CAHEM franchise

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CAHEM franchise

Pop culture festival meets medieval fantasy

CAHEM is a unique virtual reality (VR) leisure park concept that allows customers to immerse themselves in a virtual world of fun.

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Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

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    Royalties on each launched game
  • Average floor space:
    250 sqm


About Us

CAHEM develops its own VR exclusive experiences, so you can enjoy everything from escape games to simulators to omnidirectional treadmills. This French market leader has gained the support of international brands such as Ubisoft and ARVI, meaning this is a concept that is being backed by the best.

The franchise likes to describe itself as “a pop culture festival meets medieval fantasy”. It has gathered a team of incredibly passionate people from a wide range of sectors to develop thrilling spaces dedicated to immersive leisure.

Once it had secured the talented creators needed to bring its vision to life, the formula for the rest was simple; CAHEM would set up its very own game studios to create and develop its own universes. And once the team had done that, they would build and create a park in which everyone could express their love of events, animation, and showcase virtual reality games.


    What does the CAHEM franchise model look like?

    You can establish a CAHEM park with as little as 50sqm of space or build a large, immersive space that has a number of game stations, simulators and even a lounge and bar area. Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to showcase an exclusive catalogue of VR experiences and enjoy exclusive access to new, exciting titles.

      How do I become part of the CAHEM network?

      If you’re interested in becoming part of the CAHEM network, you won’t need to have any specific experience or qualifications. Instead, the franchise is looking for individuals who share its passion for virtual entertainment and believe in its project and vision for the future. 

      What is the minimum investment?

        To start your very own CAHEM franchise, you’ll need to invest a minimum of £60,000 - £26,000 of which makes up the franchise fee. However, you could quickly see a return on your investment, as your expected revenue after just two years is an impressive £400,000.

        What will I get as part of the CAHEM franchise package?

        You’ll enjoy so many perks when you join the CAHEM franchise network, including access to a catalogue of more than 20 immersive VR experiences and bespoke video games, such as the CAHEM guardians, that are adapted and improved based on players’ requests.

        More experiences are also being developed, but there is already something for everyone – from children aged six and up to older adults, colleagues and groups of friends! And as a thank you to new franchisees in the UK, the first 10 franchisees to join the CAHEM network will receive royalties from its exclusive games for one year.

        CAHEM also regularly visit exhibitions and professional fairs dedicated to all things video games, pop culture and E-Sports, so you’ll enjoy high brand awareness without having to spend all your time marketing your business. 

        Why join now?

        CAHEM wishes to develop its franchise in the United Kingdom. To help you in your launch and thank you for your trust, we offer NO ROYALTIES on our exclusive games for 1 year for the first 10 franchisees in the country!

        Training and support provided

        How does CAHEM support its franchisees?

          To give you the best possible chance of success with such an innovative franchise, CAHEM has put together a team of industry experts to help you get started. You will have your franchisor’s support from day one, helping you with everything from signing your premises’ lease to the fit-out process. You’ll be supported in lots of other ways, including:

          • Game Masters/Animator training – From day one, you’ll be accompanied by CAHEM’s experienced staff, some of whom have been managing parks since the very start. They’ll offer in-depth training that shows you and your staff how to operate the games in your catalogue, making sure you can welcome happy customers as soon as possible.
          • Technical training – No technology is without its glitches, but we’ll show you how to overcome any occasional technical problems and keep your park running. You’ll receive training on the basics, including:
            • Launching games
            • Installations
            • Updates
            • Maintaining your computer equipment
          • Social network training – To help you raise awareness of your brand, you’ll be given social media and communications training so you can spread the word far and wide.
          • Franchisor support – We’ll use our reputation to secure you excellent premises, help you rent your equipment and make sure you have everything you need to quickly begin turning a profit.
          • Daily support – Whenever you need to speak to someone, CAHEM’s team will be there to address any queries. You can access technicians at any time, who can fix problems remotely or visit you to fix issues. And you’ll be able to talk strategy with the communications team, who will help you shape the future of your business. 

          The ideal CAHEM franchisee

          What does CAHEM’s ideal franchisee look like?

          While it is flexible about your previous experience, CAHEM wants to find franchisees who embody certain qualities. They include:

          • A friendly nature. Every visitor should feel like your guest and as though they’re being welcomed into your home.
          • A vision for the future. You can anticipate what’s coming and see how your park is going to evolve over time, while having a realistic understanding of how you’re going to achieve your goals and a sensible timeframe in which to do so.
          • You’re both active and proactive. You play a vital role in your park and you’re always looking to expand your professional network and plan your next move.
          • You’re confident with IT. You’re not afraid of embracing a technical challenge or two and can confidently work with technology.
          • You’re always ready to learn. You don’t rest on your laurels and are always seeking new opportunities to help you evolve.
          • You have the soul of a leader. You know how to motivate your team during any temporary storms and understand how to build and surround yourself with skilled employees.
          • You take pride in your work. A job well done is very important to you and you care about upholding the image of the CAHEM brand. You also understand that you represent your franchisor and pay close attention to all the little details.
          • You’re a great communicator. You understand how to reach people and stay up to date with the latest communications and marketing trends.
          • You understand your local area. If you have an established network of people who can help you raise the profile of your brand, that’s even better.
          • You love pop culture and fantasy. After all, that’s what the CAHEM brand has been built on. 

          CAHEM's history

          When was CAHEM founded?

          CAHEM was set up back in 2017 by veterans of the video game, film and events industries. In 2019, the team decided that franchising was the best way to expand this unique brand. Now, it has established six parks across its native France, with more in the pipeline, and is looking to expand its horizons internationally. CAHEM has also proved that it’s resilient even in the most uncertain of circumstances, as it was able to open locations In Nantes, Brest, Lille and Jura throughout 2020. In 2021, the franchise is planning to open all parks put on hold and begin expanding into its next territory – the UK.