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Raring2go! magazine is a fun, flexible, family-oriented business opportunity that has gained nationwide recognition as ‘the go-to guide for you and your child’. The Raring2go! franchise is centred on its quarterly magazine and website - franchisees will offer multi-channel advertising campaigns including social media, print, direct and online marketing. The aim is to connect families with local businesses so they can gain inspiration for events and activities. With over 50 franchisees across the UK and more than 700,000 magazines being distributed each quarter, Raring2go! is well-equipped to provide the knowledge key to your business’ success.

Benefits of Running a Raring2go! Franchise


The management team at Raring2go! acknowledge that having a family can often result in abandoning personal career ambitions. Therefore, they have built a franchise that allows talented entrepreneurs to make movements in their community, whilst still maintaining a work-life balance. Get involved with a business model that fits around personal goals - this could mean working 20 hours per week or starting your own Raring2go! empire. Being a family-friendly business, it is even possible to take 13 weeks off annually.

Save Money and Time

Because the Raring2go! franchise is a home-based business, you can bid farewell to childcare and commuting costs. Not only will this mean minimal ongoing overheads, but without having to tackle commuting to work in the morning, stress-levels should be reduced and you can thrive in a positive head-space all day. Not to mention, the myriad of benefits of being your own boss also makes this an exciting magazine franchise opportunity.

Get Creative

As the owner and editor of the magazine, there is scope for franchisees to make decisions on its content and put their own spin on each issue - allowing their personality and style to shine through each page.

Collaborative Network

Founded in 2006, the Raring2go! franchise ‘enjoys a culture of harmony’. With a welcoming family atmosphere, even if you are running the franchise yourself, you will never be on your own. Raring2go! cares that you succeed, believing that the more support it shows to its franchisees, the stronger the business is as a whole. Franchisees play an active role in brand development, bringing their own ideas to the table regarding furthering the business model. This is achieved through The Franchise Council, which is the voice of the franchise network and paramount to the development of the business; peer-to-peer support, which is a private Facebook group for franchisees; and face-to-face support, at regional meetings held throughout the year and an annual networking conference.

Want to get involved?

If you love getting involved and making connections in the local community, this franchise should be right up your street. Franchisees own and manage the local editions of the magazine, and develop great relationships with local business owners, schools, leisure centres, holiday parks, visitor attractions and much more.

It isn’t essential to have a background in publishing design or advertising to succeed with Raring2go! However, you need to be hard-working and able to follow the well-established business model. The franchise team will share their expertise and provide ongoing training support to help build and mould your business into a thriving magazine franchise. Don’t stress about how to set the layout of the magazine; Raring2go! provides a professional design template so your designer is able to ‘drag and drop’ content easily.

No need to worry about the production, with all Raring2go! magazines being printed by its selected print partners. Every issue is printed on the highest quality, glossy paper and delivered to your door, all set for your distribution to local businesses in professional, branded Raring2go! boxes.

Raring2go! will demonstrate how to take advantage of online revenue streams – including how to build and expand the audience of your local website through social media platforms. In addition, the franchise sends out email newsletters with hyperlocal content to generate another revenue stream and offer clients purchase advertising space in the magazine maximum exposure.

When investing in Raring2go! franchise you really do get out what you put in. There are some franchises with a turnover exceeding £100,000, but the franchise turnover ultimately comes down to how franchisees choose to design their business to suit their lifestyle. After the initial stage of establishing relationships with clients, if you work roughly 24 hours per week with 13 weeks off for the school holidays, you will earn £20,000 - £30,000 annually.

Kiri St George, a Raring2go! franchisee from Worthing, has great things to say about the company: "I have achieved so much in my confidence, building friendships, getting out into networking groups...

“If you’re thinking of working for yourself, to have a great job opportunity that is flexible around your family and lets you still do everything you need to do for your family then Raring2go! is for you. I’m in my eighth year now, which says it all really.”

The Ideal Franchisee

Raring2go! is on the hunt for franchisees who are self-motived, yet great working in a team. Also, feeling confident at B2B sales is an advantage, but being passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to making a difference in the local area is what really makes franchisees stand out from the crowd.

The Franchise Package

The total investment required to run your own Raring2go! franchise is approximately £16,000 + VAT. Also, due to the business’ solid relationships with high street banks, you can secure up to 70 percent of funding costs, subject to status.

In return for your investment, you can expect to receive all the essentials to make your business boom, including:

• The design and print of the first two magazines
• No royalties for the initial six months
• Branded stationery
• Extensive training in systems, business operations and social media
• Access to a bespoke magazine management system
• Access to a client relationship management system
• A pre-configured computer with the latest software
• A page dedicated to the individual franchise on the main Raring2go! website
• Business support to keep you up-to-date and on-track
• Meetings in the local area

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