The Heat Is On: Our Top 4 Oven-Cleaning Franchises.

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4 of the best oven cleaning franchises in the UK

Interested in running your own oven cleaning franchise? One of the main advantages of becoming the owner of a van-based franchise is that you can run a successful business with very low overheads. Whether youre an experienced franchisee or new to this sector, here are our top 4 oven-cleaning companies for 2018.

4 of the best oven-cleaning franchises to invest in this year

1 Oven Wizards

One of the UK's leading oven-cleaning franchises, Oven Wizards is a full member of the bfa and has earned a loyal customer base since its founding in 2004. With its low overheads and excellent support network, it offers a firm foundation for motivated franchisees to provide outstanding customer service and help the brand become the UK's most trusted oven-cleaning company.

The concept

Oven Wizard is for people who love a clean oven but hate cleaning, which probably represents the vast majority of the UK population! Every franchise uses products that have been approved by the franchisor's consultant chemist, which means customers benefit from the best cleaning results every time.

What Oven Wizard is looking for

This franchisor is keen to hear from people who are passionate about this sector and have the right attitude to make their franchise a success. No experience in this field is necessary, although you'll need to have a minimum personal investment of £12,500 and enough funds to cover a total start-up cost of £14,500. That means Ovenclean one of the most affordable franchises in this sector, so its ideal if you want to minimise your financial risk.

This van-based franchise offers comprehensive training including a week of practical training at customers' homes in the Cotswolds area. Each franchise territory will include 100,000 households to help you build and retain a large customer base, and you'll also benefit from flexible working hours so you can manage your schedule and achieve the right work-life balance.

2 Ovenclean

A leader in oven cleaning, Ovenclean serves thousands of customers across the UK and is the most successful business of its kind. Already, it has over 100 franchises in the country and covers everything from ovens and hobs to kitchen appliances. For ambitious business people who want a flexible, low-cost van-based franchise and a steady income, this is one of the best affordable franchises around.

The concept

Ovenclean has a unique cleaning system that keeps kitchens fume-free, so customers experience minimal disruption. All Ovenclean professionals are trained to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible and carry spare parts to repair any damaged items.

What Ovenclean is looking for

This franchise is seeking motivated individuals who are keen to receive the best training so they can build a profitable, sustainable business. No experience is necessary to become an Ovenclean franchisee. In fact, many of this brand's franchisees have no prior knowledge of running a business, which is why they receive extensive support and training from the head office.

To start your own Ovenclean van-based franchise, you'll need to have £15,000 in funds, although you'll only require a minimum investment of £10,000. Once you're up and running, you could turnover £60,000 or more per annum, depending on your goals and how much time youre willing to put in.

3 OvenGleamers

Formerly a one-man-in-a-van business when it was founded in 2004, OvenGleamers is now a recognised national brand, priding itself on its exceptional customer service and swift response times. Every oven-cleaning specialist is carefully trained so customers can always benefit from a safe, efficient service.

The concept

OvenGleamers focuses on the domestic market and delivering the best job in the fastest time. Each professional clean includes a thorough clean of every part of an oven, from the ceiling to the grill pan and racks, with a vegetable-based product and a safe cleaning system.

The goal of this oven cleaning franchise is to provide a consistent, reliable and affordable cleaning service that has minimal impact on the environment.

What OvenGleamers is looking for

This franchisor is happy to hear from people who have the right skills and attitude to run a successful management franchise in this sector. To set up your franchise, you'll need a minimum investment of £10,000 and enough funds to cover a total start-up cost of approximately £18,000, including the van deposit. Each franchisee receives business training and will need to carry out their own marketing campaigns, although luckily you're branded van will do much of the marketing for you, like these other affordable franchises.

4 Minster Cleaning

Founded in 1982, and a member of the bfa since 1992, Minster offers business-to-business cleaning services with self-contained contracts managed by its franchised regional branch offices. This includes professional cleaning services for kitchens as well as toilets, corridors and other business premises to keep them hygienic and safe to work in.

The concept

When you set up a franchise with Minster Cleaning, you'll benefit from user-friendly management tools and business systems to help you get your new franchise off the ground. Each franchisee will benefit from a large, exclusive territory, excellent training and top-quality equipment so they can build a profitable business as quickly as possible.

What Minster Cleaning is looking for

This franchisor is always interested in hearing from people who have substantial management experience and the determination to lead a highly successful business. You'll also need to be a great motivator and have the ability to direct your workforce and build a sustainable customer base.

To become a Minster cleaning franchisee, you'll need £28,225 exclusive of VAT to cover the cost of licencing, territory and training. Youll also need between £40,000 and £60,000 to cover the costs of your working capital, as well as a minimum of £40,000 in liquid funds. Minster Cleaning's larger franchises have made pre-tax profits of over £100,000, and you could achieve a turnover of over £1 million within five years, depending on how much time and effort you put into your new oven cleaning franchise.

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