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If you’re interested in signage and what role it plays in the retail environment, you may want to consider the opportunities afforded by the country’s top sign making franchises. Here, we take a look at how signs are used in the retail environment, what makes a good store sign, and what emerging trends are having an impact on sign design. Finally, we examine which franchises give you the best chance of owning a successful sign making business.

Retail store signs

Store signs are a necessary feature of the modern retail environment. They provide consumers with a means of moving through the commercial landscape by identifying different shops and giving insight into what goods and services they offer. Without well-designed store signs, the retail environment would be far harder to navigate.

Store signs provide vital information as to a business' brand identity and allow us to identify a store by its logo instantly. On the high street, within shopping centres, and wherever there is a high concentration of retail stores, this is essential to a store’s success.

What makes a good store sign?

A good store sign design will typically consider five key factors. They include;

1. Colours
Colours play a vital role in determining mood and communicating character. Consequently, they should be used to convey information about a business’ brand. Contrasting colours can also be used within a design to accentuate aspects of the design. Finally, the colours chosen for a sign also need to stand out in the environment in which they’ll be located.

2. Simplicity
Consumers don't look at signs for long. They're usually taken in at a glance. This means that signs need to be kept relatively simple, ensuring that all the essential information can be consumed in one go and from a distance.

3. Typography
Fonts can be provided with emphasis by the use of specific typographical techniques. Sizing, bold type, italics, and arrangement all have a remarkable impact on how individuals read and interpret a text. As a result, they influence the extent to which a sign can be said to be a success. Sign makers pay careful attention to the weighting attributed to different parts of the text to convey information in a particular order.

4. The surrounding environment
A good sign maker will always take the surrounding environment into account. They will establish where it's going to be seen from, what colours are visible in the surroundings, and who it's intended for. For instance, a sign that needs to be seen from the road is going to be proportioned differently to one that's designed for pedestrians. A sign situated in a predominately green environment is unlikely to use much green in its design.

5. Space
In sign making, what you don't say is almost as important as what you do say. By this, we mean that the attributes of the sign's blank space are just as vital as those of its text or images. A sign with no empty space is likely to be cluttered and confusing to read. A sign with too much space may be too basic and a missed opportunity. Instead, a delicate balance between content and blank space needs to be established.

Trends in store sign design

Like any industry, store signage is always changing and adapting to new technological realities and consumer demands. This means that it’s just as subject to trends as any other form of business. Currently, the industry is focused on several key trends. They include;

- Wall graphics, decals, and signage
A growing number of businesses are choosing to liven up their office and reception spaces with impressive wall decorations. This trend has taken off due to the vast array of new technologies available to sign makers. Printing, fixing, or cutting a design is quicker, easier, and cheaper than ever before, allowing businesses to brighten up their office space without breaking the bank.

- Interactive signs
The impact of digital technology on sign making cannot be underestimated. In one sense, it has provided manufacturers with an impressive armoury of tools. However, it has also drawn attention away from the surrounding environment and refocused it on devices. It may be a cliché, but consumers spend a significant amount of time glued to a screen, even when they're in a retail environment.

One way this is influencing sign design is by increasing demand for interactive signs. Whether it's touchscreen or integrated QR codes, digital technology is having a big impact on signage. With the advent of Augmented Reality tech, this is only set to grow.

- LED lighting
If you ask a traditional sign-writer what the most important industry development in recent years has been, they’re likely to answer that it was LED lighting. By offering a low-cost, energy efficient alternative, they’ve become the sign makers weapon of choice, replacing fluorescent tubing as the number one signage light source.

- In keeping with the environment
Finally, sign makers are also having to work with a growing trend amongst businesses for signs that blend in with the architectural style and period of the surrounding buildings and area. This is a challenge, as sign makers typically want their signs to stand out from their immediate surroundings.

Store sign franchises

Franchising can be an excellent entry point into the world of sign making. There are many established franchises currently looking for franchisees to expand their networks across the UK. This includes Signarama, who has been in operation since 1986 and now boast more than 900 franchise units, spread across 65 countries. FASTSIGNS also specialise in the production, selling, and installation of signs and have developed a large and loyal client base over more than 30 years of business.

Both of these franchises offer investors the opportunity to manage their own company and provide training, support, and ongoing guidance as they attempt to grow your business. They’re both experienced franchisors with a considerable amount to offer any franchisee who is hoping to make it big in the signage industry.

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