Auditel franchise

Min investment
£15,000 +VAT


Auditel franchise

Auditel is a network of approximately 100 franchised procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation consultants.

Auditel franchise partners build long-term client relationships unlocking hidden profit and improving client’s cash flow, with a focus on sustainability.

Minimum investment
£15,000 +VAT

Funding support
Third Party

Total investment
£26,950 +VAT

Franchise fees
£26,950 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

  • Operating fee:
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

Minimum investment
£15,000 +VAT


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About Auditel

The market-leading ‘White Collar’ franchise

Control | Flexibility | Earnings | Enjoyment | Success

Auditel has not only stood the test of time, but during a tough economy it really comes into its own. Why? Because Auditel helps organisations of all shapes and sizes by delivering profit-boosting, cost-saving solutions, that really make a difference, especially in these difficult times.

If you are looking for a professional business to business franchise, then you really should explore Auditel.

Who are Auditel?

Auditel is a collaborative network of around 100 franchise partners who have come from varied backgrounds but usually at senior-management or director level.  By playing to their strengths,  franchisees can form project teams to deliver procurement, supply chain management and business transformation solutions to organisations of wide-ranging industry sectors and sizes. Since 1994, over 3,000 UK clients have benefitted from Auditel franchised consultants unlocking ‘hidden profits’.

Auditel franchisees boost cash-flow within their client’s business by saving money through better procurement, process improvement or identifying how technology can play a greater part in their business.  Auditel can make a huge positive difference to their clients, and with an ethos based around sustainability, Auditel seeks to also make a positive impact on the planet too.

Play to your strengths, harness the skills of others

Auditel can suit people from all industry sectors and areas of expertise.  You do not need to be an accountant or a specialist!  Auditel offers a broad array of ‘pathways’ to suit your skills, experience and business objectives.  This means that if you enjoy client management and business development you can focus your business on these areas and utilise the expertise of franchisees who can deliver the project management aspects. 

Equally, if you have experience and knowledge in certain areas, for example, Logistics, Packaging or Waste Management, you can develop this expertise with Auditel and over time, undertake projects for other affiliates alongside your own client activities.

So, you can play to your strengths in Auditel, though every franchisee is thoroughly trained and supported ongoing in all aspects of the business. 

"I’ve got a stable, profitable business with a great team behind me, and financially I am in a better position than I would be if I was still in full time employment. I was fortunate and very grateful to be able to build our dream home for my family and I last year. I wouldn’t have been able to start my property journey without the income from Auditel and I wouldn’t have been able to build the house if I didn’t have the time – so the flexibility of the franchise has played a pivotal role." David Kendall

Impact of Covid-19 on business creates a significant opportunity for Auditel

With organisations of all types struggling to come to terms with supply chain issues, procurement challenges and enforced business change such as home working and business restructuring, clients have benefitted from Auditel’s expertise and resources that have proved invaluable.

In addition, with many companies furloughing staff or making redundancies, they lack the resources to carry out effective procurement and supply chain management which is why outsourcing to Auditel can save them time and money and deliver results they simply couldn’t achieve without Auditel’s help.

Auditel reacted fast to the impact of Covid-19, empowering it’s network with an array of new marketing content, service offerings and processes that reflect ‘doing business at a distance’.

Multiple Income Streams and Long-term Clients

Auditel help you identify, target and win clients with a comprehensive marketing and client acquisition programme that includes multiple methods of direct and indirect routes to developing your client base. 

By carefully targeting your clients, it’s possible to build a six-figure income business from around 6-12 clients and where clients are retained for many years.  Some clients have benefitted from Auditel’s procurement solutions for over 20 years!

With an Auditel franchise you can:

  • Develop an income stream that put you in the top 1% of UK income earners
  • Leave behind the corporate world, politics, wasted time and commuting
  • Have a better work/life balance where your business works for you
  • Have a business based from home, but scalable to suit your objectives
  • Make a real difference to UK businesses and gain pride and recognition for your results

Explore starting your new business with Auditel

Funding of up to 75% of your combined Franchise Fee and working capital is available from major franchise banks as well as government business support schemes.

Franchise Investment:
Full Franchise: £39,950+VAT.  Personal Investment required min. £12000
Associate Franchise £26,950+VAT. Personal Investment required min. £8000

The financial performance opportunity with Auditel is huge.  Some franchisees receipting well over £200,000 per year, but remember there are a multitude of other benefits that Auditel franchise partners enjoy too!

If you would like a professional, b2b opportunity and to build a business that works for you, not someone else, and is effective in all economies, especially a recession, then explore Auditel today!  

Enquire now, and receive Auditel’s franchise prospectus and access to the Auditel ‘Franchise Candidate Portal’ through which you can see an array of additional content including videos.

Case studies

After launching his Auditel franchise at the tender age of 26, Stephen Sowerby has built a highly successful Auditel business. Despite having no prior self-employment experience, the former Chartered Accountant always wanted to be his own boss. In 2011, he took the plunge and now enjoys the best of both worlds. A rewarding, profitable business which provides a work-life balance he values dearly.

In recognition of all that he had achieved, Stephen won Franchisee of the Year in both 2014 and 2018 at Auditel’s annual conference. And he’s now the proud recipient of a new title, after receiving Silver in the Highest Income Award. New for 2019, the award celebrates those who have achieved the highest income as a sole consultant. It was designed to reflect the increased focus on sales and marketing which has seen Auditel propelled to new heights within both the franchise and procurement industries. Stephen was presented with his award by Auditel founder and Executive Chairman, Chris Allison, at a black-tie gala event in Solihull.

“Stephen joined Auditel at a relatively young age – and doesn’t look much older now,” announced a jovial Chris. “He has built a solid business which continues to demonstrate steady growth. Stephen does a lot of work himself but works closely with other Affiliates and is very much a team player, offering support and encouragement to his fellow Consultants. Stephen also offers help and support to the recruitment process, speaking to prospective franchisees and showcasing that, with hard work and determination, they too could build a successful business just like his.”

“Being singled out as a top performer is obviously very satisfying,” said Stephen. “It’s nice to win and it’s always nice to be recognised in front of your peers. This is my fifth award since joining the network and gives me encouragement that I must be developing my business in the rights ways.”

“For me, the best thing about owning my own business is the flexibility. I work hard and I work long hours when needed but I have much more freedom now. I have a little girl and being able to arrange my work around spending more time with my family is very important. Yes, it’s been hard work, and it continues to be. But with how it’s all worked out for me, I would do it again without doubt.”

The ‘right ways’ are a combination of consistent hard work, a team-player mentality and a business development strategy that is optimised for Stephen and his clients.

“The success that you see today is very much a product of the hard work I’ve put in over previous years. It’s not just one good year that gets results – it’s the last three to five coming to fruition. And it was the same when I won awards in the past. The nature of this business is that you have to put a lot of effort in up front to see returns down the line. If you do that consistently then you’re actually ensuring the longevity of your income stream, profitability and growth for many years to come.

“One of the great things about Auditel is that you can choose to structure your business in any number of ways to work best for you and your clients. I’ve had another very good 12-months and winning a new award this year was great. Not only is it personally satisfying, it increases your profile in the network and the level of credibility you carry which opens doors for collaboration too. Joint venture work with my fellow Consultants is important as a way to leverage the knowledge of the network and increase my bandwidth to grow the business further.”

When it comes to plans for the future, Stephen is clear that his strategy is simply more of the same. The ambitious business owner says that it’s important, no matter the level of success you achieve in the here and now, never to become complacent and to always keep striving for more.

Keen to support the growth of its Consultants, throughout 2019, Auditel introduced of a new suite of marketing collateral and sales tools. The development comes hand-in-hand with the promotion of the brand’s former Marketing Director, Chris Aston, to Managing Director. With over 20 year’s in the procurement, marketing and franchise industries, his knowledge and experience is unparalleled. Stephen plans to utilise the newly available resources to propel his business forwards.

“We’ve had a complete revamp of everything marketing related over the last 12 months which is brilliant for business. It’s refreshed everything and made it easier to approach larger companies. The approach to sales and marketing has been particularly professionalised and it’s moved the Auditel brand up a level in terms of the size and scale of firms we can now target.”

Like most who choose franchising as a route to business ownership, Stephen had aspirations of achieving personal and financial freedom: “I came into the business with some specific goals – things that knew I wanted to achieve though this business. Firstly, there was a financial figure I wanted to earn; one which I knew would ensure my family were supported and our financial future was secure. Secondly, there was a certain level of work-life balance that I wanted and of course, I wanted to not have to be in someone else’s employment ever again. That was my grand plan and I’m incredibly pleased to be able to say, almost eight years later, that I’ve achieved exactly that. The important thing for me now is to ensure that the status quo is maintained and protected for the future.”

“For me, the best thing about owning my own business is the flexibility. I work hard and I work long hours when needed but I have much more freedom now. I have a little girl and being able to arrange my work around spending more time with my family is very important. Yes, it’s been hard work, and it continues to be. But with how it’s all worked out for me, I would do it again without doubt.”