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Trainers at one of 9Round’s US fitness centres showed television viewers how to perform variations on a side plank.

Anyone bored of the same old at-home workout or in need of a little inspiration when it comes to changing their fitness regime should head to their local 9Round centre. Trainers from one of the gym franchise’s branches demonstrated various side plank exercises to help people build muscle.

Appearing on ABC Columbia as part of the programme’s Fitness Friday slot, Francisco Martinez and his helpful assistant Danielle talked to presenter Tyler Ryan. Tyler wanted to find out more about the importance of building your ‘core’. He said,

The core is well, just that, the core. And that’s where your strength starts - from the inside before you can work out. You aren’t strong unless [you exercise] your core. You have to have a house with a good foundation, right?

Francisco agreed:

The core is the centre. However, we’ve got the whole pelvic region. That is the foundation…

Focusing on the pelvic area, Francisco showed viewers how they can strengthen their muscle.

Danielle here, she’s going to perform the two basic side planks. We’re going to do anywhere from two to 15 repetitions on each side.

Danielle began with bent legs, using her arm to support the movement as she moved her hips up and down from the floor. The second plank involved straight legs, with one foot in front of the other. Afterwards, Francisco demonstrated a different variation on the side plank for more advanced viewers. Raising his leg from the floor, he brought it towards the head in a ‘crunch’ motion with each repetition.

Demonstrating these fitness exercises, Francisco hoped to inspire people who want to work on their core and build muscle:

It will work, and it will give you that Coca-Cola bottle figure that you’re looking for.

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