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The digital industries are often identified as the future of the UK economy. If this is true, now is the time to invest in a web development business and secure your careers future. High demand for web development services means that there will always be plenty of work for your company, while the support of an experienced franchisor will help you surpass the competition.

Web development industry

In an increasingly digital economy, those workers with web development skills are increasingly important. The vast majority of businesses are now at the point where they understand that its almost impossible to succeed without a strong digital presence. Whether its providing customers with essential information, making online sales or simply advertising their existence, even the smallest of businesses utilise the web to increase their profits.

The impressive growth of the web development industry reflects our dependence on the Internet. Today, 57% of web developers operating out of the UK capital earn more than £50,000, while 40% of all contracted positions provide an annual salary over £100,000. The growth in IT salaries has also outpaced the rate of inflation, increasing 1.7% compared to a rate of 0.5% for annual inflation.

Currently, the web development industry is highly localised, with the vast majority of work found in London. This is understandable the UK capital is the country's economic hub, home to its most prestigious businesses, and renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit. However, the discrepancy between the number of jobs available in London and other regions is significant. A recent study suggests that 210 new jobs require Javascript skills advertised in London every day. In the North West of the country, this drops to just 38 positions posted every day.

Web development company UK

This regional discrepancy may prove an opportunity for a budding entrepreneur. The centralisation of the web development industry within London means that there are large markets outside of the capital that still require servicing. If an individual were able to move relatively quickly to launch a web development company in these markets, they would have a good chance of successfully establishing themselves.

The franchising system is purpose-built to facilitate this type of expansion. The way in which franchisees are guided through the business start-up process by experienced franchisors ensures that they have the best possible chance of turning a healthy profit. It also allows them to set up their business far more rapidly than they could on their own.

Web design and development company

In recent years, web development franchises have become increasingly popular amongst investors who want to own a business that provides a high-demand service but also allows for a flexible approach to work/life balance. A large number of these franchises offer part-time franchisee positions and even more encourage their franchisees to work from home. This both cuts down on overheads and permits a more relaxed and adaptable work schedule and structure.

While the vast majority of web development franchises can be run remotely and do not require a dedicated office, they all offer a slightly different franchise package. This means that its vital you perform thorough research into every franchise opportunity to ensure that you receive all the help and support you require to make your business a success. To illustrate the differences between franchises, weve chosen to take a look at two of the most popular investments on the market.


Spoton.net boast a franchise network that encompasses over 30 franchisees, and that has truly blossomed over the last few years. As a spoton.net franchisee, youll be promoting, consulting on, and selling itseeze websites to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in your local area. You'll also supply a wide range of support services that allow you to top up your income at the same time.

A spoton.net franchise requires a minimum investment of around £14,000 and up to 70% of this amount can be borrowed from a reputable source. However, its likely that youll need additional working capital to see your business through the first few months of business.

In return, youll receive access to an exclusive territory and spoton.nets extensive database of local businesses. Youll be equipped with a franchisee website and supplied with marketing and promotional materials the franchisor team will also provide you with advice on how to use them. A professional CRM system is also offered, allowing franchisees to manage your sales, monitor your customers, and automate a large number of customer processes. Finally, youll also benefit from the franchises comprehensive training programme that equips you with all the knowledge you require to run the business successfully. This lasts for five days and takes place at franchise head office.

Activ Net Marketing

Activ Net Marketing is a similar size to spoton.net and also run a franchise network that encompasses approximately 30 franchise units. They were one of the first UK digital marketers to adopt the franchising model and now have more than 11 years of experience working in the industry. As a franchisee, you'll be tasked with helping individuals and businesses in your area develop their websites and improve the amount of traffic landing on their site.

An Activ Net Marketing franchise will cost you around £10,000 to set up. This provides you with the basic franchise package and will ensure your business gets off the ground. Regarding the returns you can expect, the franchises pricing system ensures your client has the flexibility to choose which services they do and dont want. This allows them to price them in and maximises the number of sales you can expect to make.

In return for your investment, youll be designated an exclusive territory and spend time with experienced franchise professionals creating a three-month business development plan. Youll receive regular invites to training programmes, workshops, and seminars and be assigned your very own mentor to guide you through the franchising process. You'll be provided with all the digital tools youll need, and the franchise support network is always there to lend you a hand if needed.

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