Top 5 Gardening Franchises For You To Grow

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Top gardening franchises

Britain is a nation of keen gardeners. Or, at least we used to be. It seems that our reputation for loving plants and flowers is under threat following a study commissioned by organic fruit tea brand, Honest. The research uncovered that although creating an attractive garden is top of the to do list for many; we just dont want to get our hands dirty.

Lawn and garden franchises

While as many as a third of the UK adults who took part in the study stated that they had no interest in gardening, others cited lack of time and confidence as the reason for not becoming more acquainted with the lawnmower. And according to the Horticultural Trades Association, £10.4bn is spent in the UK on garden products, tourism and services. It's also a significant employer with 300,000 people employed in horticulture and landscaping.

Changes in attitudes towards gardening coupled with a growing market make a gardening franchise one of the best franchises to buy for any green-fingered entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss. If this sounds like you, then here are our top 5 gardening franchises for you to consider:

Colourfence franchise

Colourfence is a fencing product supported by a 25-year guarantee against rotting warping or peeling. Unlike its timber fencing counterpart, it requires no upkeep and can even withstand wind gusts of up to 130mph. Its no wonder that this fencing product was listed in the Top 10 products of the BBC Gardening website.

As a Colourfence franchisee, youll have exclusive rights to Colourfence in your own protected territory of 150,000 homes. If you want to increase your income, then you have the opportunity to pitch for commercial projects too.

The UK fencing market is estimated to be worth around £500m. That means there is a massive potential customer base with a demand for a higher quality alternative to wooden fencing.


This is a gardening franchise with a difference. Inleaf offers a unique proposition that enables franchisees to stand out amongst the competition. Inleaf provides plant decorations for companies, hotels, showrooms as well as private homes. They have an extensive array of products including interior plants, as well as living walls and moss pictures for better room ambiance.

As a franchisee, youd combine the benefits of living indoor plants with business to business sales to provide a healthy return on investment. As well as the financial advantages, Inleaf allows you to balance your life, family and work because you have the option of working from home and managing your own schedule you can also benefit from a part-time franchise option with this innovative brand.

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance

If youre looking for a gardening franchise that serves a commercial, rather than domestic market, then Countrywide Grounds Maintenance may be one of the best franchises to buy.

This well-established franchise has developed a reputation for excellence across the UK and currently have 50 regional offices that look after and maintain over 12,000 site locations. As a franchisee, youll attend a 3-week training programme receiving both classroom-based and on the job coaching. You'll then be responsible for managing a team of highly skilled grounds maintenance staff and generating sales to develop your franchise. Perfect for those who have an interest in gardening, but prefer to undertake a management (rather than hands-on) role in the business.

Eds Garden Maintenance

Eds Garden Maintenance is the UK's largest gardening franchise with over 35 franchisees growing their own successful businesses across the country. Eds is one of the best franchises to buy if youve got your heart set on running a traditional gardening business.

As a franchisee, youll get the support and training to promote your franchise and build a customer base, and then youll get to do what you do best: provide exceptional gardening services. Youll also benefit from being part of a recognisable brand rather than setting up an independent business for the following reasons:

  • A central administration centre provides a constant flow of customer enquiries.
  • Your jobs are priced individually not per hour so youre not restricted by a low hourly rate.
  • The equipment youll use allows you to complete jobs faster more jobs equals more money.

Youll also enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes from being in control of your own diary. You may wish to run this as a part-time franchise alongside another source of income, or take pleasure from spending more time with your family. This low investment franchise opportunity really does allow you to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Lawn Science

Lawn Science is a lawn care franchise providing a wide range of lawn care services to the whole of the UK. Professional services on offer include fertilisation, weed control, and general maintenance. Lawn Science has been established for over 17 years and meets the needs of both the domestic and commercial market.

When you decide to invest in a Lawn Science franchise, there are two business formats for you to choose from. If youre new to the gardening sector, then youll be offered a single van format. As a franchisee, youll provide the treatments to your customers lawns yourself. Not only is this a great way to learn all about the products and services available, but its also highly profitable.

If youve owned and operated a gardening business previously, or you want to progress from the Lawn Science single van model, you can choose the multi-van format. With this option, you'll take a less hands-on approach and manage a team of technicians, rather than treating the customers' lawns yourself. Whichever route you choose, youll enjoy running a lucrative business with a growing franchise.

So, with over 20 million lawns in the UK alone and the market worth over £400 million; if you have a love of horticultural and want to be your own boss, a gardening franchise might just be the opportunity youve been looking for.

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