What Franchisors Look For When Recruiting

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Franchisor recruitment

Recruiting the right type of franchisee is high on the priority list for all franchisors. Finding quality candidates is essential to the success and growth strategy of any franchise. In contrast, recruiting the wrong franchisee can create issues, and ultimately, be detrimental to expansion plans. Therefore, franchisors are understandably careful about granting franchise rights and typically have criteria that must be satisfied during the recruitment process.

How to become a franchisee that franchisors want

In an ideal world, every prospective franchisee that applies to join the franchise system would demonstrate all of the franchisors preferred characteristics. The chances of this happening though are very slim, so franchisors learn to compromise.

Here are some popular traits that most franchisors would like their franchise candidates to possess:

1. Dedication

Good franchises dont happen by chance. They take hard work and commitment. Franchisors will be seeking individuals who are dedicated and determined to make their franchise a success. The franchisor may be faced with one candidate that has skills and expertise relating to the franchise but lacks passion. Another candidate may lack experience in both the industry and business ownership, yet is enthusiastic and willing to graft. In the eyes of the franchisor, the novice wins hands down every time.

2. Skills and experience

But, what if you're up against another prospective franchisee that is just as dedicated as you? The franchisor is now in a position where they need to consider what other skills you can bring to the role. You may not be required to have experience directly connected to the industry of your selected franchise system, but it is a massive plus point if you possess complementary skills. Having a background in customer service or having people management capability, for example, are skills that can be transferred to any industry. But remember that the franchisor will provide training and support to franchisees so your competition can learn how to become a franchisee, but you cant teach someone how to want it more than anyone else.

3. Composed

Running a franchise can be tough at times, and so the franchisor will want to know that you can cope with the demands that go along with being a franchisee. Having the ability to handle pressure well will give the franchisor comfort that you are ready to take on the role. Good franchises require the franchisee to often work long hours; with late night and weekend work being regular occurrences. This can take its toll on inexperienced franchisees that did not have a full understanding of what is involved when they invested in the opportunity. Prove to the franchisor that you get it; speak to other franchisees to gain all the insights you can, and then share your learnings with the franchisor.

4. A balance of independence and conformity

Most franchisors will agree that franchisees need a certain amount of entrepreneurial spirit if theyre to succeed. You should be able to be taught how to become a franchisee, but certainly not be devoid of any personality. If you're too independent, you could find it difficult to comply and often challenge a tried and tested franchise system. But an ability to have an opinion and express your thoughts and ideas is essential, too. Franchisees lacking confidence and ingenuity will be too reliant on the franchisor, and the relationship will become more like that of an employee and an employer. You must manage to achieve a balance of independence and conformity to be successful.

5. Uniformity

Good franchises tend to be based on a standard and uniform franchise agreement. From a franchisors viewpoint offering the same franchise terms for all franchisees demonstrates fairness and equality. When you first view the agreement, it can appear one-sided, benefiting the franchisor rather than the franchisee. It must be remembered though that this is, so the franchise is protected. In the long run, this benefits you, as a franchisee, too. Youre buying into an existing business with an established reputation, brand awareness and customer base.

The franchisor will have built up a reputable name by offering a high quality and consistent service to customers who then associate the franchise with a certain standard. The agreement purely acts as a safeguard for this reputation. If youre expecting the franchisor to negotiate the terms of the franchise agreement, this may be a warning sign that youre not ready to conform to the franchise model.

Equally, you should be cautious of any franchisor thats willing to amend the terms significantly to meet individual franchisees needs. Franchising is based on uniformity so treating franchisees equally is the foundation of a stable and prosperous franchise.

6. Required investment

This is an obvious point, but number one on the franchisors list of franchisee attributes is having the required investment capital. You can have all the skills, experience, passion and dedication in the world, but if you dont have the necessary funds, then youre out of the running.

Recruitment is a two-way process.

The hiring process for many franchises is lengthy and demanding on the prospective franchisees. This is because the franchisor will have spent years of time, effort and money building up their business, and they want to make sure that theyre recruiting someone who will represent their brand positively.

Buying a franchise is a long-term commitment, and the franchisor will also want to ensure that you're in it for the long run. The cost of recruiting, training and supporting new franchisees is substantial, and so, quite rightly, the franchisor wants to be sure that their investment is worthwhile. Having an effective, if someone rigorous, hiring process in place, means that not only quality franchisees are recruited, but theyre likely to stay longer too.

Remember that recruitment is a two-way process: as well as determining that you have the right attributes to be a franchisee, you must make sure that a franchisor is the right one for you too.

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