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Commercial Finance Network franchise

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Operate as a national Commercial Finance Broker under our corporate umbrella with full back-office and ongoing market support.

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About Commercial Finance Network

Commercial finance network franchise information

Partner with us and Build your own Successful
Substantial Finance Business

National Business Opportunity
Full / Part time from £16,495 + VAT

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it is of paramount importance to operate a business that is of comparingly low risk and has little or no overheads.

The CFN offering fully meets that criteria, as its core business is the property market, which has always been there and always will be.
Equally, we service provide and supply the life-blood necessary for the Small Business (SME) market sector to function, through busi-ness loans, asset finance, invoice discounting etc.,

We are a whole-of-market broker enabling us to provide the best level of borrowing for our respective clients.

For these reasons, a Commercial Finance offering would be a very sound and secure business in a recession proof market.

  • Record low interest rates.
  • Increasing popularity of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO).
  • Rapid rise of Serviced Accommodation rentals.
  • Increasing numbers of Commercial to Residential conversions.
  • Property Developers increasingly looking to buy, refurbish and sell properties on for a short-term profit (“flips”).
  • The government heavily incentivising the private sector to build more new homes to bridge their own target shortfalls by approxi-mately a third.
  • The 5+ million Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market continuing to seek new and additional funding for business growth.

Why Commercial Finance Network?

Some of the major benefits to this opportunity:

  • 1st year earnings between £75K - £100k+ OTE
  • NO bad debts
  • NO stock
  • Operate under the CFN, fully FCA regulated national brand
  • Comprehensive 2 Day Residential Training Course
  • Anticipated break-even month 4
  • Unrestricted UK-wide territory with an Exclusive territory
  • Access to whole-of-market lenders for both property and busi-ness finance
  • Full back office / admin support
  • No paperwork / forms to fill in
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager
  • Dedicated Case Manager
  • No selling involved
  • National website and email facilities
  • Zero overhead business
  • Multiple market opportunities – Mortgages, Bridging Finance, Business Loans, Asset Finance, Buy-To-Let, Equity Release etc.
  • Full / Part time as preferred to work around your job / lifestyle
  • High Volume recurring business
  • Strong referral opportunities
  • Proven sales and marketing syllabus to build your own sub-stantial business

Do I Need a Financial Background?

No and it invariably works better if you’ve haven’t got one! We will provide you with all the necessary training and ongoing support to ensure you can operate successfully in this industry, under the CFN regulated corporate umbrella.
The most important qualities we are seeking are integrity, financial stability and enthusiasm, combined with a proven work ethic and desire to succeed. These are the key fundamental attributes re-quired in order to run a successful business under the Commercial Finance Network umbrella.
Once fully trained, you will have the knowledge to enable you to provide the best practice solutions for your clients, with the comfort of an experienced back office support network to assist you every step of the way. 

How Do I Find My Clients?

We cover in detail on the Residential Training Course the numerous generic proven methods / solutions to enable Partners to build a strong, growing business at low cost. From the syllabus we cover, you can adopt some / all of the solutions available, or select those that best suit you and your lifestyle.
In addition to the marketing training given during our initial residen-tial training course, you’ll also benefit from our ongoing marketing support who are able to work with you to develop specific cam-paigns, as and when required.

How Much Money Will I Make?

As with any business, this is completely dependent on the time and effort you devote to your business and your determination to suc-ceed. By operating under the corporate umbrella of Commercial Fi-nance Network you will reap the benefits of being part of a corporate brand.
Of course, your true earnings potential is dependent upon you and your efforts. As a guide and on operating on a part time basis you should average between £35K - £50K+ in year 1. Operating on a full-time basis, you should expect to earn between £75k - £100k+ in your first year.
As rule of thumb you would expect to recover your investment within the first 4-5 months of operation. We provide all potential Partners with realistic detailed financial projections to enable them to fully evaluate the opportunity and suggest they seek professional advice specific to their own goals and targets.

Investment Required

Unrestricted territory investment is from £16,495 + VAT


Find out more about Commercial Finance Network by submitting the form below.

Training and support provided

Once you’re accepted, you will immediately benefit from the initial comprehensive company residential training and marketing course.
This covers in detail the different markets and products and how to build your business. You will be introduced to our wide-ranging pan-el of Lenders and Commercial Loan Providers and continually up-dated on new legislation and new product offerings.
You will be provided with a comprehensive Operating Manual, which covers all the main product offerings and Lender requirements, to-gether with showing you proven marketing strategies to enable you to develop your business within our comprehensive range of solu-tions and some unique client benefits.
After your initial training, we provide full ongoing remote / online support Monday to Friday, during normal office hours to assist you as and when required.


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