The Best Self Storage Franchise Opportunities in the UK

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Self-storage facilities are used around the world by people who need extra space to temporarily store their belongings. They can be useful if youre moving home, retiring or getting married or divorced, as they offer secure space to store items when you dont have room yourself. Many self-storage facilities offer you the option to choose the size of storage space that is right for you and tailor prices to reflect the amount of room provided.

According to the Self Storage Association UK (SSA), self-storage businesses first emerged in the US in the 1960s. Today, the US has approximately 53,000 self-storage facilities across the country. Two decades later, the American influence crept into the UK market, and British self-storage facilities began popping up in the late 1980s. The market in the UK hasnt quite taken off like it did in the US, but the number of self-storage facilities in the UK exceeds that of McDonalds outlets, standing at 1,500. That means that 68 percent of customers are less than a 20-minute journey away from their nearest self-storage facility (SSA & YouGov).

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In total, UK self-storage businesses occupy around 8,445 square miles of space. The SSA estimates that over a third of this space is used by businesses and that the industry as a whole makes a turnover of roughly £750 million. According to SSAs annual industry report and YouGovs survey, the average self-storage customer is between 40 and 69 years old, but just 46 percent of people have a good understanding of self-storage as a concept. This means that the industry has the potential to increase its customer base and revenue as the public become more aware of the benefits of self-storage.

Self-Storage Franchise Opportunities

It is thought that roughly 30 percent of self-storage sites are managed by multi-unit operators with more than ten sites in their portfolios. But because many of these sites are likely to be in lucrative areas, multi-unit operators probably dominate over 40 percent of the market (SSA).

Therefore, theres certainly scope to launch a multi-unit operation in the self-storage industry. Whether you want to take advantage of this opportunity or manage just one location, you should consider franchising. There are plenty of self-storage franchises out there to help you build your business, so you can offer storage space to local customers with the backing of a reliable brand and proven business model.

Here, we look at some of the best self-storage franchises available.


Become part of the easy brand with easyStorage, which stands alongside easyJet, easyHotel, easyFood and other businesses. This company asserts that while easyJet brought down the cost of flying, easyStorage has found a way to bring down the cost of storing. It has done this by improving its efficiency, introducing new technology and innovative systems, and lowering prices to 50 percent of those set by competitors.

easyStorage is convinced that its model provides customers with the convenience they are looking for, making it a fantastic choice for prospective franchisees. Use of the companys vans and fuel is free, as customers only pay for the time it takes to load the van. Even the loading system has been simplified, by enabling customers to pack their items into easyPods that can be stacked efficiently in the warehouses to avoid wasted space.

Currently, there are five easyStorage locations in London, Liverpool and Enfield. If you choose to join easyStorage as a franchisee, youll be supported by the business Franchise Support Manager and will get to attend training at the business London headquarters. To become an easyStorage franchisee, youll need to make a minimum investment of £45,000.

Barn Store

Barn Store is another franchise that is actively looking for entrepreneurs to extend its network of storage locations. The business is particularly interested in prospective franchisees who already own one or two buildings and are willing to turn these into Barn Store locations. These buildings should be at least 8,000 square feet in size and be in a location that would welcome plenty of new customers. However, the Barn Store isnt fussy about the type of building you propose to convert, as previous self-storage facilities have been made out of redundant dairies, cow sheds and broiler sheds.

Barn Store appeals to customers that need to store large items like cars, dinghies and jet skis. If you would like to add to the business current portfolio of 14 self-storage facilities, download the franchise prospectus from the Barn Store website.


Founded in 1988, this is one of the oldest self-storage companies in the UK. It is a family-owned business with 17 locations, but it is looking for franchisees. Like Barn Store, Sentry is appealing to entrepreneurs that already own buildings ready for conversion. If you want to franchise with Sentry, youll need a building with 10,000 square feet of space near to a town or city, or land of over half an acre in size.

Once franchisees are on board, Sentry offers a number of perks. It helps with site planning, layout and the implementation of facilities such as gates and CCTV cameras; offers discounts on insurance and the lease or purchase of containers; and provides marketing materials, administration support, telephone answering, and training and ongoing support. In addition to this, all franchisees can become members of the Self Storage Association and are listed on Sentrys website.

Self Storage Franchise Cost

Many franchises dont list their investment requirements on their websites. Therefore, you should carry out research to establish which franchise is best for you and make contact with it to find out more information. Most franchises have created a tailor-made franchise form for prospective franchisees to make their first contact with the company. Once youve sent this off, the company will be able to assess your suitability to franchise with them, and will get back in touch in due course.

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