Start a Recruitment Franchise in the UK: The Top Opportunities In 2019

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Top recruitment franchise opportunities

The UK recruitment industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years and looks set to continue this upward trajectory., Despite the uncertainty that Brexit has caused over the last two years, the value of the industry to the UK economy is £35.7 billion per year, according to Recruitment & Employment Confederations Recruitment Industry Trends 2017/18. The industry saw an 11 percent rise in total turnover and is forecast to grow by 5 percent in 2020/21.

This growth has resulted in the recruitment industry contributing more to the UK economy than many other sectors. And, with over 39,000 registered agencies nationwide, the industry isnt just the driving force in the UK jobs market, but is also a big employer too.

Strong UK growth

The recruitment industry is big business and what better way to get involved than to start your own recruitment agency franchise?

Choosing to run a recruitment agency will see you match candidates to job vacancies, working with companies directly to help fill their roles. To do this you would hold a database of current jobseekers to find matching candidates, or advertise the job to find applicants with the required skills. When a number of matches are found, you would liaise with the company to short-list and arrange interviews for the chosen candidates. Essentially, youd be responsible for streamlining the whole job-seeking process a benefit for both companies with vacancies and individuals looking for work.

There are generally two types of recruitment agencies for you to consider. Theres the commercial recruitment market that covers a range of different work placements paying low to mid-range wages for both temporary and permanent contracts. These recruitment agency franchise businesses can be found up and down the high street.

The second type of recruitment franchise is related to executive search, which is more commonly known as headhunting. A great example of such a recruitment agency franchise is CNA International. Founded in 1993, this executive search recruitment service now has a presence in 18 countries and is looking to expand further through franchising. The headhunting model is very effective in the current economic climate while UK unemployment is at a record low, as relying on CVs from jobseekers is not practical. Instead, recruiters are approaching candidates that are already in employment, but have the necessary skills and experience to fill a vacancy with the potential for an increased salary, improved benefits and better career opportunities.

And as a franchisee of CNA International, youll benefit from the comprehensive training package on offer. Both at the start and throughout your franchise journey, youll receive one-to-one mentoring and webinars with experienced consultants, as well as a wide array of masterclasses so you can refine your skills.

Sound good, but not for you? There are lots of other UK franchise opportunities within the recruitment industry that may be more suited to your skills and interests. A fantastic franchise with a difference is Personal Career Management. This coaching franchise helps individuals to explore different career options and learn how to effectively market their skills to prospective employers.

The service offered by this franchise plays an important role in combatting the worrying increase in cases of work-related stress in the UK. According to the Health and Safety Executive, 595,000 people suffered from work-related stress in 2017/18 resulting in 15.4 million working days lost. Career management services can support people that feel they are in the wrong job while they consider alternative opportunities. It is due to reasons such as this that demand for career coaches has increased and this has resulted in UK franchise opportunities being made available for passionate and customer-focussed franchisees. With this demand predicted to continue to grow, this is a franchise that will be both profitable and rewarding.

A Robust Sector

With the industry being stable, arguably one of the biggest advantages of investing in a recruitment agency franchise is that its relatively recession-proof. When unemployment is low, the sector focusses on providing permanent staff. Companies are interested in recruiting quality, loyal staff and can afford to pay them. At the other end of the scale, when unemployment is high, the need for temporary and contract workers increases because businesses only have funds available to recruit on this basis.

Another benefit of buying into a recruitment agency franchise is that the established brand and reputation will be valuable when approaching banks and other lenders when capital is needed. In this financially demanding sector, this is an advantage that will be crucial at times. Of course, there are all the usual benefits that being part of franchise can bring too. Having access to a proven business model, a lower chance of the business failing and training from the franchisor are all advantages of being a UK franchise.

Considering these points, the recruitment industry is a good franchise choice for 2019. The UK will continue to suffer from political and economic uncertainty due to Article 50 being triggered and the start of exit negotiations, but for the recruitment sector these insecurities provide opportunities. As businesses encounter challenges that require them to evolve, its likely that they will need extra assistance and advice from recruitment agencies to develop flexible recruitment plans. Companies may choose to assume a more prudent approach and so their requirements may change from permanent or long-term contracts towards interim appointments or short-term contract work. Either way, the contribution of the recruitment agencies to the industry is vital.

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