The Seven Benefits of Running a Part-Time Franchise

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Part time franchises

One of the most attractive aspects of running a part-time franchise is just how flexible the opportunity is. And, considering three out of every five parents regularly miss out on precious moments like their kids bedtime, its no wonder that a reported 87 percent of workers crave more flexibility from their jobs (Timewise). Choose a scalable or part-time franchise and youll never need to miss another school play, evening out with friends or family holiday because you couldnt get the time off work.

Besides the conveniently adjustable schedule youll enjoy, there are so many amazing upsides to running a part-time franchise. Here are seven of the most exciting benefits of running your very own franchise on a part-time basis.

1. Cut out the commute

Loads of us cite getting to and from work as the worst part of our day and its no wonder, considering our commutes have only gone up over the last decade. Now, the average rail commuters journey is a staggering 2 hours and 11 minutes long.

Those who travel by road shave nearly an hour and a half off their commute, but still face a mind-numbing 52 minutes sat in the car every day just to get to work and back again. Meanwhile, if youre braving the bus, youre likely to be stuck on the roads for almost 80 minutes (TUC).

We also travel an average of 788 miles per year just to reach our places of work, costing hundreds of pounds in fuel and adding unnecessary CO2 emissions into our already struggling environment. Basically, theres nothing good about the commute and running your own part-time franchise means you can ditch it for good.

The majority of part-time franchise opportunities can be operated from the comfort of your own home. Even if you do have to visit the office, youll be able to sort your schedule so that you dont have to get on the road at the busiest times of the day.

2. Be the master of your own schedule

Weve already explained how flexibility is a core aspect of any part-time franchise. But, until you explore just what this could mean for you, its difficult to appreciate just how much this could change the shape of your day to better suit you.

Lets say youre any early bird. Instead of having to get to work at 9am, hours after youve woken up, and staying until 5pm or 6pm, you can crack on with your day as soon as you rise and finish your days work by lunchtime. Then, youre free to do whatever youd like, whether that means hitting the gym, catching up with friends and family or making more time for your hobbies.

On the other end of the spectrum, youre also free to become a night owl and run your business during the hours of darkness if this suits you better. No more early starts. No more bleary-eyed commutes following a late bedtime. With a part-time franchise, you can start working when everyone elses day is coming to an end and still enjoy a very healthy income too.

Stagecoach franchisee Tracey Chatterley explained how, by running a flexible franchise with husband Richard, the pair are able to enjoy a much better work/life balance.

Our home is a much happier place since Richard has been around more. Our daughter still goes to the village primary school and he walks her to and from school every single day. How many dads can say they get to do that?

3. Manage multiple projects at once

One major advantage of a flexible timetable is just how much more you can squeeze into your day around it. Without set working hours, you can design your week to suit whats going on in your life, adjusting how much time you spend on your franchise each day (or even week) around other business ventures.

This makes a part-time franchise ideal for those who already have a job that they love or a company that they run. As long as youre confident youve got enough time across the week to commit to the franchise opportunity, youll be able to work your new venture around everything else.

Part-time franchises are also ideal for anyone who is studying, as theyre so flexible and easy to run alongside your course. Whether youre a mum or dad heading back to school but need income to keep the family going, or an ambitious student with few contact hours looking for something more flexible than bar or shop work, a part-time franchise could be the ideal solution.

4. Save money on childcare

If you are a parent, the ability to reduce childcare costs could have a significant impact on your choice of career. For some of us, the astronomical costs of childcare can even stop us seeking employment at all, as its just not financially viable. This isnt surprising, considering the average cost of raising a child to 18 is a staggering £75,436 and the average parent spends a whopping £9,100 per year on just 25 hours of nursery time per week.

Part-time franchises give you the option to spend more time looking after your children or running your business during school hours. By doing this, you can:

Say goodbye to spending hundreds of pounds a week on childcare
Build your very own business
Enjoy loads more precious time to spend with your kids
Generate a healthy income to supplement your households spending power

5. Lower operating costs

Part-time franchises tend to be the most affordable ones out there. Franchises with low start-up and operating costs allow investors to get on board without having to take out a hefty business loan. Eliminating monthly repayments along with the loan interest reduces the franchises monthly outgoings and, therefore, increases its profit margin.

Whats more, if you are the sole employee in your franchise, you will save the money others spend on recruiting and training staff, and if you dont have business premises, you will avoid rent, utility, broadband and council tax costs too.

You can even claim expenses for the cost of running your business from home, such as those incurred by utilities, broadband, council tax, office supplies and any other equipment or technology that your business relies on.

Franchises that work particularly well in a work-from-home format tend to be finance businesses. These include businesses in the accountancy, home improvement and travel sectors. In franchises such as these, you should keep an open mind and use your creativity when it comes to business potential. At the end of the day, all you'll probably need to succeed is a phone and an internet connection.

6. Take as much time off as you want

In the UK, the average worker gets 28 days of annual leave (based on a five-day week), which doesnt feel like much when youre working hard from morning until night. As a part-time franchisee, not only will your time be more flexible, but youll be able to take as much holiday as youd like, as you are your own boss.

Also, many part-time franchises fall into the seasonal franchise category, and only operate for a few months of the year. This could be the case if a franchise prepares its Christmas stock up to a year in advance to maximise revenue during the autumn and January sales periods. With this system in place, you will be able to prepare supplies and recruit and train staff well in advance of the operating season.

Having completed your duties, you can enjoy several months holiday every year. Popular ways to spend this time include:

Living abroad
Running a second seasonal franchise to maximise income
Concentrating on other business ventures

Tracey Chatterley of Stagecoach also explained how this is one of her favourite aspects of running a flexible franchise.

Theres nothing we enjoy more than an incredible family holiday but when Richard was working in IT, we would have to book our trips months in advance. Now we have the time to take the children on wonderful breaks, without having to work to someone elses schedule.

7. Less stress + better health

All of these factors combine to reduce the overall stress of the franchisee. It all comes down to two factors: more time and more money.

There is no doubt that long working hours can take their toll on mental and physical health. In 2018, Columbia Universal Medical Centre identified a link between long working hours often characterised by prolonged periods sitting still and cardiovascular problems such as an irregular heartbeat. If youre running your own part-time business, youll be free to take as many breaks to stretch your legs as youd like.

As well as improving your overall health, taking on a part-time franchise will give you valuable free time in which to pursue your own hobbies. Spending quality time with friends and family and expanding your mind with a new activity will help you maintain a good work/life balance.

Why should I invest in a part time franchise?

If youre looking for a way to make money that offers you more flexibility, zero commute time, a better work/life balance and the chance to spend more time doing the things you love, you should definitely look into a part-time franchise opportunity. If youre not sure where to start, take a look through our franchise directory to find the ideal opportunity for you.

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