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Bambini Lingo franchise

The lovely little language club

Bambini Lingo is a rapidly growing, multi-national children’s language club offering a unique experience for little language learners. There are 9 languages available and musical content so good that it’s an Amazon Music original.

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About Bambini Lingo

Languages are the key to the World. Science has proven that exposure to foreign languages at a young age, not only makes learning languages easier at the time, but also helps young brains develop in a way that makes life-long learning easier.

Just as importantly, we believe that creating a positive relationship with language learning fosters a love of languages that will help little learners become happy and successful citizens in an ever-more globalised world.

Born out of the ambition of a mono-lingual mother for her child not to suffer the same linguistic restrictions, Bambini Lingo brings highly entertaining, immersive language exposure to pre-school children in a way that engages and entertains them.

Our “classes,” which actually feel more like audience participation shows, are delivered with groups of up to 15 children. High quality props, teaching materials, atmosphere enhancers (such as bespoke, learning enhancing scent diffusers) and our own music provide a sense of magic. That magic was good enough for Amazon to buy our music as an Amazon Original. Check us out on Amazon Music to hear for yourself.

Behind the magic there is a lot of science, which means that our little learners absorb language and invaluable building blocks for future learning, whilst simply having fun through movement, song, dance and play.

Our materials and music are produced in 9 languages which gives our franchisees the widest choice of languages to offer in their area. We also ensure that we provide a pleasant environment for parents and carers spending time with their children.

The Bambini Lingo way has been proven over the last six years and we have only just begun to grow our franchise network after several years of successful testing in the UK, Spain and Italy. Today, we are rapidly growing in the UK and Australia with new openings soon in Germany, Japan and India.

Parents’ desire to give their children the gift of language is a global phenomenon and our franchisees are perfectly placed to help parents achieve that dream.


  • High quality materials and content as evidenced by our Amazon Original Music
  • The widest choice of languages available
  • A scientifically backed, highly immersive and entertaining methodology
  • A warm, family run business culture where our customers and franchise partners always come first
  • A good value franchise fee which includes £2,500 worth of equipment (including a tablet loaded with digital flashcards)
  • A founder committed to the development and enhancement of ever more content to benefit little learners, parents and franchise partners
  • High quality training and support
  • The opportunity to be part of a brand that has ambitions to grow through, not only published music, but also storybooks, audio books, games and video content that will allow children to spend more time immersed in their new language and encourage more parents to visit classes run by our franchisees
  • Ultimately an attractive commercial opportunity that offers a highly valuable service to little learners and their parents, whilst also providing a wonderful work life balance for you

Training and support provided

The way that our classes, or productions, are delivered is a key part of what makes us different. Whoever holds the class, whether its you or someone you employ, needs to be able to engage and educate in the Bambini Lingo way. This means alternating between high energy moments to gentle ones in a way that brings little learners along the journey to loving languages.

A key element of our training is therefore focused on how to deliver the classes. Emma, our founder, is from a performing arts background and has a sparkle that could see her hosting children’s TV! 3 days with her will enthuse, guide and nurture trainees so that they can deliver the classes confidently in the Bambini Lingo way. Every month there is an opportunity to pick up challenges and questions with Emma and receive guidance and support. Other franchisees also contribute to group learning and support for one another in web conferences and our annual conference in Mallorca, Spain.

In addition, we provide business training to cover issues from marketing to finance. Again, there is time available every month to speak to our business expert for guidance and support.

We also offer a third prong to our ongoing support. We believe that a happy franchisee is a successful one. And after all, our success depends upon your success. To that end we offer time every month with Brenda, our in-house life coach, who is there to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance that fits with your ambitions; whether that is to grow your business as big as possible or to enjoy a comfortable living whilst spending more time with your family.

Bambini lingo franchise language

The ideal Bambini Lingo franchisee

You don’t have to be multi-lingual to run a Bambini Lingo franchise, but you do have to have a genuine belief in the value of languages. You must also love children and want to make their futures brighter through the gift of life long learning.

All classes need to be delivered by a native speaker and so having a second language means you can teach yourself. However, its also an option to employee people to run classes in their native language for you.

Whoever delivers the classes needs to have a sparkle too.

The franchises are available in a single language or up to 8 additional languages. There are, therefore, options to run your business at different scales. Whether you want to make a good living whilst spending more time with family, or to grow a multi-language enterprise, you can do it with Bambini Lingo.

Bambini Lingo's history

Back in 2012, Emma Boardman changed career from being an entrepreneur in the Performing Arts to being a mum. Despite having successfully entertained people around the world, she had one regret. In all the places she had been, she forever felt uncomfortable being able to speak just one language. In a multi-lingual world, mono-lingualism was a weakness that she did not want for her son.

Emma tried all the language groups she could find, but none of them felt sufficiently engaging or inspiring. Learning didn’t have to be dull; it should be fun. Frustrated with the offerings available, she started her own classes for the benefit of her son and the children of friends.

Working with an expert in children’s linguistics, Emma took elements of her performance background to create a methodology that turned little learners into little linguists. Over time she added more languages and her own music which was ultimately spotted by and produced by Amazon as an Amazon Music Original.

Shortly after, people began to approach Emma to ask about opening franchises. Focused on preserving the essence of Bambini Lingo, Emma selected a few individuals as franchisees in the UK, Spain and Italy and trialled the system for a couple of years to ensure that everything worked perfectly.

After several years of success, the Bambini Lingo way is now spreading a love of languages around the world.

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