Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria franchise

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Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria franchise

Let’s make some dough!

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Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    9% of sales
  • Advertising fee:
    7% of sales
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria

Put simply, Moninna’s is fresh Italian food, the whole family will love.

We serve fresh Italian dishes in our restaurants and for collection and delivery to guests homes.

Did you know Italian food is the second most opted for cuisine across the UK and Ireland? It outsells Chinese, Indian, American and Mexican. This is due to a multigenerational love of the simplicity of Italian food. There’s a safe, familiarity with Italian food for the fussier eaters. We have also covered many food intolerances and choices including gluten free and vegan.

The uniqueness of our franchise means that we can be the food offer in your existing pub business or high street restaurant in the bustling food area of your city or town of choice.

Due to the fantastic food offer that we have developed, Moninna’s makes an excellent addition to a leisure or retail park too.

There’s more – Italian food is notoriously low cost to make – giving you an incredible profit margin – unrivalled by other cuisines. On average a Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria will deliver you 36% more profit that the restaurant industry standard GP.

And it’s easy! Super easy! Our food bible and our world class training will leave you perfectly equipped to make our great Italian dishes quickly and easily. You will also be set to trin your team to do it too.

Our menus are designed to maximise every single ingredient meaning you do not have a huge stock list and reducing waste. 

As well as your in house restaurant, Moninna’s is designed to be delivered too! Taking advantage of a market that delivers 7.5 billion takeaways every year (growing 39% in the last three years). You will be online and ready to go from opening day.

What you’ll get;

  • HR support including letter processes and systems
  • Mystery guest visits and online feedback
  • Fully fitted premises (depending on entry option)
  • EPOS system
  • Full signage
  • Training & Support
  • Franchise operations manual
  • Marketing support
  • Site procurement
  • Online ordering facility
  • Website & Social media and team to support
  • Moninna Hub to order flyers and marketing items (many of these free), download social media images, order crockery and equipment 

Training and support provided

Our training, or MONINNAVERSITY, is built to give you the skills, knowledge and expertise to run your own Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria with confidence and finesse.

Our training includes spending time in our existing restaurants, buddying with an existing franchisee and meeting our support team. The training centre will also be a place to learn and develop your skills ready for launch day. There is, of course, health and safety, licensing and systems and processes to learn but sprinkled with our hands on, kitchen training the course is fun and dynamic.

The people you meet during the MONINNAVERSITY course will be great to network with as you continue on your journey to open day and beyond.

Our support team are on hand throughout your time as a Moninna’s franchisee. At the end of MONINNAVERSITY your Area Operations Support Manager will tailor a plan of ongoing support to your specific needs and this will be reviewed to make sure that you are always getting the most from the support available.

MONINNAVERSITY remains open for your team too. They can do some or all of the course depending on their role in your business. This is great for Kitchen Managers and General Managers and especially useful for franchisees opening more than one Moninna’s as you can be sure that your leaders have been given the best possible training.

Oh, and of course there’s - Moninna HUB – a resource you will have access to throughout your time running your business. Moninna Hub is packed full of training resources, marketing tools, HR templates and so much more. All designed to assist you in the day to day running of your Moninna’s.

The ideal Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria franchisee

We are looking for passionate, guest focused entrepreneurial people that want to make some dough!

It sounds simple and straight forward and it pretty much is. Moninnaversity is so well designed that as long as you want to do it we can train you. Of course, you need to have the money to do it but we can get you up and running from as little as £25,000 (depending on the size and style of operation you choose). We are actively looking to expand across the UK and Ireland. In addition to single site franchisees we would also be keen to talk to franchisees looking to open multiple sites.

We need you to be;

  • Dedicated
    To growing your own business and making your and driving it forwards
  • Passionate
    About great food and great service.
  • Have high standards and expectations
    This is hugely important to delivering the best from your team and ensuring that your business is successful
  • Knowledge & Understanding
    We need you to have a good knowledge and understanding of a branded concept. We will teach you all the specifics about our brand but a base understanding of brands is important
  • Inspirational
    Your team will want you to inspire them, we can give you the tools but fundamentally you need to be able to inspire and motivate them

Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria's history

Where We’ve Come From

Moninna’s Ristorante & Pizzeria was founded in January 2020 as the industry was heading into the COVID pandemic. The problem we had to solve was that we had a pub company (that was about to be told to close) that needed to adapt quickly to the circumstances around us – which would turn out to be the toughest set of trading conditions ever imposed on the industry.

The incredible position of Italian cuisine as the second most opted for and the high GP (coupled with Adam’s wealth of Italian kitchen experience) made it the perfect choice. The fact that it was so easy, and a great product to deliver to doors meant that we were able to launch really successfully the day we were ordered by the government to close.

Since then the business has gone from strength to strength with more sites open(ing).  

Our founders are actively involved in the business and have a wealth of experience in creating, growing and developing successful hospitality brands. They will be a resource available to you.

Where We’re Going

We are now ready to expand rapidly across the UK and Ireland with an ambition to open 50 restaurants in the next two years. We are also looking to expand and roll out across Europe and the Middle East too.

With the restaurant industry ready to fight back from the pandemic there really has never been a better time to open a business in the most resilient of trades.