Joslin Rhodes franchise

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Joslin Rhodes franchise

Joslin Rhodes franchise is a Lifestyle Financial Planning process for IFA’s, (or people interested in becoming an IFA) that combines life coaching, financial planning and financial advice into one holistic, ongoing service.

Minimum investment

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Expected revenue after 2 years

  • Operating fee:
    Premises dependant
  • Advertising fee:
    £10,000 Startup
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:
    1,000 sqft

Minimum investment


About Joslin Rhodes

Joslin Rhodes is a Lifestyle Financial Planning process for IFA’s, (or people interested in becoming an IFA) that combines life coaching, financial planning and financial advice into one holistic, ongoing service.

 Why Joslin Rhodes?

As a franchise opportunity that’s unique, exclusive and not available through any other company, it’s the UK’s first financial planning franchise to include fantastic support, operational systems and a completely individual way for you to build your franchise business into a sustainable and recurring business income stream.

Through combining financial advice with lifestyle financial planning, Joslin Rhodes franchise gives clients a complete retirement lifestyle plan, which includes costing for everything they want to do - from cruises to hobbies, essentially if they want to do it can cost for it.

We’re fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA, and hold the additional permissions to advise on Defined Benefit/Final Salary pension transfers. As a franchise partner with us, you’ll benefit from an abundance of knowledge, experience and a guaranteed business model to help you succeed.

Training and support provided

As part of your franchise package we’ll pay for you to become a qualified Independent Financial Adviser, so you’ll have a degree level Diploma in Financial Planning.

What support do I get?

We’ll also support you all the way through this process to gain your qualifications and set up your business, so you’ll have everything you need to make it a success.

Your clients will predominantly be people approaching retirement and you’ll help them work out how to use their assets (including things like pensions, savings and investments) to help them achieve the lifestyle they want.

You’ll be supported by a team of 60+ people including; Paraplanners, Client Services, Client Onboarding, Business Support and Marketing professionals, who will do the background work so you can concentrate on the important stuff of building your business and your income.

In return for your investment you’ll get a whole range of tools, which we’ll fund and help you with including financial modelling, regulatory registration and compliance set up, FCA fees, professional indemnity insurance, back office financial work, administration, marketing support and much more.

 Your franchise agreement also includes: 

  • Your own exclusive area to build and develop your business
  • A launch strategy to start and grow your business
  • A 60+ team of professionals here to help you grow your business
  • Plus, full training expenses, materials, and exam costs for R02-R06 qualifications, so you can become a qualified Independent Financial Adviser
  • Intensive PlanHappy system training and business development
  • Start-up marketing
  • And much more…

If you meet all the attributes, we’re looking for in a franchise partner, your investment level is £40k and we’d expect that you’ll be doing a gross turnover of £664k by the end of year ten.


The ideal Joslin Rhodes franchisee

Franchise partners can come from any number of different industries and don’t have to have a financial services background as full training is part of your package. However, you will need to be someone who loves learning and using financial planning to help people get the retirement lifestyle they want.

Core values

You will need to agree to adopt and follow our core values, raise the funds to finance your franchise and impress the senior leadership team with your willingness to learn, enthusiasm and desire to change people’s lives through the unique PlanHappy process.

Who you are as a person and your experience in life is what we’ll use to help you develop into a tool to help others.

The ideal franchisee

We’re looking for franchise partners with qualities including those who are:

  • Calm, trustworthy, personable and likeable
  • Able to read people and challenge their limiting beliefs
  • Able to empathise who have life experience
  • Able to explain technical information simply, clearly and with confidence
  • Able to sell Joslin Rhodes by offering comfort and trust in it
  • Able to listen, diagnose and coach
  • Willing to study for a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning qualification
  • Able to understand numbers and people


Joslin Rhodes' history

  Most people work all their lives building their careers, not thinking about retirement. But when it suddenly comes around, they have no idea what to do with their pension pots or how plan properly to make sure their money lasts throughout retirement.

 And, often the thought of giving up work is scary.

This is where Joslin Rhodes comes in.

And, for over ten years we’ve become experts at it and have helped thousands of people get the retirement they want. With a proven system that’s been developed over many years by CEO and founder Neil Parker, the Joslin Rhodes franchise powered by PlanHappy really is a model that works.

It’s a way to show people what everything means and how they can make decisions on what to do with their assets. Essentially, it’s about empowering people to get what they want.

What the PlanHappy process does is give them this by calculating how they can use their assets to pay for the lifestyle they want.

Working with Joslin Rhodes

This will not only give you a sustainable business model, but means we’ll be doing all the background work so you can concentrate on the important bits.

Developed holistically over time and based on experience of what clients needed, Neil Parker slowly moulded and shaped Joslin Rhodes and PlanHappy to the fantastic and unique system it is today by developing a system that includes drawing on visual representations and straight-forward talking to make sure everyone understands what they have and what lifestyle they can get with it.

To date, Joslin Rhodes continues to help people and has been so successful, many clients send cards and gifts as a thank you for the life Joslin Rhodes has helped them get.