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Since 2015, the menís barber industry has boomed. According to Forbes, it is expected to be valued at an astonishing $26 billion (£19.9 billion) by 2020. This statistic is hardly surprising, considering the developing pace of the male grooming movement. The more pervasive influence of media in our everyday lives has placed new expectations on the modern man, with the idea of being style-conscious appealing to a new generation. Social stigma around physical care is loosening, with it commonly being seen as essential maintenance rather than a luxury.

The modern-day barbershop offers more than just a haircut. Many more upmarket shops offer drinks, ranging from a bottle of beer to a glass of bourbon, as part of the customer experience. Going to the barbers is often marketed as a nostalgic throwback to older times, predating a world of obsessive social media scrolling. A haircut is, of course, a service that cannot be performed online. This is something that makes it exempt from online retailís destruction on the high street, making it a sound investment opportunity.

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The Success of the Menís Barber Shop


Ruffians is the ultimate example of modern barbering success. Having only opened in 2012, it already boasts four premises across London and Edinburgh Ė including one located on the menís floor of a Liberty department store. It is driven in its mission to move away from the belief that going to the barberís is a task to tick off the to-do list, instead transforming it into an experience to enjoy.

Coming in at £58 for a standard cut, the service isnít cheap, but itís a price that many are willing to pay. With added perks such as coffee and whiskey bars, customers are signing up for a full salon experience.

In its first year of trade, Ruffians won Best Independent Newcomer at the British Hairdressing Awards. In the years since, the barbering brand has been decorated with a number of awards, including Best Salon Experience in 2014 and Best Salon Team in 2015 at the Creative Head Awards. Riding the growing wave of the male grooming movement, Ruffians has established itself as a British barbering institution.

Nedís Barbershop

Located on the subterranean level of a 5-star city of a London hotel, Nedís Barbershop offers a premium grooming service. With its famous haircuts, facials, manicures and traditional wet shaves, it is hardly surprising that it was awarded Best Grooming Experience at the 2018 GQ Grooming Awards, with judges commenting that Nedís is a ďspeak-easy style barbershop for the modern manĒ. As well as the offer of a customary beer Ė a near expectation of a modern-day, premium barbers Ė Nedís offers a traditional service that transports its clients back to the nostalgic world of yesteryear.

Chops Barbers

The success story behind Chops is compelling proof that demand for a high-quality barbering experience extends beyond the nationís capital. Chops has outlets across Somerset, including Cheddar, Wells and Street. It was named The British Hair & Beauty Awards Best British Barber Salon of 2015, and its success can be attributed to high-quality customer service and inviting atmosphere. Its fresh brand design meets the desires of a young, progressive audience who go to the barbers for more than a trim. The barbershop is seen as a social space and often finds its ways onto young customersí online profiles through social media updates. In a world where individual identity is key, getting your haircut Ė and where you go to get it cut Ė has become a highly personal statement.

Hair Salon and Barber Franchise Opportunities

Rush Hair Franchise

Today, Rush Hair is a globally competitive hair brand thatís part of the Point Franchise network. Based in the UK, the franchise caters to a customer base of over 16,000 every week. And this is a customer base that keeps coming back. The average Rush customer returns to its salons every six weeks and spends approximately £600 per year.

Rush is looking for franchisees who are capable of offering a minimum initial investment of £15,000. With full training and support included in the franchise package, you can count on this being a worthy investment. Rush has access to a network of the marketís most premium hair products, including LíOrťal, ghd, REDKEN, SHU UEMURA and Kerastase Paris. This is part of the reason why it has established itself as one the UKís most successful hairdressing companies.

Supporting its popularity on the high street, Rush Hair has been the recipient of numerous high-profile hairdressing awards. Its artistic team has won over 14 British hairdressing accolades, amongst them some of the most prestigious in the industry. In 2017, Rush won Artistic Team of the Year at the British Hairdressing Awards, the UKís most high-profile awards night. Its work was recognised again by the same awards body in 2018, when Rushís artistic team entered into the British Hairdressing Awardís Hall of Fame.

Rush Hair is looking for franchisees with quality managerial skills and excellent business acumen. Premises are usually located on central streets and shopping centres with heavy footfall, and each salon requires on average around 800 sq ft. Total investment costs for opening a franchise average out at an approximate £160,000, which can be financed based on the applicantís credit history.

Rush hair currently has over 70 salons operating across the UK.

Other Opportunities

Of course, there are other barber franchises that are looking to grow their networks across the UK. These include the likes of Mr. Barbershop, which currently has over 25 franchises, Everyman Barbers, Jacks of London, Barbers Box and Hair for Men.

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