Q&A: Does Ovenclean Franchise in the UK?

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Does Ovenclean franchise in the uk

Starting an oven cleaning business can be a great way to make money from jobs people don’t have the time, inclination or patience to do themselves. There’s a variety of successful companies offering the service, but does the UK’s original specialist, Ovenclean, franchise?

Ovenclean provides a highly respected service using premium, eco-friendly products. Its busy cleaners travel to their customers in branded vans and leave their ovens sparkling - but does Ovenclean franchise?

Does Ovenclean franchise? 

Yes! Ovenclean offers prospective entrepreneurs a low-cost investment opportunity to start their own cleaning business. Keep reading to find out more about its criteria. 

History of Ovenclean

Ovenclean was launched in 1992 and has built up a successful business providing a valuable service to the 26 million households across the UK. Now, it has more than 25 years of business experience and over 20 years in the franchising community, so it’s developed a high level of expertise to pass on to investors. 

The franchise has established its headquarters in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, but gives potential customers across the UK the chance to initiate the oven cleaning process online. With an easy-to-use form, people can get an instant quote free of charge before they book their professional clean.

Although the business might call itself Ovenclean, its specialists can restore a wide variety of different appliances, from hobs and extractor fan hoods to microwaves and even barbecues. Using the franchise’s tried and tested techniques, each cleaner removes all the dirt left over from food, including burnt-on grease and fat, while protecting the appliance's enamel surface. 

Customers don't have to worry about getting their hands dirty or dealing with any fuss; they can leave all this to the professionals. Every Ovenclean job is completed within two hours, which means customers don't have to wait long until they can start using their appliances again. And thanks to the company's no-added-caustic system, customers can also keep their kitchens free from harmful pollutants, so their homes remain safe and hygienic. 

I only have one regret with Ovenclean. I wish I had done it earlier! 

‒ Richard Metcalfe, Ovenclean franchisee since October 2016

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Starting an Ovenclean franchise unit

If you’d like to start a kitchen cleaning business but maintain a good work-life balance, Ovenclean wants to hear from you. You’ll need an entrepreneurial mindset and managerial acumen, as well as bags of ambition. 

Becoming an Ovenclean franchisee:

When you join Ovenclean as a franchisee, you'll have the freedom to choose your own working hours to suit your business goals, lifestyle and existing commitments. You won’t have to rent an expensive business premises, so you’ll see minimal operating costs and overheads, and be able to build up your unit quickly. Thanks to Ovenclean’s flexible business model, franchisees have a lot of control over the running of their branch. 

If you don't have any experience in managing a business - or cleaning ovens - there's no need to worry. You don’t need any qualifications to become an Ovenclean franchisee. In fact, most of the company's investors have no industry experience when they first join the franchise. Instead, the brand focuses on its candidates’ potential as business leaders, rather than the achievements they’ve already ticked off. 

To find out more about how to start an Ovenclean franchise business, you can request a free information pack on the company’s website, which will be sent straight to your address. 

You’re also encouraged to speak with current franchisees at one of Ovenclean’s annual networking events or open days. You'll have the chance to learn more about their experiences and how they've developed successful businesses, before you decide whether to take the leap into entrepreneurship. 

How much you need to invest: 

Ovenclean offers a low-cost franchise opportunity; you can set up your unit for a total of £14,995 +VAT. Once you’ve made your investment, the rewards are unlimited. On average, Ovenclean franchisees earn more than £1,000 per week while still enjoying flexible working conditions and the freedom to expand their business as they see fit. 

We recommend you also have funds to cover independent legal advice and the cost of moving or temporary accommodation if you’re launching your business outside your local area. 

What you get for your investment: 

Ovenclean is part of the Franchise Brands plc parent group, which has a network of more than 450 franchises across a dozen countries, although most of them are in the UK. One of the main advantages of joining such a large multi-brand franchise network is the extensive and high-quality training and ongoing support services you can access.

As an Ovenclean franchisee, you'll have the chance to take part in a comprehensive and customised training programme. The two-week course involves in-depth modules on various aspects of business ownership. You’ll do some of your studying in Ovenclean’s training centre, and continue your learning by going out ‘into the field’ with established franchisees as mentors. 

Plus, Ovenclean is the only business of its kind to advertise on television, so franchisees are already a step ahead of the competition when they launch their branded unit. Last year, the franchise’s TV campaign delivered £3 million worth of customer leads. The franchise also helps you manage other elements of your marketing campaigns, including SEO and Google AdWords. 

Ovenclean is committed to helping its franchisees get their businesses off the ground as quickly as possible - but the support doesn’t stop once you’re up and running. You’ll have access to ongoing guidance with everything from technical queries to business development targets. Ovenclean is also on hand to help you grow your unit and hire employees if you’d like to solely focus on managing your unit and scheduling jobs. 

Start a franchise in the cleaning business today

The franchise model is particularly effective among cleaning businesses, so there are plenty to choose from if Ovenclean isn’t quite right for you. Here at Point Franchise, we advertise opportunities from a huge variety of sub-sectors, from dry cleaning to carpet cleaning to chimney sweeping. View our full list of cleaning franchises to get started. 

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