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At a time when cleanliness has never been more crucial, franchises like Techclean and its vital services have found themselves in demand. We chatted to Nigel Toplis, Managing Director of Techclean to discover more about this growing commercial cleaning franchise.

Did you know that the average office keyboard harbours more bacteria than a toilet seat? Though it’s a startling statistic, it’s not a particularly surprising one. Your workplace’s toilets get cleaned every day, but when was the last time you gave your keyboard a thorough wipe-down? 

After a year of rigorous hand washing and stringent sanitising, we’ve all developed a heightened awareness of just how grubby our living and working environments can be. That’s why the services of IT cleaning franchise Techclean have never been more important. Its dedicated technology cleaning services make sure desktops, keyboards, data centres, and more are kept squeaky clean.

During a virtual catch-up with Nigel Toplis, head of one of the UK’s most well-respected franchise groups, The Bardon Group, and MD of Techclean, we discovered why there’s never been a better time to invest in this proven commercial cleaning concept. 

A well-established brand

Techclean was set up back in 1983 to provide specialist IT cleaning services to businesses across the UK. At the time of its inception, its cleaners were tasked with helping corporate computer and communications rooms meet the highest hygiene standards and operate at their very best. But as offices have become more and more tech-based over the decades, the business found itself in demand by a wider range of clients. 

“In today’s world, where we rely so much on computers and digital technology, it is absolutely crucial that equipment is properly maintained,” said Nigel. “Our franchisees always work to the highest level of hygiene maintenance – both to protect the equipment and to ensure staff can work in a safe and healthy environment.”

Nigel also explained that Techclean’s specialist service is important as it makes sure no area of the working environment gets missed.

“General office cleaners may flick a duster over the keyboards and wipe around the desk but can rarely achieve the level of cleanliness that is essential to keep bugs at bay and extend the life of the equipment.”

Cleaning up the opportunity

When The Bardon Group acquired Techclean in 2016, Nigel admitted that the business was in need of a spring clean itself. But since acquiring it, a number of changes have taken place across the network. For starters, a range of safe detergent products has been developed for all of the franchise’s cleaners to use. Plus, the franchise has achieved Safecontractor and A Living Wage employer status. 

“The brand was fairly ‘dormant’ and very much stuck in the past when we took it on. Since then, we have refreshed the image to better meet the modern-day needs of businesses.”

He also explained how, by adjusting the franchise’s key services, Techclean has moved itself firmly into the 21st century.

“Whilst server room hygiene remains an important part of the proposition, we have moved more towards the concept of cleaning desktop technology and helping employers create healthy working environments.”

Nigel added that he believes these important changes have made Techclean’s package far more appealing to investors seeking their next professional challenge. 

“As a result of these adaptations, the franchise opportunity is now even more attractive. We have added new franchisees each year and have a healthy pipeline of prospects for the future.”

Polishing the network

While Nigel was able to help the brand modernise its services, finding the right franchisees to offer them was another obstacle for Techclean to get round. 

“The ideal Techclean franchisee will be well organised, ambitious, and good with people. Ideally, they will also have an aptitude for sales and marketing. They won’t need to have any previous cleaning experience, though, as full training is given.”

And if you fit the criteria, you could join the thriving franchise network, which offers lucrative returns for those willing to put in the hours. Each franchisee is assigned a generous territory that contains at least 10,000 potential commercial clients, which means you’ll have a large pool of customers to work with. 

“Often in life, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But with Techclean, that’s not the case. Our franchisees can achieve an incredible return on their investment, as our average new starter is expected to achieve a net profit margin of over 55% within the first year of trading.”

What’s more, Techclean can be operated from home, meaning you won’t have to eat into your profits to cover ongoing costs like rent, electricity, and heating for an office space. 

Scoring extra points

As is the case for The Bardon Group’s other brands, being part of the Point Franchise network has helped boost awareness and bring exciting prospective franchisees Techclean’s way. Nigel revealed that, in the last 12 months, Techclean has received 107 quality leads from Point Franchise’s targeted franchisee recruitment service. 

“Online portals give people who are interested in our opportunity the chance to access information at the touch of a button. They can find out more about franchises like Techclean without needing to leave the comfort of their sofa.”

A bright future

As current restrictions begin to ease over the coming months and more employees return to the workplace, Techclean’s franchisees are likely to enjoy a surge of demand. It will be up to businesses like this cleaning franchise to protect staff and make the office a safe and enjoyable place to spend time again. We can’t wait to hear about the next chapter in Techclean’s long and successful history. 

If you’d like to become part of the Point Franchise network, you can find out more by visiting our advertise page. And if you’re looking for advice and guidance on all things franchising, head to our articles section. Our catalogue of insightful articles covers every topic from business plans to budgets to mental health to multi-unit franchising.

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