Coffee Planet franchise

Min investment


Coffee Planet franchise

The next-level café experience

Available in café, kiosk, cart and vending formats, our franchise model is designed to meet the global demand for 100% Arabica specialty coffee, coupled with expert know-how, to provide customers with a premium quality coffee experience.

Minimum investment

Funding support
Third Party

Total investment

Franchise fees

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

  • Operating fee:
    café £20k, kiosk £15k, cart £10k
  • Advertising fee:
    marketing support included in royalty fee
  • Royalty fee:
    6% of all net income
  • Average floor space:
    café – 1200 sq ft (range 700 – 1500 sq ft recommended)

Minimum investment


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About Coffee Planet

Next-level café experience

Coffee Planet is a next-level café experience – a fusion of the World’s finest 100% Arabica specialty coffees and the rich theme and heritage of the Arabian Peninsula. Our premium-grade coffees are a taste experience like no other – rich aromas, complex taste profiles and a soothing finish. We source the World’s finest coffee beans direct from farmers in over 20 countries and roast them to perfection in our roastery in the UAE. We are the largest coffee roaster in the Middle East – doubling our capacity in 2019 with investment to our process – and now capable of producing 200 tons of specialty coffee per month. Our cafes mirror our origins – warm, with golden hues – reflecting the smooth, sandy landscape that gave birth to coffee roasting some 500 years ago. Proud of our homeland, our café designs showcase regional landmarks and tell our guests of our history and mission statement.

The investment

Our franchise options are

  1. Master agreements, with a territorial exclusivity, a development schedule and the right to sub franchise, subject to our approvals

  2. Single-site licences – enabling a steady and measured growth plan

Our range of investment starts at as little as £50,000 for a fully kitted-out cart model, ready to pour its first coffee and warm its first croissant. A 1,200 sq ft café will cost approximately £180,000 to fit out and will have that first smoothie blended in a jiffy. A kiosk operation is somewhere in the middle at around £80,000, with a few tables and chairs thrown in. These are approximations – and dependent on your labour and materials costs. Our design manuals provide you with all the themes, palettes and materials – so you will never wander off the brand path.

Territories and returns

Coffee shops cater to communities – and we are no different in seeking out such locations – be that High Street, shopping centres, sports venues, offices, transport hubs, hospitals or large-scale events. We welcome you to seek out suitable suggestions early in your Coffee Planet journey – even before you’ve signed a deal with us. We can help you in your landlord negotiations and guide you on the commercials, if needed. It’s what we do. Our modelling tells us the right café investment should be clawed back in around 2 years, with a kiosk looking to pay back in 8 months. Again – these are our estimations – but we are rarely off the mark. We are open to all areas of the UK – with territory exclusivity available for multi-site operators, as mentioned above.

Our agreements are renewable at the completion of their initial term, providing all terms and conditions contained in them, are met, for the duration. Our fees are only payable at the beginning of the first term – therefore – no renewal fees are applicable with us. Our agreements are offered over 10 years for a master agreement, 5 years for single sites.

Hight growth, attractive margins

As we mentioned before, the specialty Arabica coffee segment is the growth area in the coffee industry. Coffee remains a high growth category, with attractive margins. Coffee Planet offers a well-differentiated brand with a supremely high-quality core product. Add to the mix our expert know-how (we have 7 Q-Graders in our team. There are only 11 in the entire UAE!! These are the industry specialists recognized by the SCA to score and grade coffee – think wine experts!), our stylishly-themed café designs and competitive fee structure and you will be hard pressed to find an investment proposition with so much temptation and opportunity.

Next steps

Request information below to find out more – we are as passionate about your success as we are about our superb coffee. Come and find us at UK trade shows – where our team will be only too happy to explain all we can about our franchising and why we are your next best decision. Look for the happy people – that will be our stand………

Training and support provided

Professional help every step of the way

In return for partnering with Coffee Planet, our dedicated team of passionate professionals help with every step of the way in delivering your successful new business – be that full café, kiosk or cart models. From site selection to cafe design, food suppliers and costing through to full menu engineering, we are by your side. From promotion-planning to marketing execution, cost analysis to stock auditing, you won’t shake us off.

  • Social media management – check.
  • Competitor review – that too.
  • Oh – and of course – full pre-opening training of all café staff in barista skills, latte art, food preparation, selling skills and customer engagement – all part of the service ma’am.
  • And just when you thought we’d shown you our full bag of tricks – we’ll be urging youon to your next location, and the next………
  • Once established, we offer top-up training on demand, with regular territory auditing and quality checking.

The ideal Coffee Planet franchisee

Passion and business acumen

We offer a complete turnkey solution, with an investment range of £50,000 - £250,000, dependent on size and location. 

We see our future partners as bright, positive individuals, intent on becoming brand ambassadors, pioneering our vision and industry-leading service levels. They are strong in business acumen, with razor-sharp attention to detail – especially when it comes to delivering the growing demand in customer expectation. Our partners need not have had a long history building food and beverage experience – but will be proven champions in comparable commercial operations.

They will see opportunity where others would not – always looking to overcome the next challenge and over-deliver on performance. Early birds, self-starters, hard-workers, cleanliness freaks, perfectionists, OCD-sufferers are all welcome at our party. Elbow grease and thick skin are welcome attributes. The more you put in, the more you will take out – and customers love to see a dedicated, hard-working professional. Guests are glad to part with their hard-earned, in return for quality attention to detail and heightened service levels.

Coffee Planet's history

Coffee Planet began life in 2005, delivering freshly-ground coffee and fresh milk vending solutions to the two major blue-chip oil company convenience stores across the UAE – some 250 plus locations still, to this day. Over time, we developed complete coffee services to leading 5-star hotels, catering companies, restaurants, cafes, airlines and offices. In addition, we have developed online and in-store retail lines, across territories. We have grown our market presence and now trade in excess of 20 countries – with yet more to come. Café franchising has seen our business grow across the UK – in Cardiff, Pakistan – in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, as well as an established presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In total, we have 18 trading stores, with deals signed to deliver over 40 new locations in the coming years.