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Ableworld has announced the location of one of its biggest stores to date

Ableworld has unveiled one of its largest stores to date, which will open to the public this summer. The company-managed store will be in Stafford and will cover almost 5,000 square feet, making it a truly impressive location for the senior care and mobilty franchise.

Although no details have been announced, its thought that the new store could follow in the footsteps of Ableworlds Llandudno store, which is large enough to contain a caf, meeting room for local occupational therapists and even an innovative mobility scooter test track.

Ableworlds arrival is bound to be welcomed by Stafford residents, as there are currently just a few smaller mobility retailers in the town and limited choice for those with disabilities in the area. The franchise says that the announcement confirms how committed [it is] to [its] ongoing future growth and improvement plans.

Going big seems to be a trend within Ableworlds company-managed stores, as earlier this year it relocated another one of its stores so that it could provide even more products for its established customer base. The Gloucester branch is now situated in larger and more accessible premises and is part of the mobility retailers plan to improve and expand its portfolio of stores. Other sites, including Newport and Crewe, have also been part of the expansion, acquiring neighbouring sites to increase the size of their stores without needing to move completely.

Since it was founded in 2000, Ableworld has been providing expert advice and affordable mobility aids for customers all across the country. It now has more than 30 stores spanning the UK, so that people can access products wherever they are and ensures that its stores are fully accessible for those who use mobility equipment.

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