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top fitness franchises

At a time when people are increasingly conscious of their health and fitness levels, businesses that promote and facilitate exercise are doing better than ever. Leisure DB asserts that the fitness industry has an estimated total value of over £5 billion and comprises more than 7,200 gyms. In the UK, market penetration has risen to 15.6 percent, which means that 10 million people one in every seven are gym members.

The fitness industry has seen impressive growth over recent years. From March 2018 to March 2019, the number of fitness facilities increased by just under 3 percent, while the number of members that use them has risen by 4.7 percent. Overall, the total value of the market has grown in value by 4.2 percent.

Start your own fitness business

These figures show that its a fantastic time to start a business in the fitness industry. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice when it comes to the type of business you choose to set up. The industry is home to businesses that run gyms, weight loss programmes, yoga and Pilates sessions, childrens games and swimming lessons, among other types of exercise classes.

Starting a business with the backing of a successful franchise is a great way to ensure you put your money into a venture that is likely to be profitable. Youll also get initial training, ongoing support and the security of existing brand awareness, which means youll skim over many of the bumps in the road that can cause independent start-ups to stall.

Here, we take a look at the most popular fitness franchises currently on the Point Franchise books.

Bootcamp Pilates

Point Franchises most popular fitness business is Bootcamp Pilates. This franchise has developed a unique business model, offering class attendees the chance to try Dynamic Reformer Pilates, an approach brought across from the US, where its first studios were. The founders believe that they have established the best, fastest and safest way to transform your posture, strength and shape.

The exercise techniques used in Bootcamp Pilates classes are strongly modelled on fitness methods developed by Joseph Pilates himself over 100 years ago during the First World War. While Pilates was imprisoned in a camp, he used beds, bedsprings and spare fabric to create a system of springs, straps and pulleys. This enabled the people in the camp to maintain their muscle strength throughout their time there and all the exercises could all be done whilst lying down.

Today, Bootcamp Pilates one-hour sessions made up of Reformer Pilates, strength and conditioning, and cardio give participants the chance to benefit from similar techniques without using a conventional Pilates mat. Since its introduction to the UK in 2005, Bootcamp Pilates has helped countless people improve their physical wellbeing, as well as a few celebrities, including Annie Lennox and Emma Watson.

You can open Bootcamp Pilates seventh UK studio for between £63,000 and £82,000. The franchise has established a strong relationship with NatWest, which has promised to match the funds invested by franchisees to double their capital. You can also gain access to management training and support with business planning, finance, site selection, operations set-up, launch and marketing.

Healthy Feet

Second most popular on the list is Healthy Feet, a mobile foot clinic that has been providing health treatments to UK customers since 2011. It only launched its franchise model in September 2018, but it only took four months to welcome its first four franchisees to the business.

If you become a Healthy Feet franchisee, youll be able to help customers with diabetes, arthritis and mobility issues as well as people who love to be pampered! It will only cost £6,995 to get involved, and youll be given an exclusive territory in the area where you live. Healthy Feet will also provide support with marketing and the training for you to earn a Foot Health Practitioner qualification, helping you carry out your duties to the best of your abilities.

Healthy Feet is well-liked by entrepreneurs because it can be managed around existing commitments and once the business is up and running, many clients book regular appointments every six weeks. This means that youre likely to have a loyal customer base and consistent income.

Leisure Leagues

Leisure Leagues is the worlds most extensive provider of small-sided football leagues and the third most popular fitness business at Point Franchise. It organises more than 184,000 five and six-a-side matches every year and welcomes 63,000 players every week. As a franchise with 30 years in the business, its a fantastic place to start if youre a football fan and want to be your own boss.

Leisure Leagues has already expanded into the US, Mexico, Dubai and Pakistan, but it is keen to reach even more sports fanatics across the world. Given that more people now play small-sided football than the traditional 11-a-side game, this franchise is likely to continue to see profitability in the coming years.

If youre interested in starting a Leisure Leagues business, you can do so for a total investment of just £5,995. In return, youll gain access to a dedicated Franchise Support Manager and be given specific advice on SEO, graphic design, social media marketing and tax and legal aid.

The franchise is confident that you will be able to make huge returns by becoming one of its business partners. It provides insight into potential profits, which rise from £875 for managing one team, all the way up to £83,600 for 96 teams. Of course, you can customise your workload to reflect your capabilities and income requirements, opting to work with 12, 24 or 48 teams too.

Choose the right franchise for you

There are many more fitness businesses at Point Franchise that can enable you to help people in your local community have fun and improve their fitness. Just browse our list of opportunities to find the one thats perfect for you.

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