Top 5 Tips for Reducing the Stress of Being a Busy Franchisee

Franchsie stress

When you first start out on your franchising journey the feelings of excitement and anticipation get you through those tough early days. But this can quickly wear off leaving you tired and stressed. Fear not though, youre not alone. Owning a franchise can be overwhelming at times and so worrying is almost inevitable.

But without taking action, your worry can lead to stress, which leads to doubt, which can cause the most successful franchises to fail. Unless you have understanding loved ones and a supportive franchisor, even the best franchise opportunities can have you asking whether life as a franchisee is really for you.

Here are five practical ways to keep your stress under control, no matter how difficult things get.

Buy the right franchise.

Successful franchises dont mean less stress. If the franchise isnt right for you it doesnt matter how profitable you become; doing a job which you dont enjoy every day can take its toll. Equally, choosing a franchise based purely on how much investment is required is usually a recipe for disaster.

More affordable franchises may cost you less money upfront, but it may also take longer for you to make money. The longer your franchise takes to break even, the more working capital youll need to keep your business afloat.

Every franchisee requires a financial cushion to a certain extent while their franchise grows and becomes established. It can take several months, or even years, for affordable franchises to make a profit that compares to what you may have been making before you become a franchisee. Having access to enough money to live off as your franchise gets up and running is essential but can be very stressful.

To try and understand your working capital requirements more accurately you should consult a financial advisor that specialises in franchising before you sign on the dotted line. Not only can they help relieve some of the financial pressures you may experience but they can also advise you on the affordable franchises that wont land you in a heap of debt in the long-term.

Only stress about things you can control

Running a franchise means that you have to wear many different hats. Taking on so many roles and responsibilities can be stressful in itself but worrying about things you can't change adds to the pressure. Stressing over things that are out of your control is a complete waste of your time and energy. This is energy that can be put to better use to become one of the most successful franchises.

Make a list of things that are worrying you and then identify which concerns have already happened, are happening right now or has yet to occur in the future. Cross any points of stress off your list if they have taken place in the past. You cant change what has already happened so instead focus on how you can fix the situation. Also, remove any future concerns from your list. They may never happen and so concentrate on making sure that they dont.

All that should be left on your list is the problems that youre facing right now. Having a more concise list will enable you to put all of your energy into putting a plan in place to deal with the issues and therefore alleviating the stress theyre producing.

Own your schedule

Many budding entrepreneurs dream of becoming their own boss and one of the main driving forces for starting their own business is to take control of their working day. But just because you dont have to clock in and out when you become a franchisee, it can still be easy to get carried away with building your business and lose control of your schedule.

But try to regain that control now that you're the boss. If your schedule is hectic and stressful, then change it. If you find yourself doing the bulk of your workload during your most unproductive hours, then rearrange your plans to suit you.

The best franchise opportunities allow you to have more flexibility than if you were working for someone else to take advantage of this fact. If the way your day is structured is causing you stress, then take your schedule back into your own hands.

Look after yourself

Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is one of the simplest ways to reduce your stress levels. You'll have heard it all before, but it's proven that eating well, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep will increase your energy and lower your stress levels.

At times, when its all getting too much for you, going for a run, practising yoga, or just taking some deep breaths, can help you to clear your mind and de-stress. Even the best franchise opportunities need you fit and well to make them a success so prioritise your wellbeing and dont let stress stop you from running a profitable business.

Pat yourself on the back when things are going well

Its easy to focus on the negatives when youre busy, stressed and tired. But every now and again remember to step back and look at what you have achieved. Buying a franchise, learning the skills to successfully run your own business and building up a loyal customer base are all milestones that you should be proud of.

Set yourself small goals and when you reach them, celebrate. This will give you renewed enthusiasm and the focus to smash your next target and enjoy your next reward. Remember also to include your family and friends in your celebrations. When you're stressed your loved ones are also affected. Being able to share in your achievements will help them to cope with the pressures of your franchising journey too.

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