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Join the care sector as a business owner, without the usual high investment. Minimum Cash Required: £10,000

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hub-care-support-amy-and-adam-fraser-new-franchiseHave you ever loved where you worked so much that you decided to buy the company?

Well, this is probably not an option for most of us, but with the help of the Hub Care Support franchise, that’s exactly what Amy and Adam Fraser have done.

While Hub Care Support has only been available as a franchise since 2021, they have been perfecting their business model since 2012. It has always been the goal to revolutionise how the care sector works in the UK, and Amy was an integral part of that for a long time. She started out as one of their self-employed Personal Assistants (PA), before moving on to become an Operations Manager, so she has an intimate knowledge of just what makes Hub Care Support so unique. 

So, when they started looking for new partners to open their own offices, she leapt at the chance!

I’ve always dreamed about owning my own care company since I started working in the industry in my 20s,” Amy told us. “It was my passion, but I didn’t really know how or where I was going to go. Once I started working as a PA for Hub Care, I knew that was it – I wanted to stay with Hub Care.

Amy went on to help set up the new Berkshire pilot branch, where she gained some invaluable experience of what it would be like to run her own Hub Care Support office.

It was then I thought: I can do this. Before that, running my own company was still just a distant dream, and I never imagined it could happen this quickly. With Hub Care Support’s help, suddenly I went from ‘one day”’ to ‘today’!” 

With his extensive experience in the insurance industry, Amy's husband Adam was keen to look at figures for the business as much as the opportunity it offered both of them in terms of quality of life, but the franchise was an easy sell. Not only is care a flourishing sector with booming demand but one that is in desperate need of a new way of doing things. 

There are quite a mix of standards across the care industry,” Adam explained, “but Hub Care Support’s business format of well-paid, well looked after PAs means they are highly motivated and it attracts people who are passionate about care. It was so clear to both of us that this type of care is really needed in our community. Hub Care Support is not like any other care agency at all, and we knew it would take off.

One of the biggest challenges facing anyone running a care company is finding quality staff, but not so with Hub Care Support. By recruiting self-employed PAs who are treated as respected professionals rather than contract workers, and paid 80-100% more than they would through a typical agency, they are able to attract and retain the very best. On top of this pioneering model, Hub Care Support's head office assists the franchisees with recruitment by providing them with marketing materials and recruitment days. Word of mouth quickly spreads, and Amy and Adam have already enjoyed a number of recommendations from care workers to help swell their ranks. 

Amy’s prior experience with the company gave her a huge head start, of course, but the Hub Care Support franchise opportunity is designed to be open to almost anyone who has the right ambition and attitude. Their expert team has direct and extensive experience in every aspect of the care sector, as well as how the franchise is beginning to transform it, so our comprehensive training programme gives you everything you need to succeed.

Amy and Adam opened for business in April 2022 and immediately started to see referrals roll in. “We’ve been spending a lot of time marketing our business with the help of the Hub Care team, which has been invaluable, especially the website and images we can use.” Amy told us. “We’ve also spent a huge amount of time out in the community – visiting local authorities, GPs, charities, even attending local events such as fetes. It’s been endless, but the response to what we can offer has been hugely positive.

There are great expectations of what Amy and Adam can achieve, and are confident they will make a name for themselves in their local community. Hub Care Support is really looking forward to working together with them to not only bring positive change to the care industry but also to help them build a successful and rewarding new business. They are already well on their way!

Joining the Hub Care Support franchise is the best thing we ever did. I would recommend it to anyone, but I would also say: be prepared to work hard! If you’re ready for the commitment, then it will be very rewarding. There are so many care companies out there, and it’s not easy to make sure you stand out. Hub Care Support can help you to do exactly that.


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