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Ableworld has been discussing the need for retailers to be responsible amidst rising mobility scooter accidents.

Following the release of shocking figures from the Department of Transport on the number of reported mobility scooter accidents and increasing calls for tighter regulations, Ableworld has been calling on its competitors to trade responsibly.

The figures show that in 2017, there were 260 reported accidents that involved mobility scooters, which was a 17% rise on the previous year. Even more worryingly, fatalities rose by 75% in 2016, indicating a serious need for sellers of mobility vehicles to be more mindful of who they sell to. There have been calls for the government to introduce a standard assessment to check the safety of potential owners of scooters, and Ableworld has been backing the movement for more responsible retailing.

The mobility aids franchise has pledged that it will continue its commitment to responsible trading, providing advice and assessments for customers purchasing potentially risky products including mobility scooters, riser recliner chairs and wheelchairs.

Senior Marketing Manager, Michelle Mossford, explained why ethical retailing is so important.
The wrong product sold over the internet or in-store without a proper assessment could lead to added complications to a persons condition. For this reason, some of our products are only available for purchase after an assessment has been made either in the home or in one of our stores.

Mossford added that this means the company occasionally loses business to less responsible retailers who will sell to anyone without an assessment, but she stressed that the company would rather this happen than enable people to be a danger to themselves or others with its products.

Ableworld has a demonstration checklist before purchase and provides a copy of the Highway Code and Scooter Proficiency Sessions to help customers build their confidence in a safe environment before hitting the streets.

All staff at Ableworld stores are trained for six weeks on topics including the scooter assessment so theyre able to accurately assess if customers are suitable for a particular product, as well as offering advice during and after purchase.

Mossford said that the training is vital to retail staffs role in the business.
The one thing that is instilled in all staff is that each customers needs will vary, even if they have the same health condition, so some things can only be found out by talking and listening to each individual. Staff are not signed off until all topics have been covered and they have demonstrated that they have a full understanding of all subjects.

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