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aspray-franchise-five-year-successSigning up to do it all over again!

In July 2022, the Aspray Franchise welcomed fresh signatures from four top-performing franchisees as they continued their agreement for a further five years.

Widely spread across the UK, these franchisees have experienced their fair share of success in running Aspray franchises over the last five years.

Five More Years: Building Bigger and Better Together

We’re shouting about these renewals as it represents the trust that Aspray franchisees have for the company. Nothing quite marks the approval of a franchisor than a happy franchisee willing to sign up for another five years, and this July we had four of them at once.

Anyone who has spent any time running a business will tell you that it’s not all plain sailing. All businesspeople have their good and bad periods. As a franchisor, we’re here to support our franchisees through thick and thin and that’s what makes them want to stay with us.

Larry Hamilton-Wright, Aspray Exeter 

Part of the class of 2017, Larry operates Aspray Exeter in the South West. He has found an initial foothold in his territory and is now looking to press on as his daughter, Crystal, accompanies him on their quest to grow to new heights.

Larry’s region has experienced severe storms in the past couple of years and with the UK becoming wetter and wetter, we can only speculate on the opportunities Larry and Crystal will have in the next five years.

Joe McGuigan, Aspray Glasgow North & South

Joe joined Aspray in 2013 during a period of significant growth for the franchise and has capitalised on this ever since.

In 2021, Joe welcomed son Ryan McGuigan to the team along with office manager Tracy Campbell. The Glasgow North & South territory is stronger than ever and, with their second renewal now signed, they are ready to take on new challenges their third term may bring. It’s a pleasure to continue to have them as part of our franchise network.

Sushma Long, Aspray Oxford

A close runner-up of our "franchisee of the year" award in 2021, Sushma is a model franchisee. Her commitment to the policyholder in terms of delivering exceptional customer service, high-end project management and efficient negotiation skills firmly puts Sushma in a position of ‘one to watch’ over the next five years as owner of Aspray Oxford.

Justin Gudgeon & Grahame Dean, Aspray South West Thames 

Justin and Graham got off to a strong start in 2018, becoming widely renowned in the network for one of the fastest-growing Aspray franchises. Today, Aspray South West Thames continues to build on these foundations.

Grahame Dean has often credited the Aspray business model for how well it can withstand changes to the economy and, having flown through the Pandemic with flying colours, he and Justin have high hopes for the next five years.

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