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It is a brand-new year, and a popular time for resolutions to start fresh and embark on a journey to a new and improved, healthier you. Health, wellness, looking and feeling your best- these things have always been on trend; attractive to people of all ages. But now more than ever the fitness industry is booming as people seek to change unhealthy patterns in nutrition and activity.

Fitness centres and gym memberships have sky rocketed, with nearly 10 million people in the UK belonging to a gym. There are currently 6,728 fitness facilities in the UK, which is 293 more than last year. Gyms are no longer seen as intimidating places but instead as a place for everyone, from all walks of life, to work out and lead a healthier lifestyle. Cheaper gym memberships are in demand as more of the nation wish to start their fitness journey. Enter Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness is a thriving American company open to franchise, but as yet relatively unestablished this side of the pond. Its aim is to cultivate a safe, inclusive and affordable environment where everyone can exercise comfortably in a judgement-free zone, with slogans like No Gymtimidation helping to promote this in a fun way. We are finding out what Planet Fitness has to offer as a UK franchise, and how you could go about starting your own business and share in the success of the fitness industry.

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Planet Fitness Franchise

Started in 1992, Planet Fitnesss founder Michael Grondahl took over a failing gym in the States. He lowered membership prices making Planet Fitness a comparatively cheaper option, and aimed to create a safe, non-judgemental place for everyone to work out. Planet Fitness offers exercise machines, free weights, fitness training services, related services and ancillary goods.

In 2003 the brand began to franchise, and today Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness franchises in the world. Though most of its gym presence still remains Stateside, the brand is keen to continue its expansion elsewhere, including in the UK. A franchisor may approach Planet Fitness with a new location to turn into one of its gyms, or an existing gym that wishes to convert.

Planet Fitness UK

Christopher Rondeau, the brands chief executive has stated after a very positive quarter, that its success is down to a growing consumer shift towards health and wellness, and that Planet Fitness is doing so well because of its unique fitness experience. You can join a Planet Fitness gym for as little as £15.99 per month and one of its attractive qualities is that it offers a ladies-only exercise space. What makes Planet Fitness such an admirable- and highly successful- model, is its message of inclusiveness and lower cost.

Planet Fitness Franchise Cost

If we convert the initial fee for opening up your own Planet Fitness gym from dollars, it is roughly £15,300. However, it is very worth contacting the company as expansion in the UK is a young endeavour. All franchisees and managers must undergo Planet Fitnesss official training program. This is a relatively thorough course, teaching how to operate and maintain all the exercise machines and equipment, as well as everything to do with the everyday and running operations, i.e. cost control, inventory control, and basic management. This training is completed both in a hands-on setting, and in a classroom setting.

Fitness Franchises

The fitness industry is worth about £4.7 billion- growing in tandem with a push towards a healthier lifestyle. Planet Fitness is but one of the many avenues for starting your own business franchise in this industry. There are opportunities to buy or rent gym locations, but there are also other set-ups. People are equally keen for classes and personal trainers who travel to meet their clients. Starting a business in fitness is proving promising and lucrative, however due to the large variety of options already available, it is also competitive. Investing in a franchise takes away a lot of the worry, from marketing to branding, management and training.

Weve compiled a short list of some of the most exciting fitness franchises currently available.

Other Opportunities

SNAP Fitness

Looking for a brand name similar to Planet Fitness, whose success has been tried and tested both in the US and the UK? Snap Fitness is a great alternative. Founder Peter Taunton was hailed Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2010. The brand has also been ranked in the Franchise 500 and Americas Top Global Franchise for five years in a row. Key cards, high-quality equipment, plus a 24/7 opening schedule all reinforce the drive to make getting a work out in as simple as possible. An initial investment of between £15,000 and £35,000 is required, as well as royalty and advertising fees. It also offers third-party financing options to successful candidates.

Fitness Space

If youre looking for a gym with a special care for helping customers achieve their fitness goals, look no further than Fitness Space. With state-of-the-art technology and facilities, as well as attentive staff, Fitness Space likes to think of itself as a health club as well. It offers yoga, personal training sessions and small group sessions, and fitness camps. Its success sees many franchisees going on to open secondary and tertiary facilities. An initial fee of £25,950, and an additional cost of £50,750, will start you on your Fitness Space journey.

One Element

If youd prefer something a little bit different, to support fitness outdoors, exercising in parks and in local community centres instead of in fitness centres, One Element could be the way to go. An initial investment of £6,000 is required, with a total investment of £20,000. It is therefore also a cheaper option. Expected revenue after 4 years aims to see you quadruple that figure to £80,000.

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