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Pita Pit was founded in 1995 by Nelson Lang and he set up his very first restaurant in Ontario, Canada. He was driven by a desire to offer a healthier alternative to fast food that still retained all of the convenience and fantastic taste. His successful fresh thinking concept quickly made the restaurant a success and within three years Pita Pit was franchising across Canada, shortly followed by the United States just two years later. The franchise now has more than 600 restaurants spanning the world and is looking for master franchisees for new territories to bring its delicious wraps to even more people across the globe.

Its delicious menu features a huge range of meats, salads and tasty sauces than can be customised any way possible. Every tempting filling is available rolled in one of Pita Pits freshly made pita wraps or piled on top of lots of fresh, crunchy vegetables if youre looking for a lighter option. Fillings vary around the globe as the franchise adapts its menu for each country to offer the best options for each customer base, but theyre all packed with flavour and free of the guilt of most fast food options.

How much is a Pita Pit franchise?

Youll need a fair amount of spare cash if youre looking to become a Pita Pit franchisee, as the franchise requires a hefty investment from its partners. Estimated initial costs are between $215,000 and as much as $500,000 for large premises in particularly attractive areas, meaning its an opportunity best suited to those who have plenty of money to invest or have other successful business ventures already.

Pita Pit UK Franchises

Pita Pit has ventured onto our shores in the past, with branches in Manchester and London, but it seems the people of the UK didnt take to the franchise as well as those overseas have. All of its previously operational locations no longer exist and the franchise has removed its UK franchisee page from the website, indicating its not pursuing UK locations any longer.

However, if youre looking for a similar opportunity, or simply one in the food sector, take a look below at some of the most exciting franchises we have to offer. From authentic hummus bowls to Italian street food, weve got something for every budget and taste.

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HUMPIT Hummus is bringing a taste of the middle east to people all across the UK. Its delicious menu features authentic hummus bowls, freshly made falafel and crunchy salads that are perfect for a tasty, healthy lunch. If youre looking for something to wash it all down with HUMPIT also have their very own HUMPTEA, available in both iced and hot varieties. To make things even better, its entire mouth-watering menu is completely vegan, making it the perfect choice for everyone no matter what their dietary requirements are. As meat and dairy-free options are experiencing a monumental rise in popularity as of late, HUMPIT is proud to currently be the first and only 100 percent plant-based franchise in the UK.

The restaurant franchise offers a range of business options for people looking to join its franchise. The business model works for both sit-down and takeaway concepts, making it well suited for small sites and franchisees on a tighter budget as well as those looking to build a large premises or multi-unit business.

HUMPIT is looking for driven individuals who have previous experience in the food and hospitality business, as well as the self-discipline and motivation to build their own successful business. Each franchisee will be supported fully in their journey and alongside initial training, theyll be guided through the scary first few weeks by HUMPITs expert team. With a simple and clear operational model that promises good returns for those willing to dedicate their time to it, HUMPIT is an exciting opportunity unlike anything else currently in the UK franchise industry.

WOLF Italian

Serving a unique take on classic Italian dishes that blends its signature flavours with exciting street cuisine from all around the world, WOLF Italian is an exciting franchise opportunity. It serves up speedy, healthy and fresh dishes that are a tasty alternative to boring fast-food lunch options. Despite Italian cuisine having a reputation for being decadent and high in fat, salt and saturated fat, WOLFs innovative concept preserves all of the signature flavours we love from Italian food while leaving behind the waistline-expanding ingredients.

It was founded in 2015 and has since grown to have four locations across the country, with more than 10 currently in development. Its seeking ambitious franchisees with aspirations to open a multi-unit business over the next few years to take the tasty concept to even more customers across the UK. If youd like to invest but dont have the time to be fully involved in running your own franchised location, WOLF also offers a unique managed franchise programme, which promises healthy returns for passive investors.

All new franchisees will receive the full support of WOLFs head office team. Theyll be supported every step of the way, even getting exclusive access to off-market locations in competitive areas to ensure their site has every chance of success. Each franchisee will take part in an intensive 4-week training programme to learn the ropes and will be able to access ongoing support following the grand opening of their store.

Theyll also benefit from a carefully planned launch marketing plan, ongoing auditing, continuous development of the exciting menu and access to an operations director who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

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