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The grab-and-go market in the UK is estimated to be worth more than £20 billion - approximately the same amount as the gross domestic product of Estonia. Customers expect food on-the-go and at any time of day. Therefore, there is pressure on food franchises to entice customers with up-to-date menus and eye-catching food displays. IGD ShopperVista found that 70 percent of adults in the UK have bought a food product on-the-go for lunch in the past month.

With the global rise of vegetarianism and healthy eating trends, salads are one of the most popular choices for food on-the-go - making the healthy fast-food industry soar. Samuel Borgese, president and CEO of CB Holding Corp suggests that consumers are becoming warier of their weight and therefore what they are putting in their mouths.

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Salad Bar Franchise

Investing in a salad bar franchise or a franchise in the grab-and-go market is a smart business move, with many consumers valuing the convenience of quick and easy food. Its a booming sector which caters for busy customers from all walks of life. Whoever you are, being able to purchase convenient, healthy food without having to wait a long time can be a lifesaver.

Tossed Salad Bar London

With London being the largest, most visited city in the UK, the hectic nature of the capital makes for one of the highest markets for food on-the-go in the UK. Food experts say that consumers expect more in a salad bar than a buffet comprising some lettuce and basic salad dressings. Instead, there is the demand for a large array of vegetables organically grown, potentially from local farmers protein-focused foods and a sense of reassurance that the food is free from bacterial contaminants.

Tossed is one such salad bar that offers fresh, nutritious ingredients to time-strapped Londoners. Launched in 2005 by Vincent Mckevitt, Tossed began its journey in Paddington and has since expanded to open 25 shops in Central London and six Welcome Break motorway services locations. Tossed respects its customers, and became the UKs first made-on-site business to display all nutritional information on its products.

Salad Bar Franchise Opportunities in the UK

Point Franchise does not currently offer any franchises dedicated solely to salad bars, but lets look at one that is currently searching for franchisees.

Salad Box

This salad bar franchise is dedicated to serving fresh, colourful salads, where customers choose their locally produced ingredients before they are prepared in front of their eyes. The first Salad Box opened in 2012 in Romania, and its success led to Salad Box now boasting 70 locations in three continents.

The chain offers support in restaurant design, buying equipment, finding the perfect location, staff training and much more. Salad box is looking for franchisees who have good business knowledge and understand the brands philosophy - a passion for healthy food. It isnt essential to have a background in the food industry, but that could be advantageous.

In order to invest, a franchise fee of roughly £26,300 is required, and restaurants normally cost between £80,000 and £150,000, based on the location and size.

On-the-Go Food Franchise Opportunities in the UK

There are many similar food franchise opportunities that offer salad alongside other foods and are available through Point Franchise.


Humpit is a 100 percent plant-based food franchise in the UK. Catering for hummus and pita fanatics, Humpit has been serving the deliciously creamy chickpea dip since 2014. More than one million hummus fanatics have indulged in some Mediterranean munch at Humpit, which equates to enough hummus to fill an Olympic swimming pool.

The Humpit franchise is on the hunt for franchisees all over the UK to serve its tasty offering: hummus, falafel, pitas, pickles, salads, juices, sauces and its famous HUMPTEA. It prides itself on its excellent value for money, efficient service and, most importantly, delicious food.

The chain is franchising both sit-down and takeaway models, based on what will be a better fit in the desired location. Therefore, there is the opportunity to run the franchise from quite small locations, which would have lower running costs than bigger, eat-in sites. This makes Humpit Hummus an affordable investment opportunity and suitable for entrepreneurs hoping to run their own franchise without a substantial capital outlay.

If you choose to invest, you are not on your own. Humpit will help with all you need to know to successfully run the business. This includes helping franchisees decide where to open the store, recommending the best equipment, staff training and how to market the business to get maximum results. In order to invest, franchisees need a minimum investment of £30,000 and a total investment of £70,000.

Having experience in the food and drink industry is beneficial for potential franchisees. However, for the Humpit franchise team, being self-disciplined, passionate and enthusiastic is what will really determine the success of the business. Hard work goes a long way and having the capability to be self-driven and motivated is essential in order to triumph in the industry, but also to honour Humpits positive public image and unique branding.

Wrap It Up!

This food franchise has set its sights high, aiming to be the global number one wrap brand. The Wrap It Up! menu is cram-packed with delicious wraps, influenced by street food from all over the world, and full to the brim with top-notch ingredients.

It all started in 2006 when the very first Wrap it up! opened in central London, after the food franchise team observed that there was a gap in the market. With what felt like a constant stream of new sandwich franchises, they realised that none of them were offering anything new and fresh - food inspired by worldwide food trends.

Wrap It Up!s ideal entrepreneur is someone with a positive attitude with the ability to lead others. Franchisees will need to make a minimum investment of £50,000 and a total investment of £120,000. Whats more, the Wrap It Up! business model is approved by many banks which offer funding support of up 70 percent. Training will be held at the Support Office and ongoing support is readily available to those that need it.

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