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Sweaty mama franchise information

Passionate about fitness and fancy a new business venture? You could be in luck… Today we’re going to explore whether Sweaty Mama franchises in the UK.

Sweaty Mama is a mother and baby fitness class that’s breaking new ground with its focus on incorporating children into a workout routine. The fitness industry in the UK is now worth more than £5 billion for the first time ever. So, why not make the most of this and start a franchise that helps the public keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Today we find out if there are opportunities for you to own your own Sweaty Mama franchise.

Does Sweaty Mama franchise?

Yes! If you’ve just had a child or are interested in working with mothers and their children, this franchise may be the perfect fit. Sweaty Mama has developed a unique product - very few fitness providers offer services where the baby and mother exercise together.

With a reputation for really supporting its franchisees and being one of the most affordable franchises around, Sweaty Mama is an incredible opportunity for anyone that wants to become their own boss, maintain flexible working hours, and stay fit and healthy.

History of Sweaty Mama

Sweaty Mama was founded by Hannah McVerry. After giving birth to two children, Hannah found it challenging to find time to exercise and decided that the best way to stay in shape while looking after the kids was to combine the two.

Rather than creating fitness classes that sidelined the child, she created a great workout programme that puts the child at the centre of the routine. Relying on her extensive understanding of health and fitness regimes, she began designing exercises that incorporated small children and were designed to stabilise the core and build up the essential muscles that were lost during pregnancy.

In the process, Sweaty Mama was born. Having worked hard to expand the network, the franchise now encompasses 40 units, with more on the way.

Did you know? The fitness industry in the UK is now worth more than £5 billion for the first time ever

Starting a Sweaty Mama franchise unit

Sweaty Mama delivers fun, inspiring, and effective work out classes to mums and their children. Classes are divided into two principal types – day classes and evening boot camps. All of the exercises are designed to incorporate young children, meaning franchisees can take their little one to work too, if they like. Sweaty Mama was built by mums for mums, so it understands the demands of both running a business and raising a child. This has allowed them to build an incredibly versatile franchise system that’s open to a wide variety of franchisees.

  • Becoming a Sweaty Mama franchisee: Sweaty Mama is pretty clear that new franchisees need no previous experience of fitness franchises or the health and wellbeing industry to join the company. Instead, it’s looking for individuals who demonstrate determination, commitment, and an ability to work hard and self-motivate, even when the going gets tough. Basic business acumen is also essential, though many of the skills required will be passed on during the initial training period. Of course, it's vital that you have a passion for babies and that you are comfortable communicating with and directing large groups of people.
  • How much you need to invest: If you’re considering starting a franchise with Sweaty Mama, you’ll need to raise a minimum initial investment of £1,998 + VAT. Even though this is one of the lowest initial investments you’ll find for any fitness franchise, Sweaty Mama has partnered with the UK government’s Start Up funding scheme, ensuring that all suitable franchisees can find the necessary financing to make their dreams come true.
  • What you get for your investment: Despite Sweaty Mama being one of the most low-cost business opportunities in the franchise sector, it still manages to offer its franchisees a considerable amount of support, guidance, and assistance. Included in the franchise package is all the equipment you need to get your classes up and running. One of the most significant benefits of becoming a Sweaty Mama franchisee is the dedicated support you’ll receive from your own franchise manager.

They’ll offer advice and assistance every step of the way and ensure you understand how to leverage the strong Sweaty Mama branding, so it best benefits your business. Franchisees can also make the most of the fact that classes start almost immediately. There’s no achingly long setup period, and you get to jump straight into the thick of it.

Success stories

Sarah Smile, owner of the Carlisle franchise notes how starting her own Sweaty Mama has really transformed her life:

“My life couldn’t be more different to when I had my old job. I used to work as a Road Haulage Manager – long, solitary hours sitting at a desk, with my phone and computer screen for company. Now my work benefits me (as well as my Mamas) in ways that I’d only ever dreamed of in the past. I feel rewarded physically, mentally & emotionally after every class!”

Donna Hopkins, Blackburn:

“My work life balance is now much better than in my old job as I can choose when I work and for how long, making sure I still have plenty of time for me and my family. I still get to drop and pick the children up from school everyday.”

Start a new career with a Sweaty Mama franchise

An opportunity like Sweaty Mama doesn’t come along every day. For many potential investors, it will prove an irresistibly attractive proposition. Not only is it a business with the potential to make a great deal of profit, but it also allows for flexible working hours, and ensures that you stay in great shape. You can visit the Sweaty Mana franchise website to register your interest. Also, we have a wide range of fitness franchises and children’s franchises that you can also consider.

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