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We carefully establish food businesses on firm ground and nurture them with a mix of equity and franchise investment, real estate expertise and operations consultancy delivered by top industry talent within our organisation. We have re-invented franchising. Our brainchild Franchising 2.0 is the recipe to faster and more profitable roll-outs while retaining full control over operations. We have benefited our clients’ business with national and international growth in a variety of segments, from quick-service to casual dining – maximizing shareholder’s value. So whether you want to grow your food business or invest wisely in the restaurant sector, we are confident you will find our services of value to you.

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About Seeds Consulting

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We are a London-based leading consultancy firm providing business development and franchising services to quick-service, fast-casual and casual dining brands.

Services for new franchisors

A strategic approach to franchising

First check with us if you can and should franchise, and, if so, where and to whom: the franchise model is just one way of scaling your restaurant business and we can help you decide whether it should be part of your overall growth strategy or not.

If franchising is right for you, then we will:  

  • Help you formulate a development strategy
  • Design its financial, legal and commercial architecture focusing on equitable way of dividing up the profit between franchisor and franchisee
  • Have all legal agreements produced by qualified British Franchise Association solicitors
  • When the franchise offer is ready, drive franchise recruitment in the UK and internationally on your behalf.

The real estate added value

Whether yours is a sheer franchise growth strategy or a balanced mix of equity and franchise stores, our contacts in real estate with landlords, channel operators and agents is considered to be of tremendous value and one of the reasons our clients have chosen us versus other franchise practices. Our contacts include:  

  • The shopping centre community
  • Universities
  • Contract caterers
  • Travel retail operators
  • Corporate headquarter facilities
  • Agents specialising in restaurant and leisure property
  • The operational added value

Franchising is all about setting and maintaining the standards. In franchising your business you will rely on 100+ years of high level operational experience in the restaurant industry, something no other franchise consultancy can provide.

Because we specialize in F&B franchising, we will not just produce a franchise manual based on your existing operation, but, should you require it, make that operation more efficient and scalable, something both your equity and franchise stores will benefit from.

Seeds Consulting - Franchise Expert

Our case studies

Seeds Consulting were approached by the MDs of Wolf Street Food on the verge of them launching their new brand concept in the Chiswick business park. We were asked to help streamline the operations, to help launch the new store and to ensure that the profit margins were in line with forecast. The store had previously suffered high labour and high cost of sales in its previous incarnation.

Wolf were also on the verge of franchising their concept and as such needed to ensure that along with making sure their Chiswick store opening was a success, they needed to prove to any future prospective franchisees that the model worked. They also need to ensure that they had all of the necessary SOPs and compliance in place.

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Seeds Consulting's history

Wok&Go hired us as retained consultants to look after all their franchise expansion business in the UK and internationally. In the UK our brief was to identify qualified parties to operate the franchise, with a focus on multi-site investors and to review the franchise recruitment process and documentation. We were also tasked with assisting Wok&Go not just with mere introductions but with spearheading the franchise recruitment process up to the signature of the franchise agreement and franchise location search directly with landlords or in partnership with selected property agents.

In the first two years we have signed up in excess of 40 franchise sites via a mixture of area development agreements (e.g. 15 stores in Essex), multi-site owner/operator franchisees and individual investors or investors groups going for a “managed” franchise option. This means a franchise capital in excess of £6m was generated via our brainchild method Franchising 2.0.

Such tremendous result generated a requirment for sites that made the company existing access to real estate inadequate. Our real estate division concentrated on sourcing sites for franchisees directly with landlords and via third-party agents according to an agreed property strategy. We also developed specific know-how to enable franchisor and franchisees to assess a location opportunity as per the brand requirements, thus helping minimise the risk in connection with property selection.

Today we have a strong pipeline of stores and, with Seeds Consulting handling franchise development and property search, the brand can devote full time and resources to developing successful franchisees.

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