Q&A: Does Primark Franchise in the UK?

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Does Primark Franchise in the UK?

For many consumers, Primark is irresistible. Mainly because the clothes it sells mirror the latest trends at a fraction of the cost of other high street stores. But is it possible to start your own Primark franchise in the UK?

Primark is one of the greatest examples of a retail success story. What started with humble roots in Dublin has now expanded to 370 stores in 12 countries. But thats not enough for the ambitious brand; Primark is keen to increase its global presence even further. If youve been thinking about owning your own clothing business, you might have wondered whether Primark franchises. So, in todays article, were going to answer exactly that.

Primarks impressive profits can be put down to the large volume of products it sells each day. Trends are always changing and so customers are keen to get their fix of the latest global styles. The retail brand operates a budget-focused business model to provide consumers with the cheap products they love. In the six months leading up to March this year, Primarks profits increased by 25 percent to reach an impressive £426 million. At the same time, sales rose by four percent to reach £3.6 billion and in the UK they grew by 2.3 percent. For this reason, its hardly surprising that retail experts are predicting that Primark might overtake Next as the largest British clothes retailer following Marks & Spencer.

History of Primark

  • Primark opened its first store in Dublin in 1969 under the name Penneys. Following its success in Ireland, the brand opened its first store in the UK in Derby four years later. However, due to another company called J.C. Penney owning the rights to the name outside of Ireland, the Primark brand was born for use in the UK and Europe.
  • The retail giant began its rapid expansion in the UK throughout the 2000s. In 2005, Primarks owners, AB Foods, bought the Littlewoods retail stores for £409 million, keeping 40 of the 119 stores and selling the remainder.
  • In May 2006, the first Primark store to be opened outside of the UK and Ireland was launched in Spain. There are now stores in Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy and the US.
  • 174 stores have opened in total in the UK, the biggest being the store located in Birmingham.

Primark is continuing to grow and expand across Europe and beyond, thanks to its diverse product range. Stocking everything from beauty products to clothing for all the family, this is a value brand that is loved by the young and old alike.

And, to make things even better, it promises customers that it wont raise prices despite the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit. According to John Bason, the ABFs finance director, consumers can comfortably expect no price increases.

He continued:

We are managing the decline in the pound and we accept it will affect margin and take that on board ourselves.

Does Primark franchise?

No. There has never been the opportunity to invest in a Primark franchise, despite a recent scam attempting to fool aspiring entrepreneurs into thinking there is.

Primark responded by putting a message on its website stating that a third party (with no affiliation to Primark) has been offering to sell franchises of the Primark brand. They warned that this was a scam, as Primark owns and operates all of its retail stores and, therefore, there are no Primark franchise investment opportunities.

This highlights the importance of researching a franchise opportunity properly before committing, otherwise you risk falling victim to a scam. You can read another one of our articles that covers eight signs that a franchise opportunity is too good to be true here.

How to get involved with Primark

While it isnt possible to own your own Primark business, there are other ways you can work with the brand. Its actively looking for suppliers, in-store staff and head office staff.

The clothes market in the UK

The fashion industry is worth around £32 billion to our economy. The top companies based on their market capitalisation are Burberry ($10 billion), Next Plc ($7.16 billion), Marks & Spencer ($6.18 billion) and ASOS ($6.18 billion).

If you want to give one of these big brands a run for their money and have a go at running your own business in this lucrative sector, why not consider starting a franchise? Despite it not being possible to open your own Primark store, if you are excited by the unpredictability and creativity of the fashion world and want to own your own retail franchise, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

Similar franchise opportunities

Noa Noa

Bring the spirit of the Bohemian woman to your local high street with a Noa Noa franchise. This sustainable fashion franchise retails clothes that are made with the intention of representing strong women and allowing customers to feel like their true selves. In a world of fast fashion, Noa Noa prides itself on offering a collection that will stand the test of time. Its clothes feature great attention to detail and striking colour contrasts.

All clothing collections are designed in Denmark and produced across the world, making Noa Noa a brand with the potential to go global. Its a proud member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative and makes sure it operates ethically. Since it was founded in 1981, Noa Noa has opened more than 90 concept stores and can be found in over 350 multi-brand stores across the globe.

  • Becoming a Noa Noa franchisee: Noa Noa is looking for people with previous experience in the fashion industry to help expand the business. So, whether youve run your own company or worked in a managerial role in another store, Noa Noa wants to hear from you. To learn more and sign up, click here.
  • How much you need to invest: Youll need to be prepared to invest at least £40,000 to get your store up and running.
  • What you get for your investment: Franchisees will also be able to access guidance and support whenever they need it. As part of the initial set-up process, store designer Christian Baumann will spend three days at each new location to ensure everything goes to plan. And, to make sure your store is dressed to impress, visual merchandiser Satijana Blazeska will create stunning displays ready for your grand opening. Whats more, youll also be able to access marketing materials and training for your staff, as well as seasonal materials throughout the year.

Karen Millen

One of the most prominent brands in womens luxury clothing is Karen Millen. Giving its customers the chance to own high-end fashion pieces for high street prices, this is a brand that is globally renowned for quality.

If you choose to invest in a Karen Millen franchise, youll become one of over 400 stores and concessions located in 63 countries across six continents.

  • Becoming a Karen Millen franchisee: Due to the reputation that Karen Millen has built up, its looking to partner with talented individuals who have experience in retail and a good background in management.
  • How much you need to invest: Unfortunately, Karen Millen isnt looking for franchisees with us at the moment, but check back soon in case the opportunity arises again. If this is the case, youll also need to have sufficient monetary funds to contribute the minimum investment of £350,000.
  • What you get for your investment: You can attend a unique training programme, which covers business and sales techniques, as well as other skills needed to run a profitable fashion franchise.

Cant start a Primark franchise? Start your own fashion franchise with us!

While it isnt currently possible to franchise with Primark, that doesnt mean owning your own fashion franchise isnt possible. Weve had a closer look at two in more detail simply click on their client pages to learn more. If youre unsure whether starting a clothes store franchise is the right fit for you, read another one of our articles here to help clear things up.

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