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Originally posted on 19/10/2017. Updated on 23/04/2019.

According to the Tutor House there are no approximately one million private tutors shaping students futures in the UK. It is thought that at least 25 percent of pupils in the UK have used a private tutors services at some point, with 40 percent of this figure emerging from London. Therefore, the private tuition industry in the UK is valued at £2 billion (Superprof), which means that the UK is one of the world leaders for shelling out on extra educational services.

The reasoning behind seeking services from a private tutor differ, with 52 percent wanting help with exam preparation and only 13 percent wanting it because they are interested in the subject in general (Superprof). Also, ethnic background has an influence on receiving tuition too - with 54 percent of Asian ethnicities opting to receive a tutors services in comparison to the national average of 25 percent.

There is an increasing pressure surrounding the education system in the UK, with GCSEs and other official exams getting harder. Therefore, parents are seeking ways to ensure their child achieves high grades in exams. The industry is booming, and becoming a tutor is an increasingly popular route for qualified teachers and people who are simply passionate and knowledgeable about a subject.


Advantages of Private Tutoring for Children

There are countless advantages of receiving private tuition, but take a look below at three of the biggest:

  • One-to-one teaching means more time and attention can be spent on students. Compared to being in a class of 30, having one-to-one or small group tuition is probably the most prominent advantage of private tutoring. This can be particularly advantageous for quieter students who lack confidence in the traditional classroom setting. Also, with less distractions from other students, the learning process should be more effective.
  • Customised lessons for each student. If students work at different paces in a traditional classroom environment, they might get left behind or run out of work to do. Therefore, private tuition can cater to the individual needs of the student. The tutor can set the pace, focus and objectives of a lesson, based on the abilities of the student. This can be particularly beneficial for students with learning disorders like dyslexia.
  • Increased confidence for students. Students and tutors can work together closely and develop a more established relationship than in a larger classroom setting. This often has a profound impact on students, with students being able to develop their knowledge and gain confidence in this setting, and hopefully they can mimic this behaviour in a larger classroom environment.

Tutoring is a great idea for students who are struggling in a particular area and for students who are already capable in an area but are striving for the highest possible grade.

Advantages of Starting a Tutoring Franchise

On top of there being ample benefits of private tuition for the students, there is also scope to make the most out of an incredibly lucrative and increasingly popular industry by starting a tutoring franchise.

  • One of the main advantages is the flexibility that this type of franchise allows for. Tutors can set their own hours to suit their personal life, which in turn should promote a healthier work-life balance. However, it should be noted that for many students, this will be outside school hours, so make sure this is something that works for you. With that being said, a larger number of home-schooled children are opting for additional support. Therefore, becoming a tutor may be a wise idea for those with a full-time job who wish to earn a bit of extra cash on the side.
  • Whilst tutoring can be rewarding, it also can be challenging and demanding. Similarly, while there are advantages of being your own boss, there are certain pressures associated with this. Still, if done right, you can control the direction of your working style, with a varied working week and a feeling of contentment from helping students reach their goals.

Here are some of our best tutoring franchises currently looking for franchisees in the UK.

First Class Learning


First Class Learning franchise

First Class Learning


First Class Learning offers personalised learning in maths and English for children of all ages and abilities

£10,000 Minimum investment
Personal & Home Care Services
Read more


Founded in 2003, this tutoring franchise offers a personalised learning experience in English and maths for children of all ages and abilities. When you become a First Class Learning franchisee, you are free to run your classes wherever and whenever suits you. This flexible business model not only means you can set up and run your centre in a way that is convenient, but it also provides an opportunity to receive a high percentage of profits. There are now over 270 centres in the UK and the brand has seen global success too, with centres in Spain, Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Interested franchisees will be provided with an intensive two-day training course, followed by access to a comprehensive bank of resources to help run a lucrative tuition centre, along with ongoing support throughout your franchising journey.

In order to invest a minimum investment of £10,000 is required and franchise fees are £8,000.

Tutor Doctor


Tutor Doctor franchise

Tutor Doctor

How learning hits home

Tutor Doctor is a leader in providing one-on-one supplementary education to students & adults through offering [...]

£29,700 Minimum investment
Personal & Home Care Services
Read more

Tutor Doctor is one of most rapidly growing in-home tutoring franchises, providing one-on-one tuition to children and adults in any subject. With 15 countries, over 500 franchisees and 400 global locations in its franchise portfolio, Tutor Doctor has shaped the lives of over 270,000 individuals.

As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you will have access to initial training, ongoing support, marketing support and the Big Apple operating system.

If youre keen to become part of this impressive global brand, a minimum investment of £29,700 and a total investment of £34,700 is required.



ComputerXplorers franchise


Unique Computer Classes for Children

Start an online franchise with one of the very first digital marketing franchises in the UK. Build up your own [...]

£10,500 Minimum investment
IT, High-Tech & Online
Read more


This tuition franchise is the leading nationwide provider of computing and technology education for children. Classes are provided in all sorts of settings - from after school clubs to hospitals. ComputerXplorers sets children up with the skills to navigate through a digital world that is constantly evolving and creating new challenges.

Franchisees will benefit from a marketing launch, unique lesson plans, the latest software, ongoing support and much more. Theres no need to be an expert in the field as the franchisees role will be to recruit and manage tutors to run classes.

A minimum investment of £10,500 and a total investment of £29,500 is required. Franchise fees are £15,000.


Kumon franchise


Maths tuition & extra English lessons for children

Multinational educational institution renowned for using the Kumon Method in their practice

£3,000 Minimum investment
Personal & Home Care Services
Read more

Founded over 50 years ago, Kumon has a wealth of maths and English tuition behind it. It has become the world leader in after-school tuition and is enriched with the Kumon Method - a personalised approach to teaching which is based on ability not age.

Comprehensive initial training and ongoing support will ensure that you are equipped with extensive expertise in running your own Kumon franchise.

The minimum investment is £3,000.

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