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Us Brits love a good cuppa. For many of us, it’s hard to beat the classic breakfast tea, which seems to be the perfect drink for every occasion. Stressed? Tea will calm you down. Happy? Cuppas all round! But in recent years, many of us have branched out into different varieties. From gut-soothing peppermint tea, to zesty fruity teas to herbal teas that aid rest and relaxation, you’d probably struggle to find a house in the UK that doesn’t have at least one kind of tea stocked in its cupboards. But what about new varieties of tea, like the effortlessly instagrammable Bubble Tea? Take a look below to find out more.

Bubble Tea Franchise UK

Bubble Tea originates from Taiwan and is a popular drink across many east and south-east Asian countries. It can be served hot or cold and is generally made from your chosen variety of tea and milk. What makes it unique is the ‘boba’, small chewy tapioca balls, which give the drink its western name of bubble tea. The industry was valued at around £1.4 billion in 2016 and is predicted to be worth an astonishing £2.4 billion by 2023, showing that the Taiwanese treat isn’t likely to just be a passing fad.

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Half and Half Tea House Franchise

Half and Half Tea has become one of the most well-known names in the Asian and bubble tea world. The trendy café chain has popped up in locations across California, selling specially crafted hot boba balls in its teas alongside tasty Asian-inspired snacks. Although it’s a brand that many would like to become part of, it’s currently not offering franchise opportunities and continues to expand solely with company owned stores.

However, if you are looking for a bubble tea, or traditional tea franchise to become part of, there are lots to choose from.


Mooboo specialises in authentic bubble tea, served in traditional flavours that are popular in its origin country of Taiwan. The bubble tea franchise serves freshly brewed tea in more than 1000 flavours including mocktail inspired pina colada, fruity kiwi, mango, passionfruit or peach as well as classics like oolong and jasmine. Those who are in the mood to try something really unusual can try a savoury cheese green tea, which is bubble tea topped with cheese and has become incredibly popular across much of Asia.

Mooboo offers an incredible opportunity to those interested in joining the business. As one of the leading bubble tea franchises, its franchisees can look forward to an average turnover of £79,000 and achieving a gross profit of up to 67 percent, as some of its top performing franchisees have managed to do. The franchise also helps every new franchisee source a prime location to ensure that their chances of success are maximised, as well as offering extensive training on everything from marketing to IT systems.

Those looking to join the franchise won’t need to have any prior experience running their own business, as Mooboo is looking for those who are as passionate about bubble tea as it is. Although the business was only founded in 2012, it has grown into one of the UK’s largest bubble tea franchises and hopes to expand its presence even further.


If you want to join a bubble tea franchise that’s got plenty of heart too, Bubbleology could be the right fit for you. The franchise serves fruit and milk bubble teas, either as a refreshing iced drink or a warming hot one, with plenty of chewy tapioca balls for each customer to enjoy. Its bubble teas are so packed with tasty little bubbles that the franchise says its bubble teas are like a snack and drink all rolled into one.

To make sure its bubble teas are always perfect, Bubbleology uses a specially designed shaking machine that mixes each cup to perfection. The franchise is also constantly changing and evolving its menu choices to make sure it’s always offering a wide range of tasty tea flavours to suit everyone.

As well as offering delicious drinks, Bubbleology is passionate about giving back to the local community with different outreach programmes that are targeted to best suit each area. It also puts time and money into helping with international outreach programmes, such as building water wells for villages in Africa.

The franchise is looking for self-motivated entrepreneurs to join its business, who have a passion for bubble tea and previous experience in the retail or restaurants sectors. For an investment of just £23,000, you could open your own Bubbleology store and bring the trendy drink to the people of your local area.

Esquires Coffee

Maybe bubble tea’s not your thing, and you love nothing more than a classic British cuppa. Perhaps traditional cafés are more up your street, too. If so, Esquires Coffee could offer the right franchise opportunity for you.

Esquires Coffee is the UK’s fastest growing ethical coffee franchise, serving a selection of deliciously roasted coffee as well as a large range of speciality teas and snacks. It was founded in British Columbia in 1993 with the goal of serving brilliant teas and coffees in friendly yet cool environments, staffed by friendly baristas. From its supply chain to its coffee to the materials it encourages its franchisees to use in all of its stores, Esquires strives to always support ethical and sustainable business practices that don’t exploit people or harm the planet just to make a profit.

The coffee franchise has more than 40 stores across the UK and is looking to expand with the help of hard-working franchisees who share its ethical values and vision. Its franchise model is flexible and can be suitable for any size of unit, from a shopping centre kiosk right up to a two-floor café and requires a minimum investment of £85,000 to get started.

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