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Brits spend, on average, a whopping £1,042 a year on keeping their wardrobes fresh (Ariel). Men tend to spend more on their clothes, but women are likely to go shopping more often.

Also, it has been found that the womens clothing market is growing each year (Mintel) and experts predict that the market will continue to grow by 14 percent between 2018 and 2022, so much so that the market will reach £33 billion. This indicates that women are still eager to get their retail therapy fix despite economic uncertainty in the UK.

These statistics demonstrate that the retail industry provides scope for great investment opportunities the UK. If youve always dreamed of being your own boss, investing in a retail franchise could be a wise business move, operating as part of an incredibly lucrative industry.


Superdry is a contemporary UK brand owned by Superdry plc, which operates in the premium branded fashion clothing sector. The dynamic clothing company specialises in high-quality womenswear, menswear and accessories, fusing vintage Americana and Japanese graphics with a British style. The label is characterised by exceptional-quality fabrics, authentic vintage washes, distinguished detailing, unique, hand-drawn graphics and tailored fits. The distinct nature of Superdrys products has resulted in the brand boasting exclusive appeal, on top of a wide-scale celebrity fanbase.

Superdry is a prime example of a British success story - over £1 billion worth of Superdry products is sold across the globe each year. Founded in 2003, the brand operates a multi-channel business via standalone stores, concessions, UK and international wholesale, and e-commerce. The global headquarters are based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Euan Sutherland was appointed as CEO in October 2014. This inspired the brand to develop and launch an innovative, long-term strategic plan concentrating on three areas: to develop a global lifestyle brand; to make consumers aware of the extent of Superdrys range; and to establish extensive cross-channel relationships with customers.


Despite its impressive size and complexity as a brand, Superdry is keen to avoid becoming too corporate, refusing to give up its Superdry personality. Therefore, the brand encourages potential employees to consider whether their own personal style and values are compatible with those of the company.


Superdry has been working hard to get a better understanding of its sustainability footprint. This includes monitoring the extended supply chain that manufactures its products and its raw materials footprint, and recognising scope for more sustainable resources.

Superdry explains that anyone involved in the brand - whether that is employees, the suppliers employees or local communities - is paramount in order for it to triumph. The company invests time, money and effort into safeguarding its people and the communities where it is based and in which it operates, and ensuring that Superdrys presence and success has a positive impact on them.

Superdry places much of its community efforts into its partnership with The Princes Trust. The company wants to be part of the charitys goal: to enable 100,000 young people across the globe to contribute something positive to their local economy by assisting them with accessing education and other training, and with finding employment. Superdry is a relatively young company that employs over 5,000 people globally. Based in over 20 employment jurisdictions, the average Superdry employee is 25. Superdry values young people and, working alongside The Princes Trust, the clothing brand hopes to help young people across the world break out of the never-ending cycle of disadvantage and poverty.

The brand is also striving to come up with innovative ways to protect our planet by using resources sustainably. It is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste and its energy consumption. Therefore, it has implemented strict environmental, waste and energy policies in order to adhere to its ambitions. Some of its work includes increasing the use of renewable energy, improving energy efficiency in stores, reducing the impact of waste and re-using unwanted garments and greenhouse gas emissions.

Does Superdry Franchise?

Superdry has a strong presence across the globe and is expanding as we speak. There are currently 515 Superdry branded locations distributed across 46 countries, including South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, India, Australia, Colombia and the US. This includes 139 brand-owned stores in the UK and Europe, 208 franchised and licensed stores (all but one of which is outside the UK) and 168 concessions.

According to a newspaper report in 2018, the global brand revenue had increased by 22 percent year on year, driven by growth in the brand across all channels (Drapers). One of the channels with the biggest jump was wholesales sales, which increased by 30 percent year on year to £3.24 million. Superdry explains this surge as being due to the brand entering eight new markets through wholesale and launching country-specific websites for Switzerland and the US. Superdry additionally increased the number of Superdry franchise locations by 24 percent, with franchises across 33 countries.

One of Superdrys most exciting stages of international expansion was when it signed a deal with a franchise partner to launch stores in Turkey. Superdry plc agreed a five-year franchise agreement with Demsa Group. Demsa Group is a luxury fashion retailer which has launched numerous globally-reputable brands to catch the eyes of Turkish consumers. The first store opened in Istanbul in October 2013. Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Topshop also have stores in the country, which has a population of 74 million.

At the moment Superdry is opting to franchise with large retail groups with a prominent standing in the retail sector outside of the UK. Therefore, it isnt currently possible for individual franchisees in the UK to open a clothes franchise with Superdry.

Superdry Franchise Cost

There is currently no information online regarding the franchise costs involved in starting a Superdry franchise, but those interested in joining the brand should get in touch via their website.

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