7 Advantages of Running a Sandwich Franchise

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Are you in the process of weighing up the pros and cons of starting a business in the food industry? This exciting sector has lots to offer savvy investors; here are the seven main advantages of running a sandwich franchise business.

You only need to look at Subway to see just how successful a sandwich franchise can be. People value the convenience of being able to get a filling, nutritious snack while out and about, so investing in this area of the food industry could prove incredibly profitable. 

7 advantages of running a sandwich franchise

Here are seven reasons why you should seriously consider becoming a sandwich franchise investor: 

1. You’ll benefit from high demand 

Sandwiches are a staple of the British diet, so it’s likely you’ll always be kept busy. This sector has performed well over the years, and it’s likely to continue thriving, as people increasingly prioritise healthy meal options and fresh ingredients. Sandwich outlets can boost their chances of staying profitable by staying on top of industry trends to meet evolving customer demand. 

2. Sandwiches offer convenience

You can buy them in minutes and eat them from your hands while staying clean and presentable - the humble sandwich is one of the most convenient lunch foods going. Whether you’re sightseeing, running errands or dashing back to work on your lunch break, sandwiches are a quick, easy and healthy option. 

Set your business up in a high-traffic location and you could see huge interest from passers-by in need of sustenance.

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3. The options are endless

As time goes on, sandwich retailers come up with more and more different filling combinations to keep things interesting. From classics like ham and cheese to exotic flavours such as curries and trendy options like avocado, there’s a huge range of sandwiches to make and sell. You could even invent your own exclusive pairings; you’re only limited by your imagination. 

Plus, you can generate extra income by serving up snacks alongside your sandwiches. Any successful outlet also sells items like crisps, cookies and soft drinks. 

4. You can cater to lots of different groups

If you launch a restaurant specialising in a certain cuisine, chances are you’ll fail to attract a large proportion of consumers. Everyone has preferences when mealtimes roll around, so investing in a franchise with the ability to offer a wide variety of different food types will help you maximise your income. 

As the owner of a sandwich shop, you can cater to most groups of people. By offering a diverse selection of products, you can satisfy everyone, from vegetarians and vegans to health-conscious consumers to people looking for an early-morning hangover cure, stuffed with indulgent extras. 

5. You won’t need a big kitchen 

It can be expensive to set up a food franchise business, especially if you need to rent or refurbish a restaurant with a large kitchen. Fortunately, sandwiches are relatively simple to make, so you won’t need to invest in a store with lots of advanced equipment. 

By operating from a small business unit, you can save costs and reach your break-even point in good time. 

6. You can take advantage of trends

As the owner of a sandwich franchise business, you may have the opportunity to analyse consumer demand and adapt your products accordingly - if the franchisor doesn’t do it for you. As a result, you should be able to deliver the flavours customers are asking for with a few small changes. You could focus on using sustainably sourced ingredients or ‘meatless meat’, for example. 

7. There’s flexibility in the way you provide your offering

These days, food businesses must provide convenience for people who lead busy lives. Sandwich business owners can explore avenues to increase their profits by offering delivery or ‘click-and-collect’ services. 

Alternatively, you could choose to operate a mobile sandwich business. Not only would you save rental costs, but you’d also be able to move to areas with high demand to boost your revenue. 

The current state of the sandwich sector

In the UK, we munch our way through more than 11.5 billion sandwiches every year, over 3.5 billion of which we buy from retailers or restaurants. The average sandwich costs just £2.07, but in total, we spend more than £7.8 billion on the tasty snack item outside of the home. 

According to a study by Heinz, the average Brit consumes 18,304 sandwiches in their lifetime, spending a total of £48,339. Even more shockingly, over half of the population enjoys the food item on a daily basis, and a third eat the same fillings each time. Despite the rise of exciting new flavour combinations, it’s clear we still prefer traditional fillings. Chicken, cheese and ham have been identified as the most popular options (The British Sandwich Association).

Ever wondered which UK city is most fond of the humble sandwich? According to Heinz, it’s Leeds. People there eat an average of 20 sandwiches per month, more than any other location in Great Britain. 

With people living increasingly busy lives, demand for quick and convenient snacks will continue to rise, but one of the fastest-growing areas of the industry is healthy food. Experts suggest the nutritious snack market is worth over £1 billion in the UK, and many food-to-go restaurants are evolving to meet rising demand. By regularly researching the sandwich sector and adapting their offering, franchises can capitalise on evolving consumer behaviour.

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Start a sandwich franchise business

Take a look at the Top 5 Sandwich Shop Franchises In The UK to find out about some of the best investment opportunities on the market. Alternatively, browse our full list of sandwich franchises to find your ideal business. You can sort the selection by popularity, to see which franchises are attracting the highest share of investors, or by cost if you’ve got a tight budget. 

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