Friendly Fire esports franchise

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Friendly Fire esports franchise

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Operate your own location where people come to hang out and play games on high-end PCs and consoles. This really is the future!

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About Friendly Fire esports

Finally a franchise that can generate revenue from a few different sources namely products and services, so there is more than one way to generate revenue from a Friendly Fire eSports Arena.

Its easy to start too, with very low fixed costs as staffing requirements are minimal until you achieve some considerable scale.

Friendly Fire services, that you can monitise, come from playing time and daily tickets, but it does not stop there with approximately 25% of our revenues coming from selling in-store food and beverages and then also selling branded gaming products, and our target market absolutely want these from you!

Investment varies according to your location size, and we can operate from quite small buildings such as shopping centre locations to stand alone bricks and mortar, and extra advantage is that we don’t even need them to be in prime locations! Then to help you even further as our franchisee, we can even lease to you the equipment and furniture to make it even easier to invest in a Friendly Fire franchise, this really is a great model because we can then update all of these with no additional cost to you!

Sites typically open within 3 months of signing your agreement and you could be generating revenue on your very first day! How many franchises can do that?

Training and support provided

We are here every step of the way with your franchise enquiry, starting straight away with the assistance from franchising specialists to ensure you understand every aspect of the business and opportunity before we even get started.

If this is for you and your commit, we will help you with 2D and 3D plans to show you what your site could look like and move this right through to opening your first site, we have already completed this several times so you will be in good hands!

We want to be your creative solution too, franchising has been known to be very rigid in its approach and that doesn’t quite fit with who we are, we are only ever as good as our franchisees, so we will support you from the very beginning and throughout your entire journey with us, failure is not an option with a Friendly Fire eSports Arena Franchise.

You can also expect to receive all training and manuals, initial training with us, pre and post opening assistance throughout, we will cover everything and that’s a guarantee!

The ideal Friendly Fire esports franchisee

You will be looking to be part of a fast growing sector, we are always looking for the right fit first and foremost so entrepreneurs with a passion for gaming and eSports is critical and you should be looking at this as your full time venture.

We would expect you to make your initial enquiry, ask us everything you need to know about the franchise, we have plenty to share! Show us your commitment when you are ready to and then collaboratively find suitable venues, whilst you are doing this you will be receptive to our in-depth training and then it will be time to plan the big launch, your very own Friendly Fire eSports Arena!

You can be part of the gaming community in your own area!

Do you want to be part of the future? If you do, you need to make contact without delay!

Friendly Fire esports' history

Friendly Fire eSports was simply an idea back in 2016 and the project started, a short year later in 2017 and the very first eSports arena opened its doors in Zagreb, Croatia.

Moving on to 2018 and the franchise offering was born with the first franchisee, however, the brand did not just stop there creating their very own brand ‘Friendly Fire Gear’.

2020 was not a time to stand still either, showing that this business can operate in all economies as the global franchise was offered, now operating no less than 8 sites with a further 2 in development and much more in the pipeline, and not a single one has defaulted during the pandemic!

This is a franchise that can operate anywhere, gaming is universal and we want you to be part of it!

Don’t leave it too late to make your enquiry!