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What is interior decoration?

Interior decoration refers to the act of adding the finishing touches to an indoor space to make it aesthetically pleasing. While interior designers should work to ensure that a space is functional and safe, as well as attractive, interior decorators are mainly focussed on the look of the space. If the interior decorator knows the owners of the building they are working on, they should try to match the style to their personal taste and adhere to their budget in order to achieve a positive outcome. Interior decoration could include painting, sourcing lighting and amassing home accessories and furnishings.

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How can you start your own interior decoration business?

It can be fun to experiment with designs, layouts and colour schemes in our own homes. Many people enjoy interior decoration because you dont need specialist knowledge or a university degree to create an attractive space. But how do you turn this hobby into a career?

1. Learn.

You can learn a lot just by opening your eyes to interior decoration when youre out and about. When youre next in an interesting building it could be your local library, a museum, a shopping mall or even a National Trust house make a point of noticing the layout of furniture, colour scheme and choice of furnishings. By doing this over and over again, you will start to build up a basic understanding of interior decoration.

Back this up with some solid knowledge by reading magazines or website content related to interior decoration. This will help you learn more about current trends, giving you an edge when it comes to discussing possible design plans with clients.

Once youve done your research, you should start to practise interior decoration. Take one fabric swatch, lamp or home accessory and build up a design plan around it. You could do this by drawing it out on paper or by using interior decoration computer software. When doing this, consider specialising in a certain aspect of interior decoration. If you can identify a gap in the local market or develop a niche, your business will be valuable for consumers.

Finally, you could take a course or university degree in interior decoration to gain a strong basis of knowledge. This should give you a deeper insight into interior decoration and increase your potential customer base, as people will be more enthusiastic to use your services if they know you have formal qualifications. Alternatively, you could build up experience by helping friends and family. When you finish an interior decoration job, be sure to take high-quality photographs of your work to add to your portfolio. This portfolio could take the form of a physical folder or be logged on your website but, either way, it will be essential when it comes to attracting clients.

2. Plan your business.

Craft a business plan and make sure you include initial budgets, financial forecasts, office location, marketing strategies and business goals. Also, set your rate. You should take into account the length of time it takes to complete a project, the cost of the products you use, the number of people you enlist to help (such as carpet layers and painters), the deadline (early deadlines cost more due to increased time pressure) and your personal mark-up (usually 15 percent of the overall fee).

The business plan should help you work out how much it will cost to start up your business. If you need a business loan, approach banks or other lenders with your finished business plan to source the money you need. Next, do some research to find out which permits and licences you will need to secure before you start your business. You should also take out insurance.

3. Get your name out there.

Once your business is up and running, you will need to find clients. To do this, make an appearance at local markets or trade shows and network with the people you meet there. If your budget allows, you could place advertisements in newspapers, on the radio or on television. The most important thing to do, however, is to create and maintain a website. This will form the face of your business for many customers and will set the precedent for the work you will perform. If it is unprofessional, cluttered, slow to load or not optimised for mobile or tablets, it will reflect badly on your business and potential customers will be hesitant to use your services.

Interior Decoration Companies

Franchising with an interior decoration company could save you the hassle of identifying your niche and setting up your own business from scratch. Lets take a look at some of the opportunities available.

The Wooden Floor Store

This franchise provides wood, laminate, vinyl and artificial grass flooring from a range of famous and little-known brands. These are sold to the public as well as other retailers, developers, shop and restaurant fitters, film sets, councils and colleges. The Wooden Floor Store was launched in 1998 and has seven branches four in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland (where it is known as The Wooden Floor Company) and one in England.

Franchisees can benefit from the business 20 years of experience in the industry, so much so that they should make a return on their initial investment within a year. Whats more, within two years, franchisees could be generating a turnover of £600,000. The total investment for a franchise with The Wooden Floor Store is £80,000 and there is the potential to launch additional outlets in the future.

Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds is another option for potential franchisees that are interested in the interior decoration sector. Selling pleated, roller, twilight, venetian and skylight blinds as well as curtain accessories, this franchise is a highflyer in the blinds sector. It first sold blinds to the public in 1972 and now operates more than 50 branches in the UK. If youd like to start your own Apollo Blinds franchise, youll need to make a total investment of £20,000.

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