Ready for a Career Change? Check Out These Five Top Franchise Opportunities in the UK

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UK franchise opportunities - different types

Franchising is an industry on the rise and the top franchise opportunities can generate six figure incomes for those behind the reigns. And, considering more than 50,000 successful franchises in the UK contribute more than £17 billion to the countrys economy, theres plenty of choice for those looking to enter the sector (BFA). Make the move from employee to franchisee and youll enjoy so many perks, including the ability to choose your own hours, the pride of working for yourself and the chance to work in an industry that youre genuinely passionate about.


If youre not sure where to start in your hunt for the perfect franchise opportunity, weve highlighted some of the most exciting businesses currently looking for new franchisees in the UK. Read on and you might just discover your next career move and maybe even the industry where you can make your fortune


1. Low-cost franchise opportunities


Franchising can seem, on paper, quite an expensive way of becoming your own boss. Many franchises ask for six-figure investments before you even get started, which can seem very daunting for people with little to no savings to play with. It can also seem risky if youve never invested in a business opportunity before and cant afford to lose tens of thousands if things go south.


As franchises have a much higher success rate than independent businesses (anywhere between 80-95 percent, depending on the business, according to, investing a little to potentially get a lot in return sounds exciting, right?


If youre on a budget but still want to get in on the franchising boom, there are plenty of low-cost franchise opportunities out there for you to invest in. One Delivery is one of the lowest cost franchise opportunities in the UK, with minimum investment starting from just £495. You could oversee the delivery of delicious meals to customers in your local area, from places including independent restaurants, fast food chains and the local pizzeria, and earn an impressive income in the process. Whats more, the opportunity can be run flexibly alongside other sources of income, or scaled up to be your only venture, depending on your goals and ambitions for your franchised business.


Another thrifty investment is FiltaFry, which requires an investment of £5,000 to get started. The award-winning, van-based franchise offers businesses across Europe a unique micro-filtration service to get the most out of their cooking oil, and turns all waste oil into bio-gas that can be used to power vehicles. Also, each franchisee operates in an environment of virtually no competition, as FiltaFry offers a unique product across Europe.


2. High street retail franchise opportunities

As franchising in the retail sector rapidly grows, high street retail franchise opportunities are becoming a popular choice for those looking to invest in a franchise. Online shopping might be on the rise, but the UKs shoppers still do 80 percent of their buying in physical outlets, showing theres still plenty of appetite for exciting new stores on our high streets (Deloitte).


From clothing and food to sportswear and stationery, youll find a diverse range of retail franchises on the high street, and youll be able to find one that matches your interests. Investment levels for a retail franchise tend to be higher than other types, as youll need to work overheads like staff, commercial rent and shop fit-outs into your business plan. Some of the retail franchises in the UK include Budgens, Londis, Cash Converters, Boots, River Island and Timpson, to name just a few.


If you want to invest in a well-known high street brand, its likely that you may need to have your own successful business or a strong track record running a multi-unit franchise business to be considered. Here at Point Franchise, we have exciting retail opportunities selling everything from clothing with Noa Noa to hair care services with Rush Hair to e-cigarettes through Ecigwizard.


3. Cleaning franchise opportunities

In the UK, we spend an average of 493 hours cleaning every year, despite more than 30 percent of us claiming wed rather hire a cleaner to do the job for us than have a day off work (idealhome). And, a study published by the Evening Standard found that 16 percent of Londons under-35s have a cleaner, and that the time-poor young professionals would reportedly rather hire a cleaner than save up for a house deposit.


This shows that theres a massive potential market for those looking to join a cleaning franchise, as more and more of us turn our backs on the odious chore. If youre lucky enough to enjoy getting places spick and span, you could join the UKs £5.6 billion contract cleaning market by investing in a cleaning franchise.


We have plenty of options when it comes to cleaning franchises right here. If youre looking to invest in a commercial cleaning franchise, JAN-PRO requires an investment of just £3,000 and could soon see you taking care of commercial premises in your local area in just a matter of weeks. Or, if youd like to become part of a network of domestic cleaners, Nationwide Cleaners flexible franchise opportunity can be run on a part or full-time basis.


4. Restaurant franchise opportunities


Some of the worlds best-known franchises are restaurants, with fast food behemoths KFC, McDonalds and Subway all running their business across the world through a network of hard-working franchisees. And, as the average person in the UK spends £700 every single year just on eating out, its clear that the restaurant and fast food industry is a profitable one for those that can afford to get into it.


When it comes to restaurant franchises, location is key. When placed in the right spot, you can expect the franchise to become highly profitable and successful. However, expect to have longer training periods for restaurant franchises and fast food franchises, as well as larger investments, which can often run into six figures.


Its also not unusual for the most well-recognised brands to ask for new franchisees who run their own successful business already or to only recruit those who are looking to establish a multi-unit operation. For example, national Italian restaurant chain Bella Italia asks that its franchisees have previous experience operating and expanding other casual dining brands, as its a highly recognised name in the restaurant industry. WOLF Italian, meanwhile, welcomes franchisees from all backgrounds, though asks that theyre interested in opening a multi-unit operation in their region.


5. Vehicle-based franchise opportunities


Vehicle-based franchise opportunities are often home-based franchises, so are ideal if youre looking to add flexibility to your working week. Youll need a car, van or vehicle to carry out the majority of the franchise operations, which often involves delivering goods to customers or to businesses.


The good thing about a vehicle-based franchise is that it only requires a small franchise investment compared to other franchise types and has a high earning potential. Most franchisors in this field will already have a lease option set up for the hire of the vehicle, so you wont need to worry about car leasing and vehicle finance brokerage by yourself. Our most popular examples include ChipsAway, a mobile cosmetic vehicle repair franchise that operates in both a van-based and static site format.


How do I join a franchise?


If youre convinced that a franchise would be the ideal next career move for you, heres what you need to do to get started:


Find out more about your chosen franchise visit its franchising page to learn as much as you can about what the opportunity entails
Read testimonials from other franchisees to get first-hand insight into what running your own location is really like
Check the franchise is registered with the British Franchise Association (BFA)
Attend a discovery day or register your interest with the franchise so you can meet the team
Work out how youre going to finance your franchise savings arent the only option for making your franchise dream a reality
Meet with a lawyer to make sure your franchise agreement is what you expect before signing
Ensure youve worked out a plan to bridge the gap until your franchise becomes profitable
Take every opportunity for training and support that you can and make sure youre clued up on future chances to make sure you keep growing as a franchisee


Whichever franchise you choose to begin your franchising journey with, make sure youve done your research and are ready to take the plunge before handing over your money. While franchises are much less likely to fail than independent businesses, theres still every chance your business could go south if youve not done the proper research before joining. Be savvy and choose the right opportunity for you and this could be the chance for you to take the leap from employee to franchisee and business owner.

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