How to start a tutoring business

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How to start a tutoring business

According to Tutor House, there are approximately one million private tutors shaping students’ futures in the UK. It is thought that at least a quarter of pupils in the UK have used a private tutor’s services at some point, and 40 percent of these are from London. This puts the private tuition industry in the UK at a value of £2 billion (Superprof), which means the UK is one of the world leaders when it comes to shelling out for extra educational services.

The reasoning behind this extra tuition differs. 52 percent of students want help with exam preparation, while 13 percent are simply interested in the subject (Superprof). Ethnicity and cultural differences also have an influence on receiving tuition too; 54 percent of Asian pupils receive extra tuition, in comparison to the national average of 25 percent.

There is an increasing pressure associated with the education system in the UK, as GCSEs and other official exams appear to get more difficult. Therefore, parents are looking for ways to make sure their children achieve good marks in exams. The industry is booming and becoming a tutor is an increasingly popular career move for qualified teachers and people who are passionate about a subject.

For the pupil – advantages of private tutoring

There are countless advantages of receiving private tuition, but take a look below at three of the biggest ones:

  • One-to-one teaching means more time and attention can be given to students. Compared to being in a class of 30, having one-to-one or small group tuition is probably the most obvious advantage of private tutoring. This can be particularly beneficial for quieter students who lack the confidence to speak up in the traditional classroom setting. Also, with fewer distractions from other students, students should retain more information.
  • Customised lessons for each student. If students work at a slower or faster pace than the majority of students in their class, they might get left behind or run out of work to do. Private tuition can cater to the individual needs of the student, as the tutor can set the pace, focus and objectives of a lesson, based on the abilities of the student. This can be particularly beneficial for students with issues like dyslexia.
  • Increased confidence for students. Students can work closely with their tutors and develop a deeper relationship with them than they would with their teacher at school. This can have a profound impact on students, as it allows them to develop their knowledge and gain confidence. Hopefully, they will then be able to mimic this behaviour in a larger classroom environment.

Tutoring is a great idea for students who are struggling in a particular area or are striving for the highest possible grade.

For the tutor – advantages of starting a tutoring franchise

While there are many benefits of private tuition for pupils, there are also advantages for the tutor. This career path can be incredibly lucrative, so why not become part of a tutoring franchise? Here are some reasons why you should consider it:

  • It’s flexible – Tutors can set their own hours to suit their personal life, which should allow for a healthier work-life balance. However, it should be noted that most of your sessions will need to be held outside of school hours, so make sure this works for you. Becoming a tutor could be a great idea for those with a full-time job who want to earn a bit of extra cash on the side. Having said that, a large number of home-schooled children also opt for additional support, which you could provide during the day.
  • You’ll see new faces – As a tutor, you’ll welcome students into your home and work closely with them until they’ve reached their goals. In contrast to sitting in an office with the same team around you all day, you’ll constantly be introduced to children and their parents, which should add excitement to your day.
  • It’s rewarding – You’ll feel a huge sense of satisfaction when you help pupils achieve their goals. With your help, students will achieve higher grades, and this will change their career prospects. In fact, you’ll probably change your pupils’ lives for the better, so you’ll be able to see the hard work you put in pay off. This is incredibly rewarding, and should give you the motivation to continue working to the best of your abilities and growing your business over the years and pupils come and go.

If you’re prepared to put in the legwork, you can control the direction of your working style. You’ll enjoy a varied working week and a feeling of contentment from helping students reach their goals. As it’s clear there is demand and incentive for pupils to use private tuition, starting a tutoring business could be a lucrative career move. But how to you get started? Here are our top tips:

How to start a tutoring business

  1. Choose your specialist subject. When you first start out, it may be beneficial to offer tuition in one or two subjects and branch out later. Also, think about whether you’d like to appeal to a certain demographic. Ask yourself whether you should aim your services at a certain age group or those with special educational needs. You could even set yourself up as a tutor who will help with school homework.
  2. Decide on your location. Most tutors work from home, but you’ll need to make sure your apartment or home is suitable. If you live in the middle of nowhere or don’t have room for a large table, for example, you may want to consider renting a workspace. This will increase your ongoing expenses, but it will make you seem more professional and, if you choose the right location, you will attract more pupils.
  3. Set your price. Take a look at competition in the area and how much they charge for their services. You’ll need to make sure your price is high enough to turn a profit, but low enough to appeal to a large number of families.
  4. Think about your team. Decide whether you are going to be the only employee in your business or whether you intend to hire a team of tutors. If you do, you’ll need to have a higher budget and great management skills.
  5. Create a marketing plan. You could promote your business by approaching local schools and libraries. Remember, though, that you should aim marketing material at the parents, even though you’ll be working with their children. You will find it easier to persuade them if you can demonstrate your expertise, so consider starting a blog and post new content regularly.

Joining a tutoring franchise will enable you to start a business with a tried and tested business model. Here are some of our best tutoring franchises currently looking for franchisees in the UK:

First Class Learning

Founded in 2003, this tutoring franchise offers a personalised learning experience in English and maths for children of all ages and abilities. When you become a First Class Learning franchisee, you are free to run your classes wherever and whenever suits you. This flexible business model not only means you can set up and run your centre in a way that is convenient for you, but it also provides an opportunity to receive a high percentage of profits.

The brand has seen international success, with over 270 centres in the UK and additional sites in Ireland, Spain, Australia and the Netherlands. If you become a franchisee, you’ll be provided with an intensive two-day training course, followed by access to a comprehensive bank of resources to help run a lucrative tuition centre. You’ll also get ongoing support throughout your franchising journey. In order to invest, a minimum investment of £10,000 and franchise fees of £8,000 are required.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is one of most rapidly growing in-home tutoring franchises on the market, providing one-to-one tuition to children and adults in a range of subjects. With 15 countries, 400 global locations and over 500 franchisees in its franchise portfolio, Tutor Doctor has helped shape the lives of more than 270,000 people.

As a Tutor Doctor franchisee, you will have access to initial training, ongoing support, marketing support and the Big Apple operating system. If you’re keen to become part of this impressive global brand, a total investment of £34,700 is required.


This tuition franchise is the leading provider of computing and technology education for children in the UK. Classes are provided in all sorts of settings, from after school clubs to hospitals. ComputerXplorers sets children up with the skills to navigate through a digital world that’s constantly evolving and creating new challenges.

Franchisees will benefit from a marketing launch, unique lesson plans, the latest software, ongoing support and much more. There’s no need to be an expert in the field, as the franchisee’s role will be to recruit and manage tutors to run classes. A total investment of £29,500 is required, which includes franchise fees of £15,000.


Founded over 50 years ago, Kumon has a wealth of maths and English tutoring experience behind it. It has become the world leader in after-school tuition and is enriched by the Kumon Method – a personalised approach to teaching based on ability not age.

Comprehensive initial training and ongoing support will ensure that you are equipped with extensive expertise in running your own Kumon franchise. The minimum investment is £3,000.

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