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The way Brits are living their lives is changing and, inevitably, so is the way we eat. We’re working longer hours, commuting further and are generally busier, and so it’s easy to understand the appeal of takeaways at the end of a long day. Our growing appetite for takeaways is supported by us now spending £4.2 billion a year getting them delivered to our house, which is a staggering 73 percent increase in 10 years (based on research in 2018 by The NPD Group). What’s more, it’s predicted that the value of the industry will increase by a further 17 percent to reach £5 billion in the next two years (The NPD Group).

The surge in home delivery takeaways can be attributed to the range of smart phone apps that make having world cuisine delivered to us in a matter of minutes possible. Therefore, digital firms such as UberEats, Just Eat and Deliveroo are thriving, whilst mid-market high street chains like Prezzo, Byron and Jamie’s Italian are being forced to make some closures. These big, online food delivery companies have also made it easier for smaller, independent brands to get their name out there and compete with bigger names in the industry.

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There were approximately 673 million takeaway deliveries last year, with the most popular being Chinese, followed by pizza, burgers and curry. Figures from Deliveroo reveal how much our eating habits change and adapt to current trends. For example, last year, there was a craze in London for the Hawaiian poke bowl, which is a salad comprising of raw fish, rice and vegetables. Whereas Brighton favoured KFC, Manchester opted for burgers and Birmingham went mad for cod and chips. Therefore, it’s important for takeaway businesses to keep up to date with the latest fads and capitalise on food trends if they want to be leaders in the scrumptious sector.

Benefits of Starting a Takeaway Franchise

As well the takeaway industry clearly being a lucrative one with predictions of future growth, there are more benefits to starting a takeaway franchise. Firstly, you get all the perks of being your own boss, which can allow more flexibility in your hours and help promote a healthier work-life balance. Also, when you adopt the franchise route rather than launching an independent start-up business, you get the support and security of an established brand with a proven business model. You will also have access to preferential rates for food supplies and equipment, which will help you save the pennies when you need them most. With there being such a large range and number of takeaways out there, it can be difficult to make your mark in the industry. Therefore, operating under a takeaway franchise with an existing customer base should draw in loyal customers and encourage potential customers to trust your service.

Takeaway Franchise Opportunities

Take a look at some of our best takeaway franchise opportunities currently looking for franchisees.

Papa John’s

This pizza franchise has a powerful presence all over the globe and operates from over 5,000 stores in more than 40 markets, 400 of these being in the UK. The ambitious brand is keen to see this figure grow to over 600 through franchising. Founded in 1984, Papa John’s has advanced massively since its humble beginnings in a converted broom closet, so much so that the annual global sales exceed $3 billion and the UK is leading its international expansion. Not to mention that Papa John’s has also been named the top UK Pizza Delivery Operator six times by the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association. So what better time to get on board with this brand?

Interested franchisees will undergo a training programme lasting six weeks at its international training centre in Milton Keynes. This is accompanied by ongoing support from a franchise business manager.

In order to invest, you will need a minimum of £100,000, with franchisee fees being £18,500.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Tutti Frutti is the biggest self-serve frozen yoghurt brand in the world. Offering more than 120 flavours and hundreds of different toppings, there is a treat available to meet all taste buds. As well as a range of flavours, the frozen yogurt is also able to cater to a variety of dietary requirements.

This franchise stands out from the competition by offering a self-serve model, meaning that customers can help themselves to the frozen yogurt and toppings, creating a unique dessert. This also gives busy customers the opportunity to make their own dessert and then take it away to enjoy. This results in a quick and convenient treat, and keeps customers coming back for more.

As a franchisee, you’ll receive training to make sure that you’re ready to take over business operations for your own store. You’ll attend a one-day training course at the headquarters, followed by three days of onsite training at your franchise location. You’ll also get access to all the manuals and guides that you need to run a profitable business in no time.


Subway is the number one quick service restaurant in the world based on number of stores. With more than 2,400 stores in the UK and Ireland, and over 44,500 stores in 110 countries, a Subway franchise for sale is a sound investment. The incredible growth of Subway is down to the fact that the food is cheap, convenient and perceived as a healthy alternative to other fast food.

It’s hard not to notice the bold Subway brand on the high street, but you may even notice the distinctive smell first, as the fresh bread for the subs is baked three times a day. As well as serving delicious, customisable sandwiches, the early opening and late closing times means that there will always be a restaurant open when your cravings call.

When you buy a Subway franchise, you’ll benefit from running a business with a well-proven business model and a solid support network. As well as the face-to-face training that is offered in 20 development offices across the UK, there is also a valuable mentoring service and an array of online courses. And the size of the store that you own and operate is up to you. Even the smallest of outlets offers its customers the full menu, so you can choose to start small, and then expand as you become more experienced.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is the UK’s leading pizza brand, which started with a simple business idea to deliver hot, freshly made pizzas in as quick a time as safely possible. From this humble goal, Domino’s now has over 1,000 stores across the country serving nearly 90 million pizzas every year. The business has been able to grow at such an extraordinary speed thanks the franchising model. And testament to how well Domino’s treat its employees, 90 percent of the franchises in the UK are owned by franchisees who were once employed in the business.

And new franchisees will receive a four-week intensive training programme, as you would expect from a brand of this size. The course is intended to provide franchisees with all the information and skills needed to run a lucrative business. It covers everything from how to make pizza and how to manage people, to providing the best customer service possible.

One of the main advantages of starting a pizza franchise is that not only is the market recession proof, it actually grows in times of economic hardship. This is because when Brits need to tighten the purse strings, nights out are replaced by less expensive evenings in front of the TV with a takeaway pizza.

Unfortunately, Domino’s is not currently looking for franchisees with us. However, watch this space for future opportunities with the huge pizza chain.

The Future of Takeaway

Takeaways give consumers the quality and enjoyment of eating out at a restaurant without the effort of having to leave the house. At just a tap of a button on a handy app or a quick phone call, you can order a wide selection of takeaway food, not just from one restaurant but from several. The ease, speed and convenience of takeaway food will mean that the food delivery market will keep on growing.

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