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Ben Brookes (Agency Express) spoke with Chris Buckley (Estate Agent Today) about the van-based franchise’s journey since its inception in 1998.

Agency Express is the UK’s biggest provider of professional estate agency boarding and board services, and in this interview, Ben shared his knowledge with viewers, responding to Chris’s questions with experience and expertise. Chris asked how Ben would go about redesigning an estate agency’s board, and his tips were: Use as much white on the board as possible (colour is more expensive), include a big, bold logo, give information about the property, and include contact details (more important than a website link when a logo is already visible).

The Managing Director of the van-based franchise explained that, “What it comes down to is them recognising your brand, because what they’re going to remember when they go home isn’t, ‘Well I quite liked that three-bed semi up the street!’ They’re going to remember, ‘It was on somewhere around there, and it was marketed with Ben Brookes Estate Agents.’ [...] So branding, it’s the same as any other form of marketing really, it’s the brand that sticks. So that’s what you want to punch home to someone!”

Chris asked Ben to give an example of a brilliant estate agent board, and he described a board that was cut-out (though this is more expensive), oval-shaped (adds intrigue), and included bright, memorable primary colours. 

If you’re interested in investing with Agency Express, creating and installing boards as memorable as the one Ben described, you’ll need to make a minimum initial investment of £12,500, with total investment costs of £24,500 and an expected revenue, after two years, of £40,000. You’ll also be charged royalty fees at a rate of 15%. Find out more about Agency Express via its profile page, which is linked above, and become one of over 100 UK franchisees.

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