked and mounted on the ceiling, and should be either mains-wired or powered by tamper-proof, sealed batteries. Aspray also added that, “Homes with a carbon-fuelled appliance - such as a boiler, heater, or flue - must install carbon monoxide detectors in the same room. However, carbon monoxide detectors do not have to be interlinked with fire and heat alarms. Battery-powered carbon monoxide alarms must also use sealed batteries.”

The responsibility to ensure that these changes are made falls on property owners in Scotland, and Scottish landlords will of course also need to ensure that their rental properties adhere to the new regulations. If required, Aspray also mentioned, Government officials have made financial assistance available to homeowners in certain situations. Find out more about a potential franchise investment with this customer-focused company full of useful expertise via Aspray’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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