12 Ways to Stand Out as a Potential Franchisee

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Stand out as a franchisee guide

Interested in joining a franchise? Just like any other job application, a franchise interview can be nerve-wracking. Here’s how to convince a franchisor to choose you as a potential franchisee.

So, you’ve chosen the franchise you’d like to join and you’ve been selected for that all-important franchise interview. Chances are, you won’t be the only one in the running, so you must be able to outshine the other candidates. 

It’s in the franchisor’s best interests to select an investor with the ambition, commitment and dedication of a great entrepreneur. So, there are various steps you can take if you’re wondering how to sell yourself effectively in an interview. 

Before the interview… 

1. Research the franchise and industry

There are more than 900 franchise brands in the UK, so the franchisor will probably be keen to know what made you choose their business. This is your opportunity to impress them with your knowledge of the company and the industry in which it operates. 

Saying “I love the brand” or “I have a passion for the industry” won’t cut it here. You’ll need to back up your statements. Do your research and find out who founded the company and whether they’re still involved. Look into the business’s competitors and distinguishing features, and read up on its development over the years. 

Being able to talk confidently about the factors to influence your decision will mark you as a serious contender.

2. Visit franchise events and exhibitions

If you haven’t been part of a franchise before, you can demonstrate your understanding of the model by attending industry events. The British Franchise Association (BFA) runs and accredits a wide range of exhibitions and seminars throughout the year to give prospective investors a taste of the franchising world. 

There are many advantages of attending a franchise exhibition; you’ll be able to gain a greater understanding of the industry and network with like-minded people, to name a couple. 

3. Prepare to talk about your finances

While you may prefer to avoid the topic, the franchisor will want to find out whether you have the capital to launch a successful business. You must be prepared to discuss how you’ll fund the unit and go over any lending agreements you plan to use. 

Take the time to perform an in-depth evaluation of your finances before the franchise interview and try to prepare for the questions a franchisor might ask. 

4. Update your CV

You wouldn’t neglect your CV for any other job interview, so don’t forget to revisit it before you meet with the franchisor. Make sure it highlights your most relevant skills and experience and demonstrates how you are a great fit for the role of franchisee. 

If you don’t have experience in the industry or years of managerial expertise, consider the transferable skills franchisors will be looking for. 

5. Review your social media presence


These days, businesses are using the internet more than ever, and social media provides a valuable opportunity for potential franchisees to showcase their dedication and abilities. Use LinkedIn and other platforms to update your followers on any business-related activity. 

Even if you just celebrate winning ‘Employee of the Month’ or let your friends know you’ve visited a BFA franchise seminar, you’ll be demonstrating your commitment to the industry. 

And, of course, make sure your profiles are private if you’ve uploaded content showing you in a less than professional light. 

6. Choose a smart outfit 

Although it shouldn’t matter what you wear to the interview, the franchisor will probably be more likely to take you seriously as a potential franchisee if you dress smartly. Once you’ve invested, you’ll be representing the brand, so they’ll want to see you as professional and put-together. 

During the interview… 

7. Demonstrate entrepreneurial knowledge and experience 

Whether or not you’ve been involved with a franchise before, you can impress the franchisor by showing you know what it’s like to be a franchisee. Let them know you’re prepared for the world of franchising and understand it’s not just about making a profit. 

You’ll probably be thinking about what the franchisor can offer you if you become a franchisee, but you’ll need to consider the elements you can bring to the table too. 

8. Demonstrate commitment

Joining a franchise involves lots of hard work, and you could be chasing your break-even point for up to a year. A franchisor will want to see you’re prepared to put in the effort to make your unit a success. Explain you’re not looking for an easy option and reference times when you’ve been committed to achieving your goals despite setbacks. 

At this point, you could also mention your family and friends. Business ownership can be tough, so having the support of loved ones will help you succeed as a franchisee.

9. Demonstrate a willingness to follow the rules 

Franchising is all about following a set business model - you won’t go far if you’re determined to do things your own way. During the interview, you should be able to convince the franchisor you’re able to follow instructions and adhere to rules. Talking about grand plans to shake up the franchise probably won’t go down well. 

10. Demonstrate a willingness to learn 

Most franchisors offer regular networking events and business growth support, so you could make a point of showing your interest in professional development opportunities. To be a great franchisee, you’ll need to be passionate about bettering yourself and your business to help improve the franchise as a whole.

Franchisors will also be looking for someone approachable. Not only will you need to be able to work closely with them, but your employees should be comfortable talking to you, if you hire a team. 

11. Demonstrate your ambition

Successful candidates are likely to have lots of ambition. Outline your long-term business goals and how they align with the franchisor’s objectives for the franchise as a whole. Make sure the franchisor understands where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.


12. Demonstrate self-confidence 

Blowing your own trumpet may not come naturally, but if you’re not going to tell the franchisor what a perfect fit you’ll be for their brand, who will? 

Make a list of your top skills, attributes and areas of experience, and practise explaining them out loud. The more comfortable you are talking about your suitability to become a franchisee, the more confident you’ll sound in front of the franchisor. 

Succeeding as a franchisee

There’s no need to feel alienated by the franchise world - there’s a huge amount of helpful information and resources for those looking to enter the industry. Take a look at our articles for potential franchisees ready to launch a profitable business.

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