Five restaurants you can own for £100,000 investment

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Restaurant franchises under £100k

If you’re looking to open a fast food franchise but want to restrict your initial investment to £100,000, there’s a couple of options available to you. Here, we take a look at five of the most attractive propositions in the fast food franchise market and provide a little insight into what makes them unique.

Restaurant franchises under £100k


Subway is the largest franchise in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, with an incredible 44,500 units dotted across the globe. Its reputation as a leading global franchise is backed up by its international success and continued expansion. A consistent award winner, the Subway franchise benefits from a relatively low start-up cost and the potential to turn over large amounts in a relatively short period.

Investors will require around £100,000 to get a unit up and running, and in return will be granted the rights to trade under the Subway brand and utilise its trademarks. All franchisees are enrolled in a two-week training course, which is then topped up by online e-courses and constant industry updates via emailed newsletters. Support for finding a location and fitting out the store is readily available with ongoing guidance provided by the experienced Subway franchise team.

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Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta pride themselves on serving fresh, customisable dishes that are healthy, hearty, and nutritious. Cooked in front of the customer, the food revolves around pizza and pasta plates, with several additional extras. With over 100 units already in existence, this is the perfect opportunity for an individual who is considering starting a franchise business in a profitable, rewarding, and sociable industry.

Franchisees will require an initial investment of around £100,000. This is expected to cover six months rent, two months of operating costs, additional working capital, and the funds necessary to fit the store. In return, franchisees will receive 10-14 days of training, then a further seven days, once the unit has been launched. Ongoing assistance with purchasing, day to day management, and marketing is also available.

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Papa John’s

Papa John’s is one of the world’s most famous restaurant franchises, with more than 5,000 franchise units in numerous different countries. Known for its friendly customer service, excellent pizzas, and instantly recognisable branding, the franchise generates annual global sales in excess of $3 billion. Its excellent advertising and marketing campaigns have contributed enormously to franchisee success and increased profits in restaurants around the world.

An initial investment of £100,000 is required to open a Papa John’s franchise unit. This buys the franchisee the right to trade under the Papa John’s name and utilise its trademarks, access to the Papa John’s system for making, marketing, and selling pizzas, and all of the confidential information and trade secrets required to operate as a Papa John’s restaurant. The startup investment also includes funds for shop fitting, marketing, and project management. All franchisees will be enrolled on a six-week training course in Milton Keynes, after which they will receive ongoing training and support.


Founded in 2008, Wok&Go is a relatively new franchise that has experienced rapid growth in the past decade. With 26 units across the UK, the franchise has proven that its model is successful, but remains small enough that it’s an attractive investment opportunity for those that want to get in on the ground floor and grow with the franchise. Focusing on food from east Asia – predominately Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine – the franchise has a reputation for crafting healthy, nutritious, and incredibly tasty dishes.

To become a Wok&Go franchisee, it's necessary to raise an initial investment of £100,000. There are many financing options available to those that need to borrow to meet the required investment level. This investment entitles you to a turnkey store setup – in which all of the shop fitting and project management is performed in-house by Wok&Go – assistance with training your staff, and access to marketing materials, as well as a dedicated Wok&Go app. Franchisees maintain close contact with the franchisor management team and will receive regular visits from a franchisor liaison agent.

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Specialising in healthy, good-looking, and delicious Italian street food, Wolf is one to watch in the future. Though the franchise is still in its early stages, Wolf demonstrates all of the qualities required to make it in the cutthroat world of fast food franchising. With three units already operational and another 10 in development, this is the perfect opportunity to get on board with a franchise that's stock is set to rise drastically over the next few years. With a strong and identifiable brand image, Wolf is streets ahead of much of the competition and should become a force on the fast food franchising scene within a very short period.

Investment in Wolf requires funding for the sum of £100,000. This buys you the right to trade as a Wolf franchisee, assistance with finding and fitting a store location, and a bespoke business launch plan. All franchisees will partake in a four-week intensive training course that prepares you with all the knowledge and skills required to operate a Wolf franchise unit successfully. A franchisor liaison with over 25 years of experience in the industry will be on hand to guide you through the setup process, and continued support is available as and when you need it.

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All five of our food franchises are endowed with a great deal of potential. Some, like Subway and Papa John’s, are established businesses that can count themselves amongst the biggest restaurant chains in the world. Others, like Wolf and Wok&Go, are relatively recent arrivals in the franchising world. Whether you opt for an older or newer franchise depends on your motivations. Do you want to play a role in the early growth of a new franchise? Or would you rather benefit from the worldwide brand recognition accumulated by an older franchise? Whatever your choice, all five of our selections boast good chances of success.

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