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Optic-Kleer van-based franchise

Youíll find an Optic-Kleer franchise in over 300 supermarket and DIY store locations up and down the country. This gives customers the valuable service of being able to shop while an experienced windscreen repair technician fixes a chipped windscreen in under 20 minutes. And, whatís more, customers receive an Optic-Kleer warranty for as long as they own the vehicle.

Itís quality service such as this, thatís led to the van-based franchise becoming the largest windscreen repair company in the UK. Founded in 1991, Optic-Kleer franchise has built such a reputation for quality and speed, that many insurance companies refer customers. This means that as a franchisee, you wonít have to spend time and effort looking for customers, as theyíll come to you.

So, if buying a franchise with one of the most well-established automotive franchises in the country is for you, then here are some more details about the opportunity.

Whatís required?

No prior experience in either the motor industry or business ownership are required. Training will be provided to make sure that you have all the technical know-how to make your new venture a success. Instead, all that Optic-Kleer ask is that you have a positive attitude, with a friendly and approachable manner. This franchise opportunity is one thatís based on people, so having the right attitude and personality will be the key to your success.

Optic-Kleer also request that you make a personal commitment as well as a financial one. Buying a franchise is a long-term obligation, and one that needs dedication and determination from franchisees to make it a success.

The joining process

If youíre interested in finding out more about this opportunity, you can request a brochure from the website. This should be able to answer your initial questions. Itís important at this stage, that you conduct some high-level research to understand if there is demand in your preferred area for windscreen repair services.

Once youíve read the brochure and decided you want to find out more, you can arrange a face to face meeting with the recruitment team in Boston, Lincolnshire. At this meeting, Optic-Kleer will determine your exclusive franchise territory and youíll will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Optic-Kleer will also encourage you to speak with existing franchisees to give you a good idea of what itís like to be part of the network. You should also consult a specialist franchise solicitor to help you fully understand your responsibilities before you sign the franchise agreement.

Once youíre on board, youíll start your initial training where youíll spend 5 days at head office in Boston, Lincolnshire. This training will ensure that you have all the skills and knowledge to start your business successfully. Youíll continue to receive comprehensive training and mentoring throughout the term of the franchise agreement to make sure youíre always totally up to date with business and technological advances.

Case study

Laurence Lagden has been an Optic-Kleer franchisee since 2015, operating in the areas of Swindon, Newbury, Marlborough and Oxford. Laurence wasnít looking for automotive franchises to invest in when he came across the opportunity. He was simply shopping in his local supermarket when he bumped into an old colleague who had already joined the Optic-Kleer franchise.

After spending time discussing the opportunity with his ex-colleague and founder of Optic-Kleer, David Overton, Laurence was ready to take the plunge. Laurence was understandably nervous about becoming his own boss, but enjoyed the training and felt ready to tackle the challenge ahead.

But, maybe not ready enough. Following his first day of trading, Laurence couldnít believe how busy he had been and how much money heíd made! He even called David to see if the day heíd experienced was typical.

And itís the fact that every day is different is what Laurence enjoys most about running an Optic-Kleer franchise. He sets up his canopy and tool box in his set location for the day and gets to meet a range of diverse customers. With a background in customer service, Laurence likes meeting new people and gets to earn money while heís doing it.

Laurence reassures other entrepreneurs looking to start their own business that you donít need a huge skill set, nor do you need to be a salesperson. All you really need to be a successful franchisee is the ability to talk to people and the motivation to get out of bed to go to work in a car park; even on the darkest and wettest of mornings.

Financial information

The Optic-Kleer franchise fee is a very reasonable £15,000 plus VAT. In exchange for this fee, youíll receive all your training, equipment, uniform and marketing materials. Basically, everything you need to become a windscreen repair professional.

Youíll also pay a monthly management service fee which is 17.5% of gross revenue. This payment covers all the support that youíll receive from the franchise in the background such as dealing with invoices, insurance companies and queries.

And buying a franchise couldnít be easier as Optic-Kleer have funding available for prospective franchisees that meet certain criteria. This means that you may only need £7,500 plus VAT of your own funds to start your business on the road to success.

How much you earn is totally within your control. You can repair as many windscreens as you like each day and work as many days a week as you want. This is the total flexibility that being an Optic-Kleer franchisee can give you.

You can generate a monthly turnover of between approximately £1,500 and £11,500. However, the average operator has a turnover of about £5,500 per month.

So, if you can secure the investment of £15,000, have a positive attitude and are prepared to commit to your Optic-Kleer business, this could be the franchise for you.

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