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Gemma Vettraino gives us an insight into life as an Agency Express franchisee and her journey to the position.

Gemma started her career with Agency Express in November 2017. Leaving her role as a Human Resources Manager behind her, she couldn’t wait to throw herself into something completely new. But what enticed her to the franchise model? Well, it was mainly the fact that she could be her own boss, have security and be able to operate the franchise unit around her family life.

The Agency Express opportunity could offer Gemma exactly what she wanted. Luckily, it wasn’t long before an established territory came up for resale in her area, so she jumped at the chance to become a franchisee with the van-based franchise. She said:

“One of the reasons Agency Express appealed to me was due to the flexibility that the franchise provided. I have three young children, so the ability to work hours that fit in with family life is important to me. Security also played a huge part in my selection. I wanted a franchise with a strong brand name and reputation and Agency Express are the leaders in their marketplace. Knowing that I have the opportunity to expand the business gave me the confidence I needed to proceed.”

With her training programme completed, Gemma could focus on the launch of her business. This involved lots of hands-on training, and visiting new and existing customers so she could form strong relationships with them.

“I found the training process really useful. It was invaluable spending time out on the road with different people to see how they tackled different challenges. This also provided an insight into the physicality of the job.”

As soon as a few months into her new role, Gemma had connected with lots of customers and produced an exceptional standard of work that ensured they kept coming back for more.

“I am so pleased that I have joined Agency Express, I have even referred a friend to do the same. For me, I no longer sit behind a desk all day, I manage my own time, I’m active and I feel healthier for being active. Every day is different, which I enjoy. One day, I could be erecting large commercial boards and the next I could be erecting boards for an event.”

See yourself as a successful Agency Express franchisee like Gemma? Head to its client page to find out more.

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