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As the UK turns into a nation of shoppers, rather than shop-keepers, the online retail industry has seen a surge in customers who have finally embraced the internet as their primary shopping arena. However, with that comes a whole new problem retail crime. In 2015 online fraud and virtual theft cost the industry around £613million . By the following year, that figure had climbed to £1billion . That was a 22% increase in retail crime during the previous year, with the vast majority of criminal activity happening online.

Bear in mind, too, that this number could be just the tip of the iceberg, as not all cybercrime is reported. The Police are actively encouraging businesses to not only take responsibility for their online security but to engage with security companies so that the threat of online fraud can be prevented.

A culture of self-reliance supported by the rigours of a particularly active cybercrime unit means that businesses are now turning to security companies to help them combat the threat of virtual attacks. However, security companies in the UK are also very busy helping residential and business customers to protect their homes, their properties, and their finances too. This is why starting your own security company is an excellent way to make both a difference - and a profit.

New risks Mandate Fraud

While a great deal of retail crime can be put down to online transaction fraud and theft by customers, businesses now face a new threat mandate fraud. This is where members of staff are conned into redirecting direct debits or standing orders by masquerading as a supplier. This new menace has seen a significant rise in incidences and has increased by 66% in 2016, with 2,323 reported cases. Other issues include a whaling attack (an employee is tricked into making a payment by a scammer posing as a senior manager), and ransom demands (to which homeowners are also vulnerable).

In the real world, home security has become big business, and CCTV installation, in particular, has seen a big jump in take-up by worried householders. According to the British Security Industrys 2015 report, the private security industry (for both commercial and residential markets) is worth over £6billion and employs over 356,000 people across the UK. That makes it a tempting and interesting proposition for anyone who wants to start a business thats going to be future-proofed against the usual marketplace whims that can see the fortunes of other industries change overnight.

Priority number one for any security company in the UK has to be the safety of people, and then the safety of their possessions. People will always want to feel secure, whether they're in their own home, running an online business, or setting up a shop on the high street. Fortunately, the franchise industry has many opportunities for committed entrepreneurs to invest in, with home security companies showing healthy returns and plenty of opportunity for growth and development.

Starting your own security business

While experience in the security industry isnt mandatory if you want to start your own security company, it does help to have a reasonable understanding of the challenges being faced by the marketplace you want to aim at. However, cybersecurity is a little different, as an understanding of computer protocol, how firewalls and online security works, and how to keep up with the ever-changing demands and innovations of one of the fastest moving industries in the world is essential if you want to offer a reliable service to your customers.

Hardware options fitting security systems in the real world.'

If you dont feel confident taking on the cyberhackers, then a franchise installing real-world security systems may be more attractive.

One of the most popular (and one that has a good entry level initial investment) is Pro-Tech Alarms. This franchise provider is part of the well-known Securahomes group, which has been operating for 12 years, and has franchises across the UK. The business provides two-way monitored alarm systems for businesses and householders. A £25,000 initial investment makes this an affordable and high-return franchise in a rapidly-expanding market. The franchise offers you a weeks training and ongoing support.

Another hardware-based security company that offers franchises is Jackson Fire and Security. This well-established brand provides fire equipment, emergency lighting and fire risk assessments for businesses, as well as high-quality security systems, CCTV, and access control. This brand is accredited by the BFA and has a solid, proven business model. An initial investment of £39,500 gives you an exclusive area, a 20-day training programme, and ongoing 3rd-party accreditation training.

Why go for a franchise?

To set up your own real-world security company in the UK, youre going to need not only to invest a considerable amount of money (for stock, advertising, sign-written vans and so on), but youre going to be going up against other security companies in your area. Theres plenty of competition out there, so to give yourself a real chance of turning your security business into a success it helps to have a little support in your corner. With a security company franchise, youre buying into a brand that already has a positive reputation among customers, as well as a brand identity that customers are aware of and, most importantly, trust.

That word trust is essential when you're trying to break into (excuse the pun) the security industry. Without a proven track record, you'll struggle to establish your business as one customers can rely on.


This relatively new field is very much an up-and-coming market. As businesses and individuals do more of their activities in the virtual world, a whole new generation of criminals is growing with them and finding new and more complex ways of parting people (and businesses) from their money. Cybersecurity companies are still in their infancy, and usually youll find it bolted on to management consultancy and business consultancy franchises as part of the package you offer customers.

However, watch this space because we predict that you'll start to see a lot more dedicated cybersecurity franchises popping up in the next 12-18 months. If you want to set up a security company and are more interested in this emerging field rather than fitting CCTV systems, then keep an eye out for new and exciting franchise offers in the future.


Were all anxious about being secure, in our homes, at work, and online. Security company franchises offer you the chance to break into what is an extremely competitive industry thats built on trust. A security company franchise with a well-established brand gives you that level of customer trust you need to make your business a success. With constantly developing options and an expanding market in cybersecurity, this is a sector that is future-proofed against the fluctuations of market forces and will continue to grow year-on-year.

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