The Biggest Benefit of Running a Digital Franchise: You Can Work From Anywhere

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Online business opportunities - run your franchise from anywhere

Thinking about launching an online business? If you’d like to be your own boss but don’t want the hassle of commuting every day, why not research digital franchises? As a work-from-home franchisee, you can enjoy all the perks of remote working.

In April 2020, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that almost half of employed adults were working remotely. Since then, many people have discovered the many advantages of staying home and more than one in four now plan to continue once lockdown restrictions end (Finder). 

During the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses with remote working capabilities have maintained high productivity levels. Being able to take your work with you is more important than ever before, so if you’re thinking about running a franchise unit, it might be worth looking at online opportunities. 

Here’s a full list of advantages when it comes to starting a digital franchise unit. 

Advantages of working from anywhere with a digital franchise

1. Extra savings

One of the biggest draws of working from home is the chance to avoid property rental and utility costs. These outgoings can have a huge impact on a company’s profit margin, but there are lots of other smaller expenses you might not have realised you’ll also save. 

The amount you spend on public transport, petrol, car maintenance or parking fees, as well as an office wardrobe and lunches, can add up over time. In fact, Finder predicts workers save an average of £44.78 per week by avoiding costs like those spent on commuting and lunches. 

2. Increased productivity 

According to research this year, over half of business owners and staff say remote work has boosted their productivity (Whereby). Away from the chatter and interruptions of the average office, you can focus on jobs with fewer distractions. Just make sure you create a quiet workspace and organised work schedule.

3. Better work-life balance

Here in the UK, the average person spends 59 minutes commuting every day (Finder). So, as the owner of a digital business, you and any employees could be saving up to five hours a week - or 22 hours per month, or 257 hours per year! 

Cutting out the commute and being able to work wherever and whenever you like gives you the opportunity to get extra sleep and spend more time with family. You’ll also be able to run errands, make medical appointments, stay in for building contractors or attend fitness classes at times that are convenient to you. 

4. Better mental health 

Being able to avoid stressful commutes and spend more time with loved ones has a huge effect on our mental wellbeing. A poll of 1,500 workers revealed 53 percent of people believe their mental state has improved since working from home (Whereby). 

Remote working can also lower the risk of conditions like anxiety and depression, so it’s often a no-brainer for entrepreneurs who put their mental health first. 

Remote working is not something people fear nor wish to resist.
– Øyvind Reed, Whereby CEO

5. Access to a good talent pool 

As the owner of a digital franchise unit, you’ll probably have a good deal of flexibility when it comes to hiring a workforce. You won’t be limited to people who live in the local area, so you’ll be able to find the best of the best in your industry.

What’s more, you should have an impressive staff retention rate, as employees won’t need to leave if they move house. Parents-to-be may also be happy to keep working during pregnancy and childcare years. 

6. Sustainability

Every business owner should be passionate about reducing their impact on the environment, and you can rest assured you’re doing your bit as a digital franchise unit owner. You’ll avoid polluting the environment by commuting to work, and throwing away any single-use plastic food packaging or coffee cups you would’ve bought throughout the day. 

7. Innovation

Having lots of quiet moments throughout the day can boost the potential for fresh ideas and creative thoughts. As Dr Julia, Jones, neuroscientist and founder of The Music Diet, says:

Innovation can occur and prosper in solitude, just as it does in team-oriented environments. It can occur during deep, focused thinking, as well as spontaneously and instinctually. So remote working is just as likely to engender forward-thinking and ‘eureka’ moments, such as those that take place around the water cooler, when someone is walking their dog and their brain is in a default and uninhibited mind-wandering mode. 

8. Travel 

Digital franchise owners don’t need to wait for a convenient time to take holiday. As long as you have your laptop and a decent Wi-Fi connection, you can swap your home office for a fantastic view and glorious weather any time you like. And if you have dreams of travelling the world, you can work on the go, enjoying a meaningful career and comfortable income whilst ticking off your bucket list. 

9. Security in future pandemics

The final reason to launch a digital franchise business is, of course, to safeguard your assets against future global health crises and natural disasters. If this year has taught us anything, it’s how rapidly a previously unknown enemy can cause chaos to the economy. By setting up a business designed to be run remotely, you can make sure you’re able to keep operating during tough times. 

Challenges of running a digital franchise

Running a digital franchise can be rewarding, lucrative and fun, but there are a few drawbacks to remote working. Here’s how you can get around them and make sure you stay happy and healthy. 

  • Overworking - Without the structure of a 9-5 work day, you might find yourself slipping into unhealthy habits. Choose set hours and stick to them, and set regular reminders to take breaks. You could also try organising fun activities right at the end of your work day to draw you away from the desk. 

  • Lack of productivity - If you find it hard to stay focused, set up a dedicated workspace away from noise and distractions. Tell your family you’re busy or take your laptop to a local library, cafe or workspace to get your head down. 

  • Isolation - Some people miss the social aspects of working in an office, but why not organise meet-ups yourself? Get some friends together for lunch or join a local group or fitness class. You could even work in a cafe and challenge yourself to strike up a conversation with the person behind the counter. 

  • Disconnection from employees - There are plenty of online tools you can use to communicate with workers. Applications like Trello and Slack can help you organise your workload and stay in touch with others. 

  • Technology issues - These can happen to the best of us. The most effective way to protect yourself and your business is to keep back-ups. For example, make sure you have a second device in case your laptop breaks, and are able to use a different Wi-Fi connection or hotspot if your internet goes down. 

Launch a digital franchise unit today

To see which online businesses are looking for investors at the moment, browse our list of IT, high-tech and digital franchises. You can sort the selection by popularity or investment requirements. Alternatively, explore our UK franchise directory for more options. 

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